Oct 172019

Maxime Bernier

It should come as no surprise to our regular listeners that with Canada’s federal election only days away, Just Right Media would fully endorse Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada (PPC).

“Fighting for freedom is the most important fight that we must do and we are doing that together,” said Bernier at the PPC event held in Hamilton on September 29. “When I (created the PPC), I thought that I would be alone – but I’ll fight for what I believe. And after a month, we had more than 28 thousand founding members and now it’s a growing movement, more than a political party.”

As long as that remains the mission of the PPC, it will continue to have our support and endorsement – even after the election. It’s hard to do otherwise, given that the party’s first platform completely conforms to the principles and ideas expressed on Just Right.

Not only that, but regular Just Right contributor Salim Mansur has become a leading voice within the PPC movement, and its leader, Maxime Bernier, is the only political party leader in Canada who opposes all censorship and supports the right of Canadians to discuss any issues of concern.

“For me, as a politician, fighting for freedom (means) fighting for having real debates. And we don’t have that in Canada right now,” added Bernier. “There are too many taboo subjects. That’s what I don’t like in politics right now. That’s why our candidates and supporters are free to speak and to debate.”

Not only are there too many taboo subjects – accompanied by too much political correctness – but the narratives of the mainstream media are both dismissive and misleading when it comes to the PPC. Having witnessed the stark contrast between what we’ve seen and heard with our own eyes and ears and the narratives of the media about the PPC, there’s no question that the PPC has faced obstacles not encountered by the other parties.

As expressed by PPC candidate David Haskell, “I’m not only running against the other candidates, but I’m running against the media.”

Given all these considerations and more, today’s broadcast is dedicated to our discussion about why we support and endorse the PPC. After all, to do otherwise would simply strike us as not being quite Just Right.

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  2. Now, if only we can get the People’s Party to endorse Freedom Party of Ontario!

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