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Red wave

audioJust Right-865-June 19, 2024

Turning Right
—into the Red wave

Wings-Right And Left

audioJust Right-864-June 12, 2024

The right WING:
Flying in every direction

vaccine injuries

audioJust Right-863-June 05, 2024

Leading a new opposition
against tyranny
Guest: Ches Crosbie


audioJust Right-862-May 29, 2024

The ugly truth about socialism

memory hole

audioJust Right-861-May 22, 2024

Lockdown amnesia
Jumping down the memory hole

death cult

audioJust Right-860-May 15, 2024

Death traps
—from euthanasia to environmentalism

Far Right protest

audioJust Right-859-May 8, 2024

The Far Right
is Just Right

Conservative Christian

audioJust Right-858-May 1, 2024

God help us!

political words

audioJust Right-857-April 24, 2024

Political dyslexia
—causes and cures


audioJust Right-856-April 17, 2024

Fallacies and realities about atheists

Do you Mind

audioJust Right-855-April 10, 2024

Do you mind?
Thinking about thinking

No peace in Israel

audioJust Right-854-April 3, 2024

No peace
in the foreseeable future
Guest: Jacob Peretz

Israel reconsidered

audioJust Right-853-March 27, 2024

Israel reconsidered
in the light of history

conscious of existence

audioJust Right-852-March 20, 2024

—consciousness or existence?

political atheist

audioJust Right-851-March 13, 2024

Political atheism
The loss of faith in democracy

The Spoken To

audioJust Right-850-March 06, 2024

The spoken to
—Censorship's true target


audioJust Right-849-February 28, 2024

Applied philosophy
—the practicality of freedom

Ches Crosbie

audioJust Right-848-February 21, 2024

Witness to betrayal
National Citizens Inquiry
Guest: Ches Crosbie

Rules of the game

audioJust Right-847-February 14, 2024

Rules of the game
—of definitions

United Freedom Party

audioJust Right-846-February 08, 2024

United Freedom Party of Alberta
—neither united nor free

Better tomorrow

audioJust Right-845-February 01, 2024

Politics is simple
—it's just not easy

Empire Strikes Out

audioJust Right-844-January 25, 2024

The empire strikes out
Guest: Salim Mansur


audioJust Right-843-January 18, 2024

The missionary position
on sex politics and religion

Can't fix stupid

audioJust Right-842-January 11, 2024

—socialism's moral defect


audioJust Right-841-January 4, 2024

Is Myfly open
—for discussion?

Music that's just right

audioJust Right-840-December 28, 2023

Singing against the reign of tyranny
—more music that's Just Right

Irving Weisdorf

audioJust Right-839-December 21, 2023

Hatred of the good
Guest: Irving Weisdorf


audioJust Right-838-December 14, 2023

—a painful look at the nature of pain


audioJust Right-837-November 30, 2023

Prelude to a massacre—The assassination of Yitzhak Rabin
Guest: Salim Mansur


audioJust Right-836-November 23, 2023

Bin Laden's Ex Post Facto Manifesto


audioJust Right-835-November 16, 2023

Evil is not a mental illness


audioJust Right-834-October 26, 2023

The Left's Deep State
—of confusion

UK multiculture

audioJust Right-833-October 19, 2023

the normalization of fascism
Guest: Salim Mansur

Perpetual war

audioJust Right-832-October 12, 2023

Perpetual wars
—perpetual denials

Trudeau unhinged

audioJust Right-831-October 5, 2023

Canada's Nazi parliament
—always Russian for cover
Guest: Salim Mansur

Vancouver thug

audioJust Right-830-September 28, 2023

The ABCs
of Marxist gender propaganda


audioJust Right-829-September 21, 2023

is a Marxist conspiracy of hate


audio Just Right-828-September 14, 2023

The crisis narrative
from 9/11 to 2023

Tipping point

audio Just Right-827-September 07, 2023

At the tipping point
—toward the rise or fall of America

Manhattan Project

audio Just Right-826-August 31, 2023

Nuclear consequences:
Behind the Manhattan Project


audio Just Right-825-August 24, 2023

Awakening to our Orwellian dystopia

The Not Qanon Shaman

audio Just Right-824-August 17, 2023

The anonymous Q:
Behind the 'Qanon' psyop


audio Just Right-823-August 10, 2023

Representative misrepresentation:
the language and rhetoric of politics


audio Just Right-822-August 3, 2023

UFO disclosures
—alien threat or earthly distraction?

Democracy collapse

audio Just Right-821-July 27, 2023

Democracy reconsidered
in the light of freedom

Burning their draft cards

audio Just Right-820-July 20, 2023

Nuclear considerations
about war and peace
Guest: Salim Mansur

Peace for all time

audio Just Right-819-July 13, 2023

JFK's war for peace
Guest: Salim Mansur


audio Just Right-818-July 6, 2023

—the politics of the Left

Right music

audio Just Right-817-June 29, 2023

Still singing in the reign (of tyranny):
just music that's Just Right

Ideas matter

audio Just Right-816-June 22, 2023

that ideas matter

Don't Feed Leftists

audio Just Right-815-June 15, 2023

Just Left:
the ideology of irrationality


audio Just Right-814-June 8, 2023

Awakening to tyranny
requires awakening to freedom


audio Just Right-813-June 1, 2023

Putin warns the West
to wake up to WOKE

Alien proof

audio Just Right-812-May 25, 2023

Alien to our experience
—the UFO phenomenon

Trump on CNN

audio Just Right-811-May 18, 2023

State rape:
The rape culture of the Left


audio Just Right-810-May 11, 2023

Courting the cultural divide
Guest: Bruce Pardy

Peter Reveen

audio Just Right-809-May 4, 2023

Inappropriately suggestive
—the human mind

Woke culture

audio Just Right-808-April 27, 2023

Going Woke
—for the good of evil

Trans unreality

audio Just Right-807-April 20, 2023

Trans unreality
versus the ultimate binary

Trans formation

audio Just Right-806-April 13, 2023

Trans formation
and the binary reality of sex and politics

Object in mirror

audio Just Right-805-April 6, 2023

The continuing persecution of Donald Trump

Canadian Charter

audio Just Right-804-March 30, 2023

The people's derivative:
a call to action
Guest: Salim Mansur

Weathering climate change

audio Just Right-803-March 23, 2023

Weathering the political climate change
Guest: Dr Matthew Wielicki


audio Just Right-802-March 16, 2023

Gestapo Canada
Guest: Artur Pawlowski

Maxime Bernier - Christine Anderson

audio Just Right-801-March 9, 2023

Conservatively speaking
Guest: Maxime Bernier


audio Just Right-800-March 2, 2023

Sounding the alarm
on globalism's agenda of death
Guest: Dr Jessica Rose

Much Ado About Corona

audio Just Right-799-February 23, 2023

Brave new normal
Guest: John C.A. Manley

Truth = Freedom

audio Just Right-798-February 16, 2023

Some inconvenient truths
about freedom

Left Right

audio Just Right-797-February 9, 2023

Why freedom is just Right
and tyranny is always Left

The Road Ahead

audio Just Right-796-February 2, 2023

The road not taken
and the road ahead
Guest: Salim Mansur

Deep State

audio Just Right-795-January 26, 2023

about the DEEP STATE
Guest: Salim Mansur

Rich trick

audio Just Right-794-January 19, 2023

Rich trick:
the politics of corruption

Political Polarization

audio Just Right-793-January 12, 2023

The polarization of polarization:
from anarchy to freedom

illogical world

audio Just Right-792-January 5, 2023

Episteme illogical:
the destruction of language

Ukraine-Russia map

audio Just Right-791-December 29, 2022

"Not our war"
Guest: Maxime Bernier


audio Just Right-790-December 22, 2022

Peace on earth:
the unknown ideal

Word war

audio Just Right-789-December 15, 2022

Word War 3
The weaponization of language

Freedom spell

audio Just Right-788-December 8, 2022

Always mention freedom
Guest: Dr Laura Braden

the primitive

audio Just Right-787-December 1, 2022

The dictatorship of the primitive
Guest: Salim Mansur

Trump's 3rd bid

audio Just Right-786-November 24, 2022

The people's voice:
Donald Trump

socialized medicine

audio Just Right-785-November 17, 2022

Socialized healthcare—the monopoly of tyrants
Guest: Dr Roger Hodkinson

Never Forget

audio Just Right-784-November 10, 2022

Never forgive or forget
Guest: Dr Roger Hodkinson

Fallout of polarization

audio Just Right-783-November 03, 2022

Electoral shock:
the fallout of political polarity

Informed Consent

audio Just Right-782-October 27, 2022

the death of medical ethics

civilization collapse

audio Just Right-781-October 20, 2022

On the war fronts:
from Covid to climate

nuclear holocaust

audio Just Right-780-October 13, 2022


mass formation

audio Just Right-779-September 6, 2022

Calling for a mass reformation
under ethical principles

Ukraine-Putin's nuclear reaction

audio Just Right-778-September 29, 2022

Putin's nuclear reaction


audio Just Right-777-September 22, 2022

Unsustainable tyranny:
the real development

media fascism

audio Just Right-776-September 15, 2022

Media fascists:
calling for a police state

Joe Biden's democratic appeal

audio Just Right-775-September 8, 2022

Joe Biden's democratic appeal

Vaccine Holocaust

audio Just Right-774-September 1, 2022



audio Just Right-773-August 25, 2022

The Right script
for the love of Good

In the way

audio Just Right-772-August 18, 2022

The persecution of
Donald Trump

In God We Trust

audio Just Right-771-August 11, 2022

It's biblical!
God, politics, and morality

Ottawa Freedom Convoy

audio Just Right-770-August 4, 2022

Witness—to the freedom convoy
Guest: Andrew Lawton

Hardwired to reality

audio Just Right-769-July 28, 2022

Hardwired to reality
Definitions and gender

Nuke York City

audio Just Right-768-July 21, 2022

A new clear vision
of nuclear war

Money drain

audio Just Right-767-July 14, 2022

Just follow the money
down the psycho path to tyranny

Lincoln-Russian Czar

audio Just Right-766-July 7, 2022

America's 'Neo' con game
against Russia
Guest: Salim Mansur


audio Just Right-765-June 30, 2022

Wading into another row
over abortion


audio Just Right-764-June 23, 2022

The S.A.D.S. reality
about vaccines

Gun control fallacy

audio Just Right-763-June 16, 2022

The fallacy
of gun control


audio Just Right-762-June 09, 2022

Gunning for control
of the gun control narrative

Ukanada-Canakraine flag

audio Just Right-761-June 02, 2022

Canada's foreign rationale
on foreign policy
Guest: Salim Mansur

Live free or die

audio Just Right-760-May 26, 2022

Projecting a state of freedom
Guest: Derek Proulx

Freedom to party

audio Just Right-759-May 19, 2022

It's party time in Ontario!
The freedom to party and a party to freedom
Guests: Paul McKeever | Mike McMullen

Maxime Bernier - Man of the people

audio Just Right-758-May 12, 2022

Man of the people
Guest: Maxime Bernier

Freedom Ballot

audio Just Right-757-May 5, 2022

Putting freedom
on the ballot

Bob Moran cartoon

audio Just Right-756-April 28, 2022

The art of awareness
in the war against free speech
Guest: Bob Moran

Elon Musk - Twitter

audio Just Right-755-April 21, 2022

Elon Musk's 'private' strategy
for free speech

Atlas is shrugging

audio Just Right-754-April 14, 2022

It's party time
for capitalism!
Guest: Mark Pellegrino

Canada today

audio Just Right-753-April 7, 2022

Oh Canada!
Farewell the peaceful kingdom


audio Just Right-752-March 31, 2022

From the love of truth
freedom emerges

Russian stereotypes

audio Just Right-751-March 24, 2022

Always Russian
to conclusions


audio Just Right-750-March 17, 2022

bio-illogical labyrinth

Shattered Truth

audio Just Right-749-March 10, 2022

Shattered Truths
from Covid to Ukraine

Sergey Lavrov-Hillary's Great Re-set

audio Just Right-748-March 3, 2022

in the fog of war
Guest: Salim Mansur

Peace, Order, Good Government

audio Just Right-747-February 24, 2022

Canada's 'emergency'
is just an Act

CBC-Ont vaccine protest

audio Just Right-746-February 17, 2022

Word War Spree
Fascists versus 'freedom'

Constitutionial Hoax

audio Just Right-745-February 10, 2022

Canada's constitutional hoax
Guest: Salim Mansur

Meanstream media

audio Just Right-744-February 03, 2022

Canada's mean-stream media
against Truckers For Freedom

Mandate Freedom

audio Just Right-743-January 27, 2022

the Orwellian prophecy

Robert Vaughan (2013)

audio Just Right-742-January 20, 2022

Just say yes
a cure for the politically hesitant


audio Just Right-741-January 13, 2022

Vax a nation
with tyranny's fatal shots

Freedom prescription

audio Just Right-740-January 6, 2022

for freedom

health care politics

audio Just Right-739-December 30, 2021

Freedom's cure
for the sick politics of health care
Guest: Paul McKeever

Music that's Just Right

audio Just Right-738-December 23, 2021

Just music that's Just Right
Singing in the reign (of tyranny)


audio Just Right-737-December 16, 2021

On the battlefields of contradiction
in an epistemological war


audio Just Right-736-December 9, 2021

Trust issues
in an age of tyranny
Guest: Salim Mansur

Winning the voter

audio Just Right-735-December 2, 2021

Winning the voter
before winning elections

Freedom Party - Just Right for Ontario

audio Just Right-734-November 25, 2021

Why Freedom Party
is Just Right for Ontario
Guest: Paul McKeever

Blind to Tyranny

audio Just Right-733-November 18, 2021

It's psycho! (logically speaking)
The psychology of tyranny

Remembrance daze

audio Just Right-732-November 11, 2021

Remembrance Daze
Fascism's ally in tyranny

agile governance

audio Just Right-731-November 4, 2021

Still the unknown ideal

sinister warning

audio Just Right-730-October 28, 2021

Sinister developments
on the road to fascism


audio Just Right-729-October 21, 2021

Unnatural rights
Guest: Paul McKeever

Agenda 21 is evil

audio Just Right-728-October 14, 2021

Agenda 21
from climate to Covid

Evidence of witchcraft

audio Just Right-727-October 7, 2021

Vaccine passports
to the politics of hate

State of Emergency

audio Just Right-726-September 30, 2021

Emergency ethics
and the rule of lawlessness

vaccine fascism

audio Just Right-725-September 23, 2021

Health care fascism:
a prescription for hate

PPC - Mike McMullen

audio Just Right-724-September 16, 2021

PPC - Rising on the Right
Guest: London West PPC candidate Mike McMullen

Courage against tyranny

audio Just Right-723-September 9, 2021

Courageously speaking out against tyranny:
the People's Party of Canada (PPC)

strategic voting

audio Just Right-722-September 2, 2021

Political breakthrough variant:
the People's Party of Canada (PPC)

spell breaking

audio Just Right-721-August 26, 2021

Breaking the spell
of the covid narrative


audio Just Right-720-August 19, 2021

Maybe politics doesn't interest you
Maybe it should

property game

audio Just Right-719-August 12, 2021

The wrong
to property

Vaccination discrimination

audio Just Right-718-August 5, 2021

Outlaw vaccination discrimination
- now!
Guest: Paul McKeever


audio Just Right-717-July 29, 2021

from theories to fact


audio Just Right-716-July 22, 2021

From Covid to tyranny
Guest: Dave Plumb

Follow the science

audio Just Right-715-July 15, 2021

From climate to Covid
Guest: Dave Plumb

Trump in Sarasota Fla

audio Just Right-714-July 8, 2021

versus the culture of tyranny

Power corrupts

audio Just Right-713-July 1, 2021

Freedom, tyranny,
and the permanence of power

Squirrel And Grasshopper

audio Just Right-712-June 24, 2021

The grasshopper and the squirrel
A modern day history lesson
Guest: Salim Mansur

Bernier Behind Bars-168x100.jpg

audio Just Right-711-June 17, 2021

An arresting development
Bernier behind bars

UFO Pentagon Papers

audio Just Right-710-June 10, 2021

Alien considerations about UFOs
- an epistemological challenge

The emerging individual

audio Just Right-709-June 03, 2021

From the Garden of Eden to a Garden of Freedom
The rise of individualism within the collective
Guest: Salim Mansur

No thanks

audio Just Right-708-May 27, 2021

Fascism's gain of function:
the vaccine horror story

Principal of politics

audio Just Right-707-May 20, 2021

The principles of politics
versus the politics of principle

Vaccine bio-weapon

audio Just Right-706-May 13, 2021

The bio-logic of bio-warfare
Overwhelming us with the evidence

My vote for Freedom Party

audio Just Right-705-May 6, 2021

Winning back our freedom
and why philosophy matters


audio Just Right-704-April 29, 2021

The Ford Reich
Ontario's fascist variant


audio Just Right-703-April 22, 2021

The propaganda pandemic
COVID variants are fascist variants


audio Just Right-702-April 15, 2021

and the indigenous question
Guest: Ron Vaillant


audio Just Right-701-April 08, 2021

Fear no evil
Make evil fear you


audio Just Right-700-April 01, 2021

Vichy Canada
- a minority view -


audio Just Right-699-March 25, 2021

Facebook fact checks
are fake checks


audio Just Right-698-March 18, 2021

Speaking conservatively
about conservatives and freedom
Guest: Salim Mansur


audio Just Right-697-March 11, 2021

Questioning authority
in an authoritarian dystopia

Same bird

audio Just Right-696-March 4, 2021

The importance of being Right
and not being ashamed of it

truth compass

audio Just Right-695-February 25, 2021

The inconvenient truth
about truth


audio Just Right-694-February 18, 2021

Get vaccinated now!
...against vaccine propaganda


audio Just Right-693-February 11, 2021

at the tipping point


audio Just Right-692-February 4, 2021

Health Scare
and the police state


audio Just Right-691-January 28, 2021

First installment:
Joe Biden's stolen presidency
Guest: Salim Mansur


audio Just Right-690-January 21, 2021

Fascist Ford's
lockdown ideology


audio Just Right-689-January 14, 2021

Ballots or bullets?
America's democracy crisis

Great Reckoning

audio Just Right-688-January 7, 2021

The Great

Great Awakening

audio Just Right-687-December 31, 2020

The Great Awakening
versus the Great Reset

Covid's Great Reset

audio Just Right-686-December 24, 2020

Agenda 21
and the Great Reset

vaccine choice

audio Just Right-685-December 17, 2020

Vaccines and COVID-19:
doctoring the evidence


audio Just Right-684-December 10, 2020

Safety first,
tyranny next

NO ballot fraud

audio Just Right-683-December 3, 2020

Fear is the virus:
Altruistic sacrifice is the disease

NO ballot fraud

audio Just Right-682-November 26, 2020

Fascist Ford:
Ontario's Premier COVID case

NO ballot fraud

audio Just Right-681-November 19, 2020

Counting on fraud:
inside the ballot box

Mail-in ballot

audio Just Right-680-November 12, 2020

Trump's road to victory
over election fraud

masquerade ball

audio Just Right-679-November 5, 2020

COVID's masquerade ball
dancing to the death of freedom

Donald Trump

audio Just Right-678-October 29, 2020

Trump versus the media:
America's 2020 election divide

Germs in the air

audio Just Right-677-October 22, 2020

Ideologues against ideas:
the Left versus the Right


audio Just Right-676-October 15, 2020

Socialist distancing
and the loneliness of the collective

Donald Trump

audio Just Right-675-October 8, 2020

Trump tests positive
for re-election
Guest: Salim Mansur

Bishop Fulton Sheen

audio Just Right-674-October 1, 2020

Religiously defending freedom
in revolutionary times

Wolf among the sheep

audio Just Right-673-September 24, 2020

and conservativism's fascist agenda


audio Just Right-672-September 17, 2020

COVID's polarized narratives
always Left and Right


audio Just Right-671-September 10, 2020

The necessary polarization of Left and Right
Define or be defined

Ottawa Aug 29 protest

audio Just Right-670-September 3, 2020

Controlling the COVID narrative
A defining moment in history
With guest Professor Christopher Essex


audio Just Right-669-August 27, 2020

Deference to expertise
Guest: Professor Christopher Essex

Berlin protest

audio Just Right-668-August 20, 2020

From the rule of law
to the law of rule

Dr Simone Gold

audio Just Right-667-August 13, 2020

The smoking gun


audio Just Right-666-August 6, 2020

COVID-19's ethical cancer
The morality of altruism

Psychological Torture

audio Just Right-665-July 30, 2020

COVID-19's New World Disorder
Is it torture?

Masked Faces

audio Just Right-664-July 23, 2020

Re-masking fascism
COVID's politics of submission

Masked Derangement

audio Just Right-663-July 16, 2020

Masked derangement syndromes
from COVID-19 to Donald Trump


audio JJust Right-662-July 09, 2020

Trump trumps Trudeau
on values and vision


audio Just Right-661-July 02, 2020

Some black and white truths
about Black Lives Matter

tree of knowledge

audio Just Right-660-June 25, 2020

Original Skin
The politics of racism


audio Just Right-659-June 18, 2020

when state education fails the test


audio Just Right-658-June 11, 2020

The hypocrisy of the left

social circles

audio Just Right-657-June 4, 2020

Blinded by science
Ending the COVID-19 lockdown


audio Just Right-656-May 28, 2020

Viral spiral
Spinning the COVID-19 lockdown narratives

COVID-19 vaccine

audio Just Right-655-May 21, 2020

Pandemic government
and the virus of altruism

COVID-19 vaccine

audio Just Right-654-May 14, 2020

The not normal:
living under the COVID-19 lockdown

Michael Moore

audio Just Right-653-May 7, 2020

Pandemic parallels:
the COVID-19 climate changer


audio Just Right-652-Apr 30, 2020

The COVID-19 credibility gap


audio Just Right-651-Apr 23, 2020


State of emergency

audio Just Right-650-Apr 16, 2020

Omnipotent State
- of emergency


audio Just Right-649-Apr 9, 2020

Prescriptions for a police state
in the battle against COVID-19


audio Just Right-648-Apr 2, 2020

Lies, damn lies, and statistics
about COVID-19

Lady Liberty

audio Just Right-647-Mar 26, 2020

Spreading the Liberty Virus
will defeat coronavirus


audio Just Right-646-Mar 19, 2020

Viral Panic-demic
about COVID-19
(made in China)


audio Just Right-645-Mar 12, 2020

The carbonated propaganda
of fighting climate change


audio Just Right-644-Mar 5, 2020

The infectious politics of spreading fear and panic
Guest - Salim Mansur


audio Just Right-643-Feb 27, 2020

Canada's crisis
From alienation to alien nations?
Guest - Salim Mansur


audio Just Right-642-Feb 20, 2020

State of the Unions
Britain - Europe - America
Guest - Salim Mansur


audio Just Right-641-Feb 13, 2020

Freedom forward
Philosophy's indispensible role in determining the Right Direction

Just Right's Freedom Panel

audio Just Right-640-Feb 6, 2020

Uncommon Laws
Britain exits the European Union

Iran's infrastructure

audio Just Right-639-Jan 30, 2020

Iran's love affair with America
Behind the mask of an Islamist theocracy

Cause and defect

audio Just Right-638-Jan 23, 2020

Cause and defect
Playing the blame game
over Iran's downing of Flight 752
Guest - Salim Mansur

Climate change

audio Just Right-637-Jan 16, 2020

Climate change BS
Weathering the political climate crisis
Guest - Dave Plumb

Donald Trump

audio Just Right-636-Jan 9, 2020

The impeachment of Donald Trump
for crimes of the Democratic Party
Guest - Salim Mansur

Munk Debate

audio Just Right-635-Dec 12, 2019

Fixing foolish notions
about capitalism


audio Just Right-634-Dec 05, 2019

The black and white truth
about lying

Why Johnny Can't Think

audio Just Right-633-Nov 28, 2019

The real education crisis
When education stifles thinking

Don Cherry

audio Just Right-632-Nov 21, 2019

Cherry pickin' - Top picks about the Don Cherry controversy

Atlas Shrugged

audio Just Right-631-Nov 14, 2019

Let us alone! Laissez-nous faire!

The People's Choice

audio Just Right-630-Nov 07, 2019

The People's Choice - Or is it?

Maxime Loses Seat

audio Just Right-629-Oct 31, 2019

What the PPC won in an election lost


audio Just Right-628-Oct 24, 2019

Canada’s real pot-heads – Politicians high on regulation

Maxime Bernier

audio Just Right-627-Oct 17, 2019

Just Right Media endorses the People's Party of Canada

With Dave Rubin

audio Just Right-626-Oct 10, 2019

Uncensored: Freedom of Speech and the PPC

With Guests: Frank Vaughan, David Haskell, Dave Rubin, Maxime Bernier, Derek Harrison, Marc Emery

Greta Thunberg

audio Just Right-625-Oct 3, 2019

Greta Thunberg - Changing the political climate

Justin Trudeau

audio Just Right-624-Sep 26, 2019

Trudeau's hypocrisy - A black and white issue

Space Station

audio Just Right-623-Sep 19, 2019

The gravity of our situation - from the state of science to the state of our universe


audio Just Right-622-Sep 12, 2019

Countering the mass hysteria about mass immigration


audio Just Right-621-Sep 05, 2019

Freely speaking - about the People's Party

PPC Conference

audio Just Right-620-Aug 29, 2019

Free to speak - for the People's Party


audio Just Right-619-Aug 22, 2019

Gunning for guns


audio Just Right-618-Aug 15, 2019

The Anglosphere and Western Culture with Guest Salim Mansur

Diamond Silk Trump

audio Just Right-617-Aug 08, 2019

Social media censorship is not Right

Maxime Bernier

audio Just Right-616-Aug 01, 2019

Against the people - The misleading narratives of the mainstream media

With Maxime Bernier

audio Just Right-615-Jul 25, 2019

For the people - The People's Party of Canada
Guests: Maxime Bernier and Salim Mansur

Donald Trump

audio Just Right-614-Jul 18, 2019

Trump still towers above the rest


audio Just Right-613-Jul 11, 2019

A measure of happiness

Citizenship oarth in a niqab

audio Just Right-612-Jul 04, 2019

ASSIMILATE! ...to end the growing cultural divide. Guest: Salim Mansur

Miley Cyrus

audio Just Right-611-Jun 06, 2019

Abortion - The moral dilemma

digital charter

audio Just Right-610-May 30, 2019

How to disinform a nation - Trudeau's Digital Charter

hospital corridor

audio Just Right-609-May 23, 2019

Socialized health care’s sacred immorality

Three Stooges

audio Just Right-608-May 16, 2019

Rule by regulation - A road to tyranny


audio Just Right-607-May 09, 2019

Why social ISm and capital ISN'T


audio Just Right-606-May 02, 2019

Socialism - The unknowable ideal


audio Just Right-605-Apr 25, 2019

Unlocking the mystery of consciousness

Me Too

audio Just Right-604-Apr 18, 2019

Gender politics and the court of public opinion

Bernie Sanders

audio Just Right-603-Apr 11, 2019

Socialism's many facades

Justin Trudeau, Jody Wilson Raybould

audio Just Right-602-Apr 04, 2019

SNC-Lavalin and the rule of law with Guest: Salim Mansur

American Flag

audio Just Right-601-Mar 28, 2019

The missed direction that was Right

Brenton Tarrant

audio Just Right-600-Mar 21, 2019

The label gun


audio Just Right-599-Mar 14, 2019

Left, Right and the Extreme Center

This is war

audio Just Right-598-Mar 07, 2019

This is war

Just Right

audio Just Right-597-Feb 28, 2019

The war of words - From Left to Right to Just Right

Police with Megaphones

audio Just Right-596-Feb 21, 2019

Preventative prescription pathologies

Fake News

audio Just Right-595-Feb 14, 2019

Fake views about fake news

CNN Covington

audio Just Right-594-Feb 07, 2019

The Covington testament

Doug Ford Scrap the Carbon Tax

audio Just Right-593-Jan 31, 2019

Carbon Copy Recession Predictions

Radio Tower

audio Just Right-592-Jan 24, 2019

Guest: Paul Lambert
A short wave with a long reach


audio Just Right-591-Jan 17, 2019

The lexicon of government

Brand vs Owens

audio Just Right-590-Jan 10, 2019

Hating capitalism

Instrumental in my own construction

audio Just Right-589-Jan 03, 2019

Instrumental in my own construction


audio Just Right-588-Dec 27, 2018

On a personal note

mass migration

audio Just Right-587-Dec 20, 2018

Guest: Salim Mansur - Globalism and the U.N. Compact for Migration


audio Just Right-586-Dec 13, 2018

Resurrection - Danielle's story with Guests: Danielle Metz and Bob Metz


audio Just Right-585-Dec 06, 2018

Altruism is irrational

Tommy Robinson and Andrew Lawton

audio Just Right-584-Nov 29, 2018

The trial of Tommy Robinson with Guest: Andrew Lawton


audio Just Right-583-Nov 22, 2018

Globalism - Left and Right

Iwo Jima

audio Just Right-582-Nov 15, 2018

The Age of Nation States with Guest: Salim Mansur

Beaumont Hamel

audio Just Right-581-Nov 08, 2018

The Great War with Guest: Salim Mansur

Justin Trudeau

audio Just Right-580-Nov 01, 2018

Justin Trudeau's Sinister climate plan

CO2 patterns - NASA

audio Just Right-579-Oct 25, 2018

The frozen climate change debate with Guest: Dave Plumb

The signing of the Declaration of Independence

audio Just Right-578-Oct 18, 2018

The Left and Right culture war with Guest: Salim Mansur


audio Just Right-577-Oct 11, 2018

Signalling Left


audio Just Right-576-Oct 04, 2018

Proof! Free will and the evidence for it


audio Just Right-575-Sep 27, 2018

Our Godless morality

The New York Times

audio Just Right-574-Sep 20, 2018

The New York Times should do time
Mirror mirror media reflections
Now that's denial!
Wisdom of Solomon


audio Just Right-573-Sep 13, 2018

Guest: Salim Mansur
Strongly inept
Thwarting Trump
Political theatre on stage

Newspaper Boy

audio Just Right-572-Sep 06, 2018

Fourth estate - false estate
Inside China
What and why and when and how and where and who

Scheer and Bernier

audio Just Right-571-Aug 30, 2018

Guest: Andrew Lawton
Bernier's Party bomb
Divided they fall
Adjective to government
Binary incrementals


audio Just Right-570-Aug 23, 2018

Ethical structure
Violence fact
Slaves to religion
The God problem


audio Just Right-569-Aug 16, 2018

Sex derangement syndrome
Dancing with derangement
From toys to pornography
Beauty's value


audio Just Right-568-Aug 09, 2018

Guest: Salim Mansur
Bully for you
Free trade hypocrisy
Canada's perpetual identity crisis
Trade shift - from globalism to nationalism


audio Just Right-567-Aug 02, 2018

Intelligence quota
The lobster trap
Hierarchy of values
Atlas rearranged

Green Hills

audio Just Right-566-Jul 26, 2018

Taxation and climate change
Climate derangement syndrome
Common ignorance
Inconveniently Screwed

The Gorgon

audio Just Right-565-Jul 19, 2018

Reality appropriation
Viewpoint diversity
Facing the evil of political correctness
Hell on earth

facebook fascism

audio Just Right-564-Jul 12, 2018

Feedback spectrum
Not socialism? Not true
Facebook fascism
Coalitions are never Right


audio Just Right-563-Jul 05, 2018

Force is what is governed
Liberals and Conservatives are everywhere
Derangement of facts
Know nothings

Munk Debate 2018

audio Just Right-562-Jun 28, 2018

Binary only
Right Left out
Nothing reasonable Left
False dichotomies


audio Just Right-561-Jun 21, 2018

Trump trade tirade
Balance of trade barriers
Measured considerations
Supply mismanagement

Doug Ford

audio Just Right-560-Jun 14, 2018

Majority mandate - for socialism
Woman's work
On the menu
Ford's positive platform planks

Safe Injection Sites

audio Just Right-559-Jun 07, 2018

Guest: Amir Farahi
Inconvenience by design
Unhealthy Approach
Social services self-perpetuating cycle of self destruction
Venture London

Stone Soup

audio Just Right-558-May 31, 2018

Ontario's Progressive Conservative identity crisis - Who's Right and why

gender gap

audio Just Right-557-May 24, 2018

Good to hate
Unreal women
Feminist agenda
Retiring right

Modern Times

audio Just Right-556-May 17, 2018

Not right in the first place
The greater evil
Sanction of the victim

Shepherd, Saad, Haskell, Mehta

audio Just Right-555-May 10, 2018

On the right side
Epistemological approach
Campus insecurity
Acadia University's speech police

Kim and Moon

audio Just Right-554-May 03, 2018

The politics of possibility
Character reference
Concerning conservatives
It goes to eleven


audio Just Right-553-Apr 26, 2018

Statistical analysis
Playing the Left's script
Notions of free speech
What's Right and Left about it?

Mark Zuckerberg

audio Just Right-552-Apr 19, 2018

Guest: Salim Mansur
Left Facebook
Size matters
China's unfair trade deal
Comparative disadvantages

Affirmative Consent

audio Just Right-551-Apr 12, 2018

Still negative on affirmative consent
Consent - principle and condition
Blinded by science
The trials of Bill Cosby

Andrew Lawton

audio Just Right-550-Apr 05, 2018

Guest: Andrew Lawton
Personality polarization
Our political Tower of Babel
Unpacking the ideas
Entitlement culture

social media

audio Just Right-549-Mar 29, 2018

Facing off against Facebook
No Helps from Facebook
Voting for violence
Social media's metaphysics

Doug Ford

audio Just Right-548-Mar 22, 2018

Go Doug Ford
Conservatism's litany of Leftist rule
Fiscal realities about Ontario's Conservatives
Reshaping the political landscape

Doug Ford

audio Just Right-547-Mar 15, 2018

The big tent
Voting blind
No right reasons to support Ford
Ford vs McKeever

Pouring Steel

audio Just Right-546-Mar 08, 2018

At war with trade
NAFTA disaster
The good Samaritan
The bad Samaritan

War is peace

audio Just Right-545-Mar 01, 2018

Our double plus good one party system
Regressive conservatives
Meaningless superficialities
BRT's open house on closed option

Patrick Brown

audio Just Right-544-Feb 22, 2018

Alternative to what?
Alt Left - The Progressive Conservatives
Alternate realities
Freedom alternative

The Nunes Memo

audio Just Right-543-Feb 15, 2018

Guest: Salim Mansur
The Nunes memo
The Deep State
Self correcting
California dreamin'


audio Just Right-542-Feb 08, 2018

Patrick Brown's out
False identity
Progressive divide
Why not Freedom Party?


audio Just Right-541-Feb 01, 2018

Guest: Salim Mansur
The two Americas
Sh*thole ideologies
Unravelling the truth
Competing cultures

Disneyland City Hall

audio Just Right-540-Jan 25, 2018

Guest: Amir Farahi
City state
Dead last
Obsolete future
Up the poll

Saul Alinsky

audio Just Right-539-Jan 18, 2018

Radical ruler
Ethics by the numbers
No time Left for you
Radical for all

Know Ledge

audio Just Right-538-Jan 11, 2018

Guest: Christopher Essex
The Know Ledge
The nature of knowledge
Turbulence and chaos
Democratic technicalities


audio Just Right-537-Jan 04, 2018

Guest: Salim Mansur
Turning the page
It's the economy simplified
No longer foreign to reason
Oh. Canada

Broken Dreams

audio Just Right-536-Dec 21, 2017

Guest: Scott Williams-Oakes
Cautionary tale
Personal notes
Success stories
Up against the Brick Wall

Leon Trotsky

audio Just Right-535- Dec 14, 2017

Lying Left
Lindsay Shepherd's Red Pill moment
Outing the Left
Left right out


audio Just Right-534- Dec 07, 2017

Guests: Paul McKeever, Dave Plumb
Policy parallels
Systemic violations of justice
Intentions and effects
Whose feelings count?

Trump in South Korea

audio Just Right-533- Nov 30, 2017

Guest: Salim Mansur
Something fishy about the media's coverage
Follow the leader
Free and democratic
America's great sexual wreckoning

Wilfred Laurier University

audio Just Right-532- Nov 23, 2017

The problem with Lindsay Shepherd's Agenda
Critical disengagement
The shifty Left
Just Rights - Life, Liberty, Property


audio Just Right-531- Nov 16, 2017

Comparative concepts
Uncivilized socialists
Generally speaking - about capitalism
Moralities in conflict


audio Just Right-530- Nov 09, 2017

No choice for feminists
Dismissing consent
Freedom's immigration dilemma
Grammar fascism

Hugh Hefner

audio Just Right-529- Nov 02, 2017

Guest: Salim Mansur
Hugh Hefner and the Playboy legacy
Sophistication and the art of seduction
Unnatural selections
Shifting sexual boundaries

Chief Smart

audio Just Right-528- Oct 26, 2017

Spamming the discussion
Sorry about that, Chief
When united we fall
Face off over face coverings


audio Just Right-527- Oct 19, 2017

Views from the Left
Uncivilized Left
Hate is all that's Left
Star Trek - reDiscovered

Star Trek Discovery

audio Just Right-526- Oct 12, 2017

Donald Trump's lone voice of reason
Disappointing Discovery
Not Star Trek


audio Just Right-525- Oct 05, 2017

Guest: Richard Raycraft
Journey into journalism
The new millennial
Western's values
Left behind

Man with megaphone

audio Just Right-524- Sep 28, 2017

Guest: Salim Mansur
Freedom's foundation
Systemic silence
Sacred principle
ANTI First Amendment

Freedom of Speech

audio Just Right-523- Sep 21, 2017

Guests: Jenny Hill, Mark Vandermaas
PEGIDA Canada rallies to defend free speech
Whitely racist
Serious allegations
Useful idiots

greenhouse defect

audio Just Right-522- Sep 14, 2017

Guest: Dave Plumb
The greenhouse defect
Venus Mythologies
From Pangaea to Amasia
History lesson


audio Just Right-521- Sep 07, 2017

Government racists
Media racists
The great racist divide - White vs Non-white
Racism's cause and consequence

Spitting image of the Left

audio Just Right-520- Aug 31, 2017

Guest: Amir Farahi
Manufacturing crisis
Conversations prevented
Phony virtues - phony leadership
History's lessons ignored

Antifa Flag in History

audio Just Right-519- Aug 24, 2017

Guest: Salim Mansur
Dunkirk - a beached story
History's wilful destruction
Grand Wizards of the Left
Rebellion against The Rebel

the politician

audio Just Right-518- Aug 17, 2017

Principled polarization
Future projections
Just left
The unprincipled center


audio Just Right-517- Aug 10, 2017

Diversity perversity
Social injustice
Gender fascism

Bill Cosby

audio Just Right-516- Aug 03, 2017

Sick Obamacare
Psychopathic media
Bill Cosby - the arrest of the story
Intentional omissions of truth


audio Just Right-515- July 27, 2017

Ontario's fascist legislature
Minimum thinking - but not about minimum wage
Listening Left - Hearing Right
Patrick Brown-Liberal tool


audio Just Right-514- July 20, 2017

Destination left and right
Just KISS me
Party's Polaris
Nothing's something

collectivism vs freedom

audio Just Right-513- July 13, 2017

Playing dumb
Moral inversion strategy
Repulsion - Left meets right
Causeless collectivism


audio Just Right-512- July 06, 2017

Guest: Salim Mansur
Crying of the wolf
Coastal elite
Media storm trumpers
Old Europe - New Europe - No Europe?

The Primacy of Consciousness

audio Just Right-511-June 29, 2017

Political crisis
Identity crisis
Reality crisis


audio Just Right-510-June 22, 2017

What's wrong with this picture?
None of your business
The broken compass
The importance of being Just Right

Melissa Hailey and Chris Graham

audio Just Right-509-June 15, 2017

Guests: Melissa Hailey and Chris Graham
Municipal munici-pals
Councillors at large
Sussex Road

Sandra Solomon

audio Just Right-508-June 08, 2017

Guests: Sandra Solomon and Ted Harlson
Unmasking Sharia law
Behind closed doors
Fulfilling prophecy

Trump Salman

audio Just Right-507-June 01, 2017

Guest: Salim Mansur
Study in contrast - Obama and Trump
Trump means business
ISIS pulls the trigger in Manchester
Final equation = individual freedom

Sandra Solomon and Ted Harlson

audio Just Right-506-May 25, 2017

Guests: Sandra Solomon & Ted Harlson
My name is Sandra Solomon
imModerate Muslim
Crusade - across Canada
Tribalism 1400 years ago - and today


audio Just Right-505-May 18, 2017

Guests: John Palmer, Paul Merrifield
In character
In the director's seat
What's write for me is right for you
Closed set

USS Carl Vinson

audio Just Right-504-May 11, 2017

Guests: Salim Mansur & Amir Farahi
Sticking to the Big Stick tradition
Culture counts
Across Korea's Red line
Flipped wings - left and right

Woman Shouts at Man

audio Just Right-503-May 04, 2017

Female attraction
Feminist repulsion
Political climax
"Just follow the money" shot

Tin Cup

audio Just Right-502-Apr 27, 2017

State of distress
Production and distribution
Gods of the machinations
I'm your Venus - I'll get you fired

Central Park

audio Just Right-501-Apr 20, 2017

Just act naturally
Bad plan
Suburban crawl
Getting the edge on nature

Downshift London

audio Just Right-500-Apr 13, 2017

Guest: Amir Farahi
Bus Racket Tactics (BRT)
Capa-city (when size matters)
Shift disturbers
Credibility gap

Obama and Putin

audio Just Right-499-Apr 06, 2017

Guest: Salim Mansur
Russian to conclusions
Tapping into the Russian connections
Obamagateway to Russia
Russian into a new relationship

Venezuela Bread Line

audio Just Right-498-Mar 30, 2017

Venezuela's incredible dread machine
Cash crisis
Potty politics
His story - Prince of Pot

The Scream

audio Just Right-497-Mar 23, 2017

Guest: Paul McKeever
Islam's appeasers
Bullets or ballots
Praying to the one true Gods


audio Just Right-496-Mar 16, 2017

Just ain't so
Rapid transit bullShift
Missed representation
Other options - differing Shifts

Andrew Breitbart

audio Just Right-495-Mar 09, 2017

Still fakin' it - The left vs the truth
Breitbart Left out
Credibility gap
So what's new(s)?

Amir Farahi

audio Just Right-494-Mar 02, 2017

Guest: Amir Farahi - Executive Director of The London Institute
Creating a climate of fear
Gone full Vladimir
No discussion allowed
The ins and outs of sanctuary cities

Uber vs Taxi

audio Just Right-493-Feb 23, 2017

On cameras
The debate is not Uber
Limiting the limit debate
Rapid transit to bankruptcy


audio Just Right-492-Feb 16, 2017

Guest: Paul McKeever
The Jordan Peterson vs Sam Harris Debate
The truth about pragmatism
In theory
Gracious misassumptions


audio Just Right-491-Feb 09, 2017

Guest: Salim Mansur
Neil Gorsuch - Here come the judge
Sanctuary cities

Oil well

audio Just Right-490-Feb 02, 2017

Guest: Dave Plumb
Climate - A necessary change
Political science vs science
CO2 - A natural occurrence

Trump oath

audio Just Right-489-Jan 26, 2017

John Adams' ghosts
Addressing Trump's Inaugural address
Size doesn't matter
No restraints required


audio Just Right-488-Jan 19, 2017

For the love of money
Tyranny of the rich
Freedom as profanity
Freedom - the unknown ideal

Horatio Nelson

audio Just Right-487-Jan 12, 2017

Turning a blind eye to the truth
Nelson's knowledge
Fake news - Bullsh*t or not
On a pragmatic note

Angry Mob

audio Just Right-486-Jan 05, 2017

Electorally bound
Polar-itical principles
Majority fools
Minority rule


audio Just Right-485-Dec 29, 2016

Artificial deconstruction
Much unalike
Intelligence report on Just Right
About Just Right

circuits for brains

audio Just Right-484-Dec 22, 2016

Guest: Christopher Essex
Horse and cow
Emergent realities
Capacity for growth
Where's my robot?

Gladstone and Disraeli

audio Just Right-483-Dec 15, 2016

Guest: Salim Mansur
Nationalism - A taboo topic
Theatres of the absurd
No I without the We
Nationalism on stage

Jordan Peterson

audio Just Right-482-Dec 08, 2016

War of the words
Rabbitual behaviour
The truth shall set you free
Defining point

Justin Trudeau in the arms of Fidel Castro

audio Just Right-481-Dec 01, 2016

Reality check
Reality checklist
Proportional Reality


audio Just Right-480-Nov 24, 2016

Guests: Salim Mansur & John Thompson
Just great
World views
Gulliver's Travails

Donald Trump MAGA Hat

audio Just Right-479-Nov 17, 2016

Guests: Salim Mansur & John Thompson
Literal vindication
Orchestrated destruction
Trump towers
It's the culture, stupid

Standing Alone

audio Just Right-478-Nov 10, 2016

A tale of two elections rigged
Freedom Left Right out
Let's party for representation

Obamacare Toe Tag

audio Just Right-477-Nov 03, 2016

Obama don't care
Supply the demand
Michael Moore - Angry, white man
Gettysburg redress

Coronal Mass Ejection - NASA

audio Just Right-476-Oct 27, 2016

Guest: Dave Plumb - Author of Climate Hope
Razor's edge
Under the pot
Under the volcano
Beyond reality and the greenhouse effect

Robert Creamer

audio Just Right-475-Oct 20, 2016

Implausible deniability
Heil Hillary
Feedback facts and truths
Slaves to isms

Trump Access Hollywood

audio Just Right-474-Oct 13, 2016

Trump's matter
Words matter
Black lies matter
Student lies matter

Palmyra, Syria

audio Just Right-473-Oct 06, 2016

Guest: Salim Mansur
Syria's theatre of conflicts
Two states - stability or conflict
Donald Trump: The peace candidate
Revolutionary democracy

Justin Trudeau

audio Just Right-472-Sep 29, 2016

Diversity perversity
Middle muddle
To Coyne no praise
Give us a brake

Pole dance

audio Just Right-471-Sep 22, 2016

Life wish
Happy to be sad
Pole aroused to polarize
Don't MENtion sex!

moeny fist

audio Just Right-470-Sep 15, 2016

Buying the bull about capitalism
'People Before' prophets
Reality check out
A billion reasons

Kathleen Wyne as Devil

audio Just Right-469-Sep 08, 2016

Devili$h funding
Transparent corruption
Beyond electoral boundaries
Progressive consistency


audio Just Right-468-Sep 01, 2016

Horror stories
Culture change, please
War at bay
Fight or Flight


audio Just Right-467-Aug 25, 2016

Guest: John Thompson - Strategic Capital Intelligence Group
The New Left's lost causes
Inconvenient histories
Simply revolting
Reason's Reconstruction

Trump Tower

audio Just Right-466-Aug 18, 2016

Guest: Salim Mansur
Sounds presidential
Talking points
The Fountain Beheaded
Populism as pejorative

Iran Nuclear Program

audio Just Right-465-Aug 11, 2016

Guest: John Thompson - Strategic Capital Intelligence Group
TerroRising trends
Go indoctrinate yourself
Nuclear chaos?
Paper tigers and straw men

The Big Picture

audio Just Right-464-Aug 04, 2016

Guest: Dave Plumb - Author of Climate Hope
Expertly fooled on climate change
Generally speaking about experts
Putting climate change arguments under water
Warming to global warming

White House

audio Just Right-463-Jul 28, 2016

Fear and loathing in America
Trump acceptance
Trump's action plan
Feedback - polite and not so polite

Trumps Entrance

audio Just Right-462-Jul 21, 2016

Guest: Salim Mansur
Donald Trump - Zeus among mortals?
History's struggle for memory
An unexceptional presidency
Establishing the new Establishment

Muslim on Muslim action

audio Just Right-461-Jul 14, 2016

Racism's necessarily Left narrative
Black racism matters
Falsifying a narrative of hate
Racism's white noise

The Flag of The European Soviet Union

audio Just Right-460-Jul 07, 2016

Exit-stential threats
A new soviet?
The 7.9% solution
Anti-ideal, logically speaking

Nigel Farage

audio Just Right-459-Jun 30, 2016

BrExited Right
Democracy, democracy, democracy
Cannabis culture clash
ill Legalization of cannabis sales

This is my rifle. This is my gun.

audio Just Right-458-Jun 23, 2016

It's done with guns
Guns control
Sinful thinking
Heaven on Earth

Clinton vs Trump

audio Just Right-457-Jun 16, 2016

Guest: Salim Mansur
Jumping from the melting pot into the fire
America First
Deconstructing Hillary
The buck never stops here


audio Just Right-456-Jun 09, 2016

Insufficiently efficient
The idea that ideas matter
From agreement to $upport
Your help needed


audio Just Right-455-Jun 02, 2016

Naturally lying about natural gas
Power rationing's rationalizations
The climate changers
We are the Eloi

Fireman Patrick Brown

audio Just Right-454-May 26, 2016

Guest: Paul McKeever
Is it government?
Ontario's power politics
Criminal conduct is not 'government'
Freedom to party

I Married a Monster From Outer Space

audio Just Right-453-May 19, 2016

May Day M'aider Mayday
Un-mutual society
First Science - then fiction
Science friction with science fiction

Trump as Pericles

audio Just Right-452-May 12, 2016

Guests: Salim Mansur
Pericles' parallel
Observer effect
Education by election
The Trump Rearrangement Conundrum

Christopher Goodwin and Marc Emery

audio Just Right-451-May 05, 2016

Guests: Marc Emery and Christopher Goodwin
Principals of Pot
Arresting developments
Civilly disobedient
Fear factor

Think b4 u send

audio Just Right-450-Apr 28, 2016

a True Hurtful Illegal Necessary Kind police warning
Right on the money
Legalizing the new pot prohibition
Turtle injustice


audio Just Right-449-Apr 21, 2016

Teachers struck
Law of nations
Justin Trudeau's mob Rule
Democratic myths and misses


audio Just Right-448-Apr 14, 2016

Guest: Professor Christopher Essex
The fluid dynamics of the climate debate
Sounds foolish
Terrestrial extra
Ether or

Embracing Climate Change

audio Just Right-447-Apr 07, 2016

Guest: Dave Plumb - Author of Climate Hope
Tips and points on climate change
Assault on battery
Venus fry trap
Nature to be commanded

Obama and Castro

audio Just Right-446-Mar 31, 2016

Dead capital-ism
Obama's working theories
Brown's progressive con
Conservative Ex-tradition

GOP Logo

audio Just Right-445-Mar 24, 2016

Guest: Salim Mansur
The Trump Derangement Syndrome
The people's Trump card
Checks and balances - The constrained monarch
Persona and character

Lars Hedegaard

audio Just Right-444-Mar 17, 2016

Guest: Lars Hedegaard
Attempted murder most foul
The fall of The New Rome
Controversial labelling
Close the barn door

Scott Williams Oakes

audio Just Right-443-Mar 10, 2016

Guest: Scott Williams-Oakes
Love letter
Up against the Brick Wall
End of the story

White Slave

audio Just Right-442-Mar 03, 2016

Capitalism or slavery?
History's unique event - the rise of capitalism
A majority for slavery
Rationalizing rationing

Black and White

audio Just Right-441-Feb 25, 2016

Blacked-out history
Run, run from the N-word
At ease - with fear
Ignoring the ignorance

Infernal Revenuers

audio Just Right-440-Feb 18, 2016

Legal ease
Feminist protection racket
The gravity of gravity
Rand's crater

Infernal Revenuers

audio Just Right-439-Feb 11, 2016

Parallels - Cosby and Ghomeshi
Court of gender bias
Uncivilizing force - Feminism
Gender morality?

Infernal Revenuers

audio Just Right-438-Feb 04, 2016

Presumptuous Causes
Winning a debate by ending it
Moral relativism's relevancy
Infernal revenuers

John MacMurray

audio Just Right-437-Jan 28, 2016

Just wrote
No time for cause
Necessity of choice
The sum of your experiences

George Jonas

audio Just Right-436-Jan 21, 2016

Natural harmonies
Profound questions
Certainly true

George Jonas

audio Just Right-435-Jan 14, 2016

Bye, George
The right vocabulary
Corruption of justice
Many women do lie


audio Just Right-434-Jan 07, 2016

Guests: Salim Mansur, John Thompson, Paul McKeever
No great expectations
Expectation Disintegration
Cultural fragmentation
Our cause - freedom


audio Just Right-433-December 31, 2015

Opening the line to public discourse
It's in the mail...
Officially complacent
Triple play on governance, voting, democracy

Santa Bucks

audio Just Right-432-December 24, 2015

Red Alert! - Santa Claus is coming to town
Better to give than receive?
Naughty or nice
Be sure to check the Santa clause

computer games

audio Just Right-431-December 17, 2015

Guests: Salim Mansur, John Thompson, Paul McKeever
Taboo topics
it's a comma. Period.
What freedom requires
A fighting culture - Western civilization

computer games

audio Just Right-430-December 10, 2015

...and forth
Hunger for games
All women's daze


audio Just Right-429-December 03, 2015

Giving Tuesday back
Foreign to aid
Literal fools
Majority fools

Balanced Broadcasting

audio Just Right-428-November 26, 2015

Held in suspense
The right balance
Guest who's not coming?


audio Just Right-427-November 19, 2015

Marchons! Marchons!
Submit to reason
CBC no evil
Islam: the elephant in the room

Village of the Damned

audio Just Right-426-November 12, 2015

Campus of the damned
Progressive deformity
The failure of success
The success of failure

In God We Trust

audio Just Right-425-November 5, 2015

Mission: Just Right
Smile when you say freedom
Trust. But verify
Common trust

Stop Harper

audio Just Right-424-October 29, 2015

Contrast in print - Left and Right
Star of the Left
Our political culture of corruption
Voting for corruption by corrupting the vote

Magna Carta

audio Just Right-423-October 22, 2015

No electoral shock
Cultural MisAppropriation
Freedom culture
Putting Uber Unter

Cultural Appropriation

audio Just Right-422-October 15, 2015

Dreadlocked out
Inappropriate appropriation
All that's Left of Western Civilization
Who's left for the right?


audio Just Right-421-October 8, 2015

Pornography: Toronto's location dislocation
Don't just blame porn


audio Just Right-420-October 1, 2015

Voting in good conscience
The lesser of the evils
Questionable motives
Uber - Same tale of two cities

Arnold the Pig

audio Just Right-419-September 24, 2015

Conservatively speaking
I'm migrant
Will the real capitalist pigs please stand up?
Pigging out on capitalism

Javad Zarif

audio Just Right-418-September 17, 2015

Guest: Salim Mansur, Associate Professor of Political Science, Western University
Many voices, not one
Iran deal - releasing the nuclear demon
Trump deal - why Donald Trump is a true phenomenon
Cause and defect


audio Just Right-417-September 10, 2015

Consent clearly defiled
Politically cracked ideology
Campus courts and jesters
The farce estate

Hong Kong Monopoly

audio Just Right-416-September 3, 2015

Slaves to slavery
Not reasons why capitalism works
Cab fair
Monopoly's monopoly on monopoly

Andy Janson

audio Just Right-415-August 27, 2015

Guest: Andy Janson, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Science and Technology Futurist
Hydrogen bombed
Nuclear wasted
Nuclear new clear vision
An elevating future

Black Sails

audio Just Right-414-August 20, 2015

Power in the telling
Sailing from anarchy to self-government
Some things are black and black
Courting the public court

Donald Trump

audio Just Right-413-August 13, 2015

Keep the change, thanks
Last past the post
Trump trumps his trumpers
Trump card

Parliament Building

audio Just Right-412-August 6, 2015

The wrong to vote
Screwing up royally
Pan the Olympic Games I Am
Harbouring memories of Pearl Harbor

I Spy

audio Just Right-411-July 30, 2015

Feminism's cause is feminism's 'Cos
Allegation invalidation
Feminism's double standard
Bill Cosby - summary convictions


audio Just Right-410-July 23, 2015

Simply astronomical!
Plutonian reactions
Mars attracts!
Dwarfed by significance

Time Tunnel

audio Just Right-409-July 16, 2015

Still be'Cos
The immoral of the story
Breaking the law - of causality
No time for space - no space for time


audio Just Right-408-July 9, 2015

All truisms - from friendship to fellowship
Compromise or a con promise?
Still Greek to Greeks - Democracy as Fellowship
No-name religion?

Jason and the Argonauts

audio Just Right-407-July 2, 2015

It's all Greek to me - from philosophy to crisis
Shared roots, different branches - Europeans and the Greeks
Greece's unhealthy health care philosophy
The Greek gods - religiously secular

Pope Francis

audio Just Right-406-June 25, 2015

Capitalism or capitalisn't
Climate changes - politicians don't
Papal perversity: Morality as a matter of degree - Celsius
My Goodness! But is it natural?

Patrick Brown

audio Just Right-405-June 18, 2015

Greater than the sum
Blurring the debate with meaningless concepts
Putting people first is idea-illogical
Patrick's ideological Brownout

Andrew Bernstein

audio Just Right-404-June 11, 2015

Guest: Dr Andrew Bernstein, philosopher, novelist, radical for capitalism
Ego, ergo no go
Philosophy's course
Objectivism's class act
A war on drug prohibition

Muhammed - Bosch Fawstin

audio Just Right-403-June 4, 2015

Guest: Bosch Fawstin, graphic artist, critic of Islam
Killing the free speech killers
The savage media
Baiting the rat trap
This little piggy went to market

mobius politics

audio Just Right-402-May 28, 2015

The Greater Divide
Tyrannical democracy
Definitions please
The political god particle

William Gairdner

audio Just Right-401-May 21, 2015

Guest: William D. Gairdner, PhD, author
The Great Divide
Feeling blue about red
The great deviation
Conceit in the moral arena

US news media

audio Just Right-400-May 14, 2015

So what's news?
So what's truth?
Little truth in news
Media polarization

Scrooge McDuck

audio Just Right-399-May 7, 2015

Prescription for description
Smart Economy - Smart Phone
Traditional Harmonies
Trading Traditions

Saguenay Council praying

audio Just Right-398-April 30, 2015

Amen to secularism
State your religion
Fear Factor
The only thing we have to fear is...


audio Just Right-397-April 23, 2015

Culture of Learning - from Charlemagne to Amit Chakma
Going up in smoke

This One's Broken

audio Just Right-396-April 16, 2015

Safety First
Trade cap
Beauty is in the I of the beholder
The art of art

Harvard Seal

audio Just Right-395-April 9, 2015

No service please - The right to discriminate
Prospect Magazine's top 10 "intellectuals" - This is the end
The fact of Camille Paglia
Camille Paglia on education reform

Rape free campus

audio Just Right-394-April 2, 2015

Things going right vs things being right
University scam plans
Beyond backwards
Green people are red people


audio Just Right-393-March 26, 2015

The militant atheist?
Capital's real Isms
The choice: Ayn Rand vs the status quo
The silly, insane, evil, and vile

Dollars Cents

audio Just Right-392-March 19, 2015

Ignorance is strength
Watch your language!
Crook-ed thinking about capitalism
Hydro just One


audio Just Right-391-March 12, 2015

Out of focus - the allure of the irrational
Ill logic
Contradiction's contradictions
Very superstitious


audio Just Right-390-March 5, 2015

Leonard Nimoy's Legacy
On death and immortality
Art's affecting effect
So what's your story?

Affirmative Consent

audio Just Right-389-February 26, 2015

Shady characters - Cosby's accusers
Thirty-three shades of one allegation
Fifty shades of grey - bound to consent
Two shades of black and white - consent vs affirmative consent

Salim Mansur

audio Just Right-388-February 19, 2015

Guest: Salim Mansur, Associate Professor of Political Science, Western University
Seeking coherence on Islamist incoherence
This is their fight
Shifting attitudes
Elitist disconnect

Capitalism The Unknown Ideal

audio Just Right-387-February 12, 2015

Astro-logic about life on other worlds
Vacuous notions on vaccinations
Capital schisms on capitalism
Discovery, not invention

Ayn Rand with Phil Donahue

audio Just Right-386-February 5, 2015

Affirmatively offensive
Affirmative conspiracy
Who is Ayn Rand?
The Rand haters

Affirmative Consent

audio Just Right-385-January 29, 2015

Animal feedback
Guest: Paul McKeever - leader, Freedom Party of Ontario
Negative to affirmative consent
Know about no
Dinosaur concept

Puss in Boots

audio Just Right-384-January 22, 2015

UFOs vs Bill Cosby
Consider the source - tabloid trash
Ayn Rand and individual rights
The status of animals

Charlie Hebdo

audio Just Right-383-January 15, 2015

Misplaced empathy for Charlie Hebdo
The media is the anti-Cosby message
For the cause against the 'Cos
Disturbing facts about Cosby's accusers

Bill Cosby

audio Just Right-382-January 8, 2015

Bill Cosby - The two courts
Bill Cosby - Court of no defence
Childhood's End - Arthur C. Clarke revisited
Heinlein vs Asimov vs Card

Lost in Space

audio Just Right-381-December 18, 2014

Enoch Powell was right
The Islam virus
God of the machine
Poverty of the machine

Car Model

audio Just Right-380-December 11, 2014

White Guilt
Male Guilt
Sex Sells
Spam Sells

Mike Brown

audio Just Right-379-December 4, 2014

Ferguson: It's black and white
Victim culture to culture victims
Knowledge test
Change due

Ayn Rand

audio Just Right-378-November 27, 2014

Bill Cosby - art vs artist
Just beCos
Cult-ivating a rational philosophy
Objection to Objectivism?


audio Just Right-377-November 20, 2014

Politics is personal
Interested in running - away from politics
Political depersonalization
Freudian slippage

Ted Harlson - Conrad Lagowski

audio Just Right-376-November 13, 2014

Guests: Ted Harlson, Conrad Lagowski - On Objectivism
'A is A' is Affected
'A is A' is Aristotle
'A is A' is Ayn Rand
'A is A' is Activism

Keith Weiner

audio Just Right-375-November 6, 2014

Guest: Keith Weiner, founder, Gold Standard Institute USA
Fools about gold?
Not just a marginal issue
Militantly indifferent
From paper to gold

Russell Brand

audio Just Right-374-October 30, 2014

Party politics - parting politicians
Change please
Islamists Branded mental
Just right copyright

Lenny Bruce

audio Just Right-373-October 23, 2014

Choice - or freedom of choice?
A plague on democracy
Guest: Scott Williams-Oakes - Pushing the comedy envelope
Comedy is the fool's occupation

Beverly Hillbillies

audio Just Right-372-October 16, 2014

London's sElectors
Middle Class Muddle
Poverty Trapped
Poverty Plans - A poverty of solutions


audio Just Right-371-October 9, 2014

MuniciPALS - Partners in Politics
Hong Kong democracy - in London Ontario?
It's no 'experiment' - Socialism
London mayoral candidate review - top five picks

Emperor's New Clothes

audio Just Right-370-October 2, 2014

State of destruction
Liberally democratic
The Empires Wear No Clothes
Strange Brew? Mixing business with politics

James Foley Beheading

audio Just Right-369-September 25, 2014

Guest: Salim Mansur, Associate Professor of Political Science, Western University
State of obedience
Modern Muslims in crISIS
ISIS - Mere anarchy set loose upon the world
Transformation crISIS

United Nations

audio Just Right-368-September 18, 2014

Yes, but he can't win
Municipal politics - replacing the rules with opinions
BIA agenda - out of bounds
The United Nations - Collectivism's global voice

Teaching Johnny to Think

audio Just Right-367-September 11, 2014

A call to prohibit drug prohibition
Political pot shots? Or practical strategy?
Why Johnny is bored and confused
Teaching Johnny to think

Megan Walker

audio Just Right-366-September 4, 2014

Prude police
Culturing a rape culture
Feminist myths and misses

UWO Gazette

audio Just Right-365-August 28, 2014

Making book on the future
Western Gazette delivers - an apology
Froshing at the mouth

Robin Williams Koko

audio Just Right-364-August 21, 2014

Police policing
Puppy Love?
Nick Hanauer's muddled minimum middle thinking
Adam Smith's Invisible Hanauer

Israel Flag

audio Just Right-363-August 14, 2014

Relatively Green Party
Blood suckers
Legally born
Happiness is a warm sum

Big Bang Theory

audio Just Right-362-August 7, 2014

TV trend - Binge watching
Dead Enders - New Ender
Binge Bang Theory
Big Bucks Theory

seaQuest DSV electronic commercial message

audio Just Right-361-July 31, 2014

Power grab
Forget me ought
None Sum
Polar expedition

Gary McHale in Caledonia

audio Just Right-360-July 24, 2014

First notions
McHale's Savy
Told you so
Pan Am Scam Plan

Sex Workers

audio Just Right-359-July 17, 2014

Bill C-36: Demanding no demand
Addicted to prostitution
The 'M' word
Contradic-Tory views on sex and the law

Arnon Kaplansky

audio Just Right-358-July 10, 2014

Guest: Arnon Kaplansky - Mayoral candidate for the City of London,
businessman, entrepreneur, infill developer

The Towers of Spite
Political sprawl
Bureaucratic sprawl
Urban vision

Digital Canada 150

audio Just Right-357-July 3, 2014

When the sh*t hits the spam
Digital Canada 150 years to lose our freedom
Agenda 21 - Sustainable Communism
Green Double-Cross International

Yada, Yada, Yada, Yada

audio Just Right-356-June 26, 2014

A tough weak for Tim Hudak
Rugged collectivists
Adapting to changing political climates
Nothing to talk about

Freedom Party X

audio Just Right-355-June 19, 2014

Election 2014 Reactions Reaction
Beating Progressives with progressive strategies
Suffering the Red blues about Ontario politics
Ayn Rand's Party 'X'

Income Tax

audio Just Right-354-June 12, 2014

Just taxation buys justice
An arresting argument
No tax freedom any day
Is taxation slavery?

Ontario Leaders

audio Just Right-353-June 5, 2014

No Debate Allowed: political change may result
Basically true lies
Police state political view
Politicians with guns wear many labels

Honor Diaries

audio Just Right-352-May 29, 2014

Guests: Raheel Raza, President - Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow
Salim Mansur, Vice President - Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow

Dishonoring "honor"
Spare the brick
Does CAIR care?
The deafening silence

Wasted Vote

audio Just Right-351-May 22, 2014

Lies my politician told me
Lies, damn lies, and socialists
Green Blues - a real vote splitter
The wasted vote: Garbage in, Garbage out

Freedom Party of Ontario

audio Just Right-350-May 15, 2014

Guest: Paul McKeever,
Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario

Pulling the plug to avoid the shock
Jobs Jobs Jobs - Tim Hudak's 1,000,000 minus 100,000 Jobs Plan
Trust Me, I'm A Politician
Stealing votes - owning votes - earning votes

we can do it

audio Just Right-349-May 8, 2014

Just Right updates and write-them-down dates
Gender gap trap
Batty ideas about gender differences
Throne Wars: Vikings vs Game of Thrones

Paul Weston

audio Just Right-348-May 1, 2014

Guest: Paul Weston,
Leader, Liberty GB

Winston Churchill's arresting words
Paul Weston's arresting action
Torrent terror? Copyright enforcement goes private
Family Spam Plan

The Middle Class

audio Just Right-347-April 24, 2014

The middle has no class
Reign of error?
Kathleen Wynne's leadersh*t leadership
Catch A Fire: Toronto 4/20

College of Trades

audio Just Right-346-April 17, 2014

Ontario's College Of Trade Barriers
Tory Story - Can you believe it?
College discipline - We're fine if you're fined
Ontario College of Trades: Guild fascism

Star Trek Continues

audio Just Right-345-April 10, 2014

Party's over, Québécois
Principle - People - Party - Politics - Power
Where man has gone before... Star Trek Continues
Fanning the Star Trek passion

Child Voting

audio Just Right-344-April 3, 2014

Guest: Paul McKeever,
Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario

Ontario's unholy trinity of destruction
Demographic democracy - our polarized voting future
Minority Report: the few rule the many
The purpose of government is...

Cosmic Curl

audio Just Right-343-March 27, 2014

Parallel Contradictions - Science's quantum dilemma
Universal strings of theories that lead to the dumb hypothesis
From Prohibition to Monopoly - Pot Laws going to pot
Breaking the 'recreational' pot myth

Outhouse Tipping

audio Just Right-342-March 20, 2014

Unintended consequences...
...With the best of intentions
Best on intentions: John Macmurray
Past, present, and futile


audio Just Right-341-March 13, 2014

Black and White views on Christians and Slavery
Humanity's inhumane history: Slaves to slavery
Democratic Deficit: De-mocking democracy
We're having a party! - a political party

Putin Ukraine

audio Just Right-340-March 6, 2014

Ukraine: Starving to discover capitalism and freedom
Putin Elects to use force: the myth of Democracy in Ukraine
Democratic Deficit: the myth of democracy in London Ontario
Creative debating on creation

Rituparna Basu

audio Just Right-339-February 27, 2014

Guest: Rituparna Basu,
Analyst, Ayn Rand Institute

What's killing American health care?
What's killing Canadian health care?
From socialized medicine to socialism
Personal pain - Universal sufferage


audio Just Right-338-February 20, 2014

Sherlock Holmes: A real character
Some Elementary philosophical contradictions
Olympic Olym-picks
Political games or athletic games?


audio Just Right-337-February 13, 2014

Bitcoin or bitcon?
Health Scare: No patience with patients
No bread, just circuses: London's growing white elephant collection
Sadder, Budweiser

Freedom Party Opposition Budget

audio Just Right-336-February 6, 2014

Guest: Paul McKeever,
Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario

Logan's Runaway from balancing the budget
Budging the budgetary elephant: health care's share
Maximum denial behind minimum wages
They do it on purpose

Stephen Harper - Benjamin Netanyahu

audio Just Right-335-January 30, 2014

Guest: Salim Mansur,
Associate Professor of Political Science, Western University

Not harping on Harper
Stephen Harper in Israel: Because it is right
Foreign policy is foreign to domestic politics
In praise of Canada's values and virtues


audio Just Right-334-January 23, 2014

Public education's syndrome syndrome
Canada's federal budget: Can we budge it?
Anti-semantic on taxation
Magna Carta's taxing proposition for today

Tory Caucus Meeting - Jason Ransom-PMO Photo

audio Just Right-333-January 16, 2014

Chong's Deformed Reform Act
For democracy's sake, party on!
Minimum-thinking Conservatives
Got a job? Laissez-nous thankful

Darwin Fish

audio Just Right-332-January 9, 2014

Ann Coulter's airy evolution idea
Let's play god
Just makes no incandescents
Kellogg's lane change

Go To Jail

audio Just Right-331-December 19, 2013

No Monopoly on hating capitalism
Boards of ethics: Monopoly's vs capitalism's
The ethics of terraforming
Mitigating Marxism

Almost Human

audio Just Right-330-December 12, 2013

Pray for us
Post delivery age
Almost robot
Mislead millions with polit-talk

Pope Francis

audio Just Right-329-December 5, 2013

Francis frank about capitalism
Frank about Francis
$hocking profit$
Up front back-room politics

Socialism 101

audio Just Right-328-November 28, 2013

A pathetic viewpoint
Russell's Brand of socialism
Parens patriae bashing
Dsinitgertaion of knowledge

Pussy Politics

audio Just Right-327-November 21, 2013

Robbed Ford
The'P' word
Media is the message
Beyond democracy

Victory in the No Go Zone

audio Just Right-326-November 14, 2013

Guests: Gary McHale, Christine McHale, Mark Vandermaas
Caledonia And The Rule Of Law - 'Victory In The No-Go Zone'
Nation notion
An arresting situation
Victory in The No-Go Zone - Who won? Who lost?
Language barriers

Mayor Rob Ford

audio Just Right-325-November 7, 2013

No Go Zones - From EMDC to Caledonia
Ford Nation or resig-nation
Politically-altering substances
Lying to state - a truth

Ted Wernham

audio Just Right-324-October 31, 2013

Guest: Ted Wernham, President, Wernham Wealth Management,
Past Chair, London Transit Commission

Last survivors of the middle class
Municipal poll-itics
A state of finance
Trading perspectives

Tarek Fatah

audio Just Right-323-October 24, 2013

Guest: Tarek Fatah, Author, Toronto Sun Columnist, CFRB 1010 Toronto Radio Host, Founder, Muslim Canadian Congress
Mosque we?
The connecting flight to Paradise
Malala's journey - from freedom to education
Freedom before democracy


audio Just Right-322-October 17, 2013

Morality's public barometer - money
Flawed thinking about flawed politicians
Mything the point of the Tea Party
From Tea Party to tar party

where the heart is

audio Just Right-321-October 10, 2013

Kahn game - Star Trek's parallel uni verse
Your fall season TV guys
Capitalism is where the art is
End program

Pillars of Capitalism

audio Just Right-320-October 3, 2013

Capitalism's floating distractions
The price is metaphysically right
Tyranny is not normal
A real ass hat

Breaking Syria

audio Just Right-319-September 26, 2013

All the news not fit to print
Weapons: Stephen Harper on chemicals - Is he?
Conventional contradic Tories
The not quite right to work laws

Quebec Crucifix

audio Just Right-318-September 19, 2013

Crazy about 'cracy
Democracy is still an alien concept
OrnaMental - Charting Quebec's values
Wrong rights

Just Right

audio Just Right-317-September 12, 2013

Not right wing, Just Right
The uncentered center
Sinister or dexterous? Who's right?
Foreign to reason policy on Syria

Solidarity Forever

audio Just Right-316-September 5, 2013

Chemical WarFear
Unions vs capitalism
Greed is eternally exploitable
Fasces faeces


audio Just Right-315-August 29, 2013

Full disclosure: Who dat who say 'Who dere' when I say Who Dat?
Green with energy
Just say Yes! to cannabis
In pot we trust

Pet Shop

audio Just Right-314-August 22, 2013

How much was that doggie in the window?
Hatred of the Rand for being Ayn
Enviously not obviously
Citizen Marc, Citizen marked

Ayn Rand's Private Access Show

audio Just Right-313-August 15, 2013

Any Ayn daRn Rand Nation notiaN
What's the 'matter' with Ayn Rand?
Government above the law of Man
What's the matter with Gary Weiss?

Wishes won't do dishes

audio Just Right-312-August 8, 2013

We're all effed
There are capitalists and then there is capitalism
Sophism's choices - war, slavery, theocracy, monopoly

No pasta for you

audio Just Right-311-August 1, 2013

Capitalism: If it ain't broke, fix it
Economic fables, political realities
No pasta for you! - Quebec's new soup Nazis
Freedom's pillars: Freedom of speech and the truth


audio Just Right-310-July 25, 2013

The London West lie-election
The London Fringe Press?
Bankrupt philosophy - bankrupt Detroit
Capitalism builds cities, socialism destroys them

Cell Phone

audio Just Right-309-July 18, 2013

Un the cover of Rolling Stone
No incandeSense
A phone-y issue
Exoplanets: Any life signs?

Al Gretzky on Byline

audio Just Right-308-July 11, 2013

Snowden Job
London Free of Press about Gretzky
What's the point of running... ...A Free Press editorial?
Hard(ly) right Progressive Conservatives


audio Just Right-307-July 4, 2013

Hell be damned!
Heavenly hopes for an atheist
She's sorry

Father and Son

audio Just Right-306-June 27, 2013

Guests: Ryan Doxtator, Professor Janice Fiamengo
A Men's Issue: From Shared Parenting To Feminism
Daddy issues
Father knows nothing
What if we had a gender war and no men showed up?
Focus on the family


audio Just Right-305-June 20, 2013

Fracking Environmentalists!
Oil's well that ends well
Words to live or die by
Trust me - I'm honest


audio Just Right-304-June 13, 2013

Your feedback is just right
Edward Snowden - Blowing the whistle
Cell phone tumour rumours
Shocking debate: Who owns London Hydro?

Aesop and Son

audio Just Right-303-June 6, 2013

The story of the moral
From Aesop to Star Trek - The moral of the stories
Still seeing red - From TV frustrations to Martian distractions
Once upon a tale - at least ten stories tall

Yaron Brook - Robert Vaughan

audio Just Right-302-May 30, 2013

Journey into selfishness
Capitalism works - so socialists lie
Just sad: A society built on sacrifice
Saints alive! Bill Gates or heaven's gate?

Red Choices

audio Just Right-301-May 23, 2013

Insufficient philosophy
What's black and white and red all over?
Just grin and polar bear it: Why 'socialism' really is a dirty word
Creating interest in self interest


audio Just Right-300-May 16, 2013

Totally self issues
Conversation: Objectivist - Subjectivist - Intrinsicist
Reality check: God, man, or underwear?
Judge mentals: good/evil, moral/immoral, right/wrong
Totally selfish

I can't hear you

audio Just Right-299-May 9, 2013

Guest: Salim Mansur
Islamist terrorism
The London connection: Islamists wearing mosques
Issue at root: Theocracy vs democracy
Media myopia: Can't hear the trees for the forest City
Asymmetry - 21st century vs 10th century

Dr. Yaron Brook

audio Just Right-298-May 2, 2013

Guest: Dr Yaron Brook, Executive Director, Ayn Rand Institute
Ideas in conflict - left and right vs right
A Free Market Revolution - Re-teaching America its own principles
Self interest as the moral ideal
Foreign policy or foreign to reason?

Cause and Effect

audio Just Right-297-April 25, 2013

Ends Or Means? - Islamic Terrorism: Identifying The Problem
Ten Commandments For The Hero - Or How To Prevent Terrorism
There's No Such Thing As The Universe
Just Be Cause - Causality And The Continuant

420 Toronto 2013

audio Just Right-296-April 18, 2013

Guests: Chris Goodwin, Erin Goodwin - Vapor Central
Organizing Civil Disobedience In A Civil Way
4/20 Rallies - Cannabis Culture Coast To Coast
Matt Mernagh, Marijuana Activist: Personal Challenges, Supreme Court Challenges
Dana Larsen, Marijuana Activist, Sensible BC: Real Options For Marijuana Reform
Toward Prohibition Or Freedom? - Legal Reform In Conflict

Robert Metz

audio Just Right-295-April 11, 2013

Guest: Robert Metz, Founding Member, President, Freedom Party of Ontario
Can't Escape Politics
Beginning The Journey - On A Metaphysical Odyssey
The Necessity Of Freedom - The Necessity Of Freedom Party
Not Back, But Forward - Leading The Way

The Miracle Worker

audio Just Right-294-April 4, 2013

Sensory Perception - Reality's Affirmation
Sensory Deception - Validity Vs Reliability
Feelin' All Right? Or All Wrong?
Happiness Is A Gross Measurement

Bernstein and Woodward

audio Just Right-293-March 28, 2013

Municiplan - All Solutions Point To City Hall
Masterplan - All Solutions Point To Taxpayers
Writing To Win Rather Than Inform - From Bob Woodward To Rob Ford
Beyond Media Bias: When The Line Has Been Crossed

Rading Koran

audio Just Right-292-March 21, 2013

Guest: Salim Mansur, Author of Delectable Lie: a liberal repudiation of multiculturalism
Iraq - 10 Years Later: Success Or Disaster?
Islam: One Religion Or Many?
From The Personal Struggle To The Struggle Of Reformation
Guest: Lars Hedegaard, Author, Journalist, Co-editor Dispatch International
Different Countries, Same Problems - Violence By The Few

Ass Grab

audio Just Right-291-March 14, 2013

Dark Matters: Why Does London Hydro Want To Keep Us In The Dark?
'ASSgate' - Sad BUTT True! - Character ASS ASSination Through Half-ASSed Media Reporting
Not So Great Anymore - What Makes A Great Nation?
Whatcott's Up Doc? Creating Classes Of Citizens And Rights That Are Wrong

CBC Exposed

audio Just Right-290-March 7, 2013

Guest: Brian Lilley, Author, Journalist, Broadcaster, Sun TV
Exposing The C.B.C. - Just A First Step?
No Room For Truth In A Class Society
Guest: Paul McKeever, Lawyer, Blogger, Leader, Freedom Party Of Ontario
Supreme Contradictions In The 'Whatcott Ruling'
"Democratic Disenfranchisement" or "Shut Up and Listen To Me!"

Free Dominion

audio Just Right-289-February 28, 2013

Guests: Mark Fournier And Connie Fournier
Owners/Operators Of Free Dominion
Still Fighting For The 'Free' In Free Dominion
Site To Site Personal Disputes / Copyright Rights / Perpetual Publication
His Reputation On Trial: Facing A Jury For The First Time
Courting Free Speech Precedents - Not Always An Appealing Process!

Reality check bounced

audio Just Right-288-February 21, 2013

Reality Issues:
No Reason For Reason With Faith On Your Side
Corporate Mentality: Counterfeit Capitalists At City Hall
At Cross Purpose - No Reconciling Capitalism With Majority Rule
Comparative Disadvantage: Talking Economics When The Subject Is Morality

Saudi Woman Driving a Car

audio Just Right-287-February 14, 2013

Prince Of Darkness - Not Entitled To An Opinion
Some Have Columns For No Apparent Reason
Civilization And Capitalism - Hand In Hand
Our Thin Veneer Of Freedom


audio Just Right-286-February 7, 2013

Nature Of The Beast - When Evil Prevails
Just Rights Violators
More Freedom Through More Government? Forcing The Issue
We Don't Have Freedom Because We Don't Have Government

Old Time Radio

audio Just Right-285-January 31, 2013

Radio Days Are Forever
Back To The Future! - To Old Tyme Radio
In The Mind's Eye: TV Vs Radio - Focus Vs Imagination
Is TV Dead? "It's dead, Jim."
Volume Problem: When Government Gets Too Loud

tug of war

audio Just Right-284-January 24, 2013

DemoCrazy About DemoCracy - Let's Vote On It!
Feminizing Society - Gender Politics In An Age Of Equality
On Today's MENu: Just Cut 'Em Up And Pass The Guacamole Dip
Backward Together - Obama's Continuing Journey In The Wrong Direction

Paul McKeever's T-shirt

audio Just Right-283-January 17, 2013

No More Idle No More!
Ominous Parallels: Front de Liberation du Quebec - 1970 / Idle No More - 2013
Shattering The Rule Of Law: Police Statements = Police State
Just Watch Him! Pierre Elliot Trudeau On Law, Order, And The Indian Act
No Law Unto Themselves: The Myth Of Police Independence

A Political Tragedy

audio Just Right-282-January 10, 2013

Never Let A Good Tragedy Go To Waste
"Among These Rights..."
Gun. Culture.
coup d'école

Freedom's Principals

audio Just Right-281-December 20, 2012

Freedom's Principals on Freedom's Principles
Freedom: The Expression Of Reality
The Philosophy Of Government In A Free Society
Libertarianism Vs A Free Society
On Who Isn't A Libertarian

Negative effects of marijuana use

audio Just Right-280-December 13, 2012

Irate Electorate - A Tale Of Two Mayors
Justice Gone To Pot - The Folly Of All Prohibitions
Still Stirring The Pot - Marc Emery And Justin Trudeau
The Universal Necessity Of Philosophy - Inner Peace Through Yang Zhu

Sex and violence

audio Just Right-279-December 6, 2012

'Men Have Cooties'
Never Hear The End Of It Day
Have Gun Will... ?
Feminism On The Left: See No Right - Hear No Right - Speak No Right
In A 'Heavy Flow Daze Every Day'

Dr. Bill Warner

audio Just Right-278-November 29, 2012

Guest: Dr Bill Warner, PhD, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
"I read the big books, then write small ones..." On Political Islam
Historical Mohammed Does Not Exist
The Dark Secret About The Dark Ages - Islam
From Ancient Rome To Modern America - Islam's Relentless Path Of Suffering And Death

Why Catholics Are Right

audio Just Right-277-November 22, 2012

Morality: Beyond Belief?
Calling All Atheists - But Nobody Showed Up
Atheists And Believers - On Common Ground
Coren Is Wrong About Catholics Being Right (Not Right Wing)
Catholicism: No Monopoly On Morality


audio Just Right-276-November 15, 2012

Art And Life: Expressing The Competent Man
'Every Man' Meets The 'Competent Man': Bond, James Bond
The Dies Of Casting: Expressing The Ideal, Not The Mundane
From Castle to Firefly - Decoding The Hidden Message
Firefly - Television At Its Best


audio Just Right-275-November 8, 2012

Focus: Oh No! Oh-bama!
No Positive Voices On The Re-election Of President Barack Obama
Predicting The Inevitable: America At The Cliff
Not A Democracy, But A Republic
America Losing Its Freedom - The Destruction Of The World's First Nation

Orlando Zamprogna

audio Just Right-274-November 1, 2012

Guest: Orlando Zamprogna - Former Controller,
Past Deputy-Mayor Of The City Of London

'I got out of politics because I saw what was coming.' - The Predictive Wizardry Of OZ
Sadder Budweiser - No Gardens Of Green, Just In The Red
They Were Board Of Control - Now Career Politicians Are Out Of Control
When You're Alone And Life Is Making You Lonely Just Don't Go Downtown


audio Just Right-273-October 25, 2012

Focus: The 'Rules Of Acquisition'
Star Trek's Ugly Caricatures Of Capitalists: The Ferengi
True Or False? 'Anything stolen is pure profit.' (Rule Of Acquisition #14)
Rule Of Acquisition #10: 'Greed is eternal.' - Socially Speaking
Beware The Grand Nagus


audio Just Right-272-October 18, 2012

Feedback From Our Listeners
What Do You Mean By That?
Believe Me, You Can Trust Us
Our Unhealthy Health Care System
Who's The Authority On Authority?

Christine Williams

audio Just Right-271-October 11, 2012

Guest: Christine Williams, Journalist, Columnist, Reporter,
Producer/Host Of World Report/Inside World Report - CTS TV

Journalism At A Crossroads - News Reporting Or News Making?
Muslims Facing The Truth - Examining The Evidence
Multicultural Impasse - When Cultures Collide
Christianity Under Attack - Is Blasphemy The Best Defence?


audio Just Right-270-October 4, 2012

Muslims Facing Tomorrow - Modern Day Martin Luthers
Bad Medicine - Profiting From Non-Profit
Rae Of Darkness - Bob Rae's Prescription For Health Care
Good Doc Bad Doc - Where's The Justice?


audio Just Right-269-September 27, 2012

Ill Logical: Aristotle's 13 Fallacies
Nothing You Can Count On
No Kidding About Who's Being Selfish
Love Nothing - Scoring For Zeros

Ingrid Carlqvist Lars Hedegaard

audio Just Right-268-September 20, 2012

No News In The Truth - No Truth In The News
Starving For News? Dispatch International
Gender BioLogical
The Politics Of Rape / Rape As Politics


audio Just Right-267-September 13, 2012

Despite Stimulus / Climate Mess / A Silent Switch To Coal / Citizenship Fraud / Sausage Politics
Preempting The Deterrence Of Iran / Caledonia's Politicized Policing
Political Fixers / The Role Of City Council / Electoral Nixes
Reading Writing Religion / Voyager: Our Interstellar Debut


audio Just Right-266-September 6, 2012

Focus: On Our Back To School Daze!
The Purpose Of Education Is Purpose
Twisting And Shaping Their Minds - Into The Collective
Still Failing Our Children - Zero Tolerance For Zero Marks
Voodoo Education - Doctrines For The Nation Toward Indoctrination


audio Just Right-265-August 30, 2012

FEEDBACK: From Nietzsche To Knowledge
Free Speech, Protest, Civil Disobedience: Drawing Lines On Where When And How
Flip Flop Flap = Flag Flap Flop
By-Elections: Bye Bye Elections?

Pussy Riot

audio Just Right-264-August 23, 2012

Al-Quds Day Vs Marching For Jesus - Same Stories, Different Endings
Muslims, Jews, And Christians - Tolerating The Other's Intolerance
Free Speech And Protest: Can You Hear Me Now?
Censorship: What It Isn't, What It Is


audio Just Right-263-August 16, 2012

Carving A Niche For Nietzsche - From Values To Culture
Nietzsche Nuggets: The Maddening Ambiguity Of The Poet/Philosopher
Mitt Romney's Running-Away-From-It Mate Paul Ryan: Ism Without The Objective
Al-Quds Day: Theocracy Vs Democracy

Democracy Rules

audio Just Right-262-August 9, 2012

Left Right And Centered Right - A Story About A History
Leftovers - Left Wing Ideas That Shape Our Times
Wasted Voters: SocioPathic, SocioPassive Or Just SocioPathetic?
RealPolitik - Differing Realities About Unreality In Politics

Anne Francis as Honey West

audio Just Right-261-August 2, 2012

Focus on: Growing Up With Television - The First Generation
Two Bobs Views On Boob Tube Viewing: Time Wasted, Or Invested?
Television Markers Of The Times In Which We Live
Honey West - Some Shows Were Black And White
TV In 2012 - Individuals Choose, But Where's The Romanticism?

Peter Pan Syndrome

audio Just Right-260-July 26, 2012

Peter Pan Syndrome - Philosophically Handicapped, Socially Retarded
Letting Power Go To Their Heads By Treating Adults Like Children
'Hard-Headed Socialism' Is An Anti-Concept
The Bigger Conversation: From Organized Tantrums To Organized Plunder

Lemonade Stand

audio Just Right-259-July 19, 2012

Hating Capitalism Is Taught At Childhood
Something For Nothing
Why John Stossel Is Depressed
One Thing For Another

Higgs Boson

audio Just Right-258-July 12, 2012

The God Particle - From Theory To Discovery
The God Factor - On Being Vs A Being
Gambling Is A Vice Because God Does Not Play Dice
Probably Lucky With Uncertainty About The Causality


audio Just Right-257-July 5, 2012

Focus on: 'OBAMACARE'
Courting Death And Taxes - America's Supreme Tragedy
Does Obama Care? The Pyramid Schemer 'Sells Insurance'
Over-Insured And Under Protected - How Insurance Makes Health Care Unaffordable
Capitalism Transforms Medicine With Innovation - Socialism Destroys It

London, Ontario

audio Just Right-256-June 28, 2012

Guest: Kimble Ainslie, Ph.D., President, Nordex Research
Who's Sitting At London's Round table On The Environment And Economy?
Public Participation - Did Anybody Write It Down?
Ideological Discourse - The Politics Of Self Interest In Left And Right
Happy To Cut Service - Happy To Recycle Garbage

Egan - Broley - Henerbry

audio Just Right-255-June 21, 2012

Guests: Kevin Egan, Lawyer, McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP
Robert Broley and Jesse Henebry, Former Detainees At Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre
IT'S A CRIME! ...What's Going On At The Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre
Front Line Testimonials - First Person Experiences Of Inhumane Conditions
Third World Prisons In London Ontario - The Subculture Of Evil And Corruption
Beatings-Urine-Feces-Torture-Rape-Starvation-Murder-Degradation - Just A Normal Day At The Centre
It's Another Crime! - Political And Public Apathy

Alexander DeLarge

audio Just Right-254-June 14, 2012

Feedback: On Postmodernism, Sunday Shopping, Caledonia, And The Nothingness Of Nothing
Gladue: Race-Based Courts For Race-Based Justice
From Minimum Wages To The Wages Of Sin
The Lost Years. From Young Narcissists to Young Killers

Mohawk Warrior Flag

audio Just Right-253-June 7, 2012

Guests: Mary Lou Ambrogio, International Free Press Society
Kristin Kaye, Regional News This Week
Stuart Laughton, Never Again Group
Front Line Testimonials - An Arresting Situation
Avoiding The Issue - How Liberalism Silences The Debate
How Could This Happen In Canada? Organized Anarchy Gets Police Protection
"You Will Be Persecuted" - The Price Of Speaking Out

Marc Emery at City Lights

audio Just Right-252-May 31, 2012

Special: Celebrating Twenty Years Of Sunday Shopping In Ontario
And On The Seventh Day, He Was Arrested
From Prohibition To Freedom Of Choice - Even On A Sunday
The Principle Of Sunday Shopping - Marc Emery In Black And White
Debate'88: A CHRW Sunday Shopping Encore: Marc Emery Gets Out Of Jail

Red Riding Hood

audio Just Right-251-May 24, 2012

Once Upon A Time There Was A Fairy Tale
From Red Alert To Red Riding Hood Alert! - Politically Correct Fairy Tales
Where Fantasy Meets Reality - The Imagination
The Danger Of Blurring Fantasy With Reality: Neurosis

Explaining Postmodernism

audio Just Right-250-May 17, 2012

Still Just Right - Fifth Anniversary Feedback
Postmodernism's Leftward March To Nihilism
From Nothing To Nothing - Now Ain't That Something!
Far Right Meets Far Left On The Mobius Strip


audio Just Right-249-May 10, 2012

Special: The Propaganda Against Nazi Propaganda
Did Hitler Use Fluoride? Should London?
"But I Never Advocated A Dictatorship..."
On The Offensive Against Offence
Hitler And Germany's Jews - How Government Debt Created The Holocaust

Free Marc Poster

audio Just Right-248-May 3, 2012

Pot Luck With Pot Laws - The Continuing Injustice Of Prohibition
Marc Emery - From Prince Of Pot To Prisoner Of Pot Laws - A Price Worth Paying?
Abortion: Why Pro Choice Is Pro Life
On Human Beings Being Human

Sir Patrick Moore

audio Just Right-247-April 26, 2012

"In The Beginning Was The Word..." - On The Origins Of Reason
If It Wasn't Written, Did It Happen?
God Plays With Loaded Dice - Taking A Quantum Leap In Thinking About The Universe
Things Are Looking Up - In The Sky At Night

Charter of Rights and Freedoms

audio Just Right-246-April 19, 2012

Canada's Charter Of Rights And Freedoms - 30 Years Later
Civilization And The Creative Mind / Witnessing The Loss Of Civilization In The West
Local Motives On Locomotives / Sane, Not Sorry / Happiness - A Moral Obligation?
Re-animating The Tintin Story / Free Speech On Campus / Ontario's Electrifying Strategy

Israel Truth Week

audio Just Right-245-April 12, 2012

Energy And Gas: Who's Really Fixing Prices?
Mint Chips - The New Taste Of Money?
Israel Apartheid Meets Israel Truth
Just Right: What Is Right? What Is Just?

Forward Together

audio Just Right-244-April 5, 2012

Special: RED Alert! So Where's The Right?
Guest: Paul McKeever, Leader, Freedom Party: The Right Opposition Budget For Ontario
A Conservative Majority? - Seeing Red In Canada's Federal Budget
Waving The Red Flag On Karl Marx's Class Struggle
Today's Reds Come In A Variety Of Colours

Lord Chrisopher Monckton

audio Just Right-243-March 29, 2012

REFLECTIONS: On Lord Christopher Monckton
Good Lord! - The Right, The Honourable
Abortion And Islam - Morally Superior?
Rude Interruption - The McBean Consensus
Puzzle Unsolved - Issues Resolved

Monckton - Vaughan

audio Just Right-242-March 22, 2012

Guest: Lord Christopher Monckton
Swimming Against The Tide - 'A Seeker After Truth'
"It's My Natural Genius And Ability. And Luck."
Incorporating Catholicism With The Pursuit Of Knowledge - A Moral Purpose, Not A Crusade
Reason: The Central Power Of The Soul And The Key To Morality

Lord Christopher Monckton - Professor Christopher Essex

audio Just Right-241-March 15, 2012

Guest: Lord Christopher Monckton
Guest: Professor Christopher Essex

Global Warming - Has All The Hot Air Dissipated?
Advising Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher - Changing The Views Of The Iron Lady
From Sudoku X To The Puzzle That Is Lord Monckton
The Courtier's Conundrum - The Intersect Of Science And Politics


audio Just Right-240-March 8, 2012

Tintin - A Brief History Of A European Cultural Landmark
Tintin The Movie (2011) - Spielberg Does It Right
Captive Consent - Defending Zero As A Standard Of Excellence
Let's Vote To Protect Ourselves From Voters

Gunning for Liberals

audio Just Right-239-March 1, 2012

Freedom And Freedom - A Comparison
Ka-Pow! Gunning For Liberals
Oh Kay Can You See? - Jonathan Kay On Hating American Capitalists
Capitalism's Critics - Disparaging Success?

Paul Weston British Freedom Party

audio Just Right-238-February 23, 2012

Guest: Paul Weston, Chairman, British Freedom Party
A Brief History And Policy Overview Of The British Freedom Party
How Saying 'Yuck To Curry' Has Become A Reportable Racial Incident
Double Jeopardy - Retro Activism By The Multi-Cultured
Multi-Racial? Yes. Multi-Cultural? No.


audio Just Right-237-February 16, 2012

Nationalism And Patriotism - Good And Bad
INTERPOL - International Policing Or International Politics?
How To Put Out A Greece Fire
Police Vs Firefighters - Race To The Bottom

Caterpillar Strike

audio Just Right-236-February 9, 2012

CATlas SHRUGGED - Focus On Unions, Business, Capitalism
The Two Principals: Canadian Auto Workers Vs Caterpillar Electro- Motive Diesel
The Two Principles: Force Vs Consent
Why Is Everybody Smearing The Capitalists?
The Labour Movement: Lowering Our Standard Of Living

12 Angry Men

audio Just Right-235-February 2, 2012

Juror Trials - You Can Lead A Juror To Court, But You Can't Make Him Think
The Root Of Dishonour - Social Metaphysics
CAWing For Profits - While Preventing Others From Earning Theirs
Davos Conference: Socialist Theories As Capitalism

Smiling Catepillar

audio Just Right-234-January 26, 2012

The Fist Of Capitalism Vs The Ass Of Socialism: An Electro-Motivated Issue
Unions Are Pre-Occupied With Greed - Their Own
Using Caterpillar To Bring Capitalism To A Crawl
Dual Citizenship: The Polygamy Of Nations?

Ronald Reagan

audio Just Right-233-January 19, 2012

Talk About Just Right - Your Feedback, Limericks, Suggestions
First Strike As Retaliation
Trigger Happy - Knowing When To Take The Military Offensive
Do You Mind? Or Does That Not Compute?

Bosch Fawstin - Pigman

audio Just Right-232-January 12, 2012

Guest: Bosch Fawstin, Graphic Artist, Critic Of Islam
Graphic Novels About A Graphic Subject: Islam
From Comic Books To Graphic Novels - Dealing With The Resistance
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy: Foreign To Reason?
Culture's Catalysts For Change - Truth, Emotion, Art

It's a Wonderful Life

audio Just Right-231-December 22, 2011

It's A Not-So-Wonderful Life - When Lived For Others
Those Daring Thumbnails Of Poetry: Limericks
- Just Right is the name of our show,
- And for this year, it's now time to go.
----- We trust you'll return
----- In the new year, to learn
- About freedom, about life, and what's so.

Kangaroo Court

audio Just Right-230-December 15, 2011

Guests: Mark Fournier, Connie Fournier: Owners/Operators Of freedominion.ca
Still No Free Speech For Free Dominion?

Slap Happy With SLAPP Suits - Using The Courts To Restrict Free Speech
Section 13 - Unlucky Developments? The Long-Awaited Repeal May Not Be All It Seems
From Tribunals To The Courts - The Criminalization Of Speech?
Internet Freedom - Is It All Over? Or Is It A New Beginning?

Bibi Aisha

audio Just Right-229-December 8, 2011

Here Comes The Judge - You!
Letter Of The Law - When Punishment Doesn't Fit The Crime
Beyond Bullying - Destructive Views Of Violence
Bully Bulls**t


audio Just Right-228-December 1, 2011

Bullies In Our Schools - Re-evaluating Our Philosophy
Bullying: Zero Tolerance For Rational Solutions
The Internet: New Gutenberg Press
Planetary Science: Beauty Of The Spheres


audio Just Right-227-November 24, 2011

State (Of) Education: "Give Me The Child"
Schools For Propaganda - Teaching What Just Ain't So
Chess: A Game? A Science? An Art? A Drug? And More? Yes.
Binary Complexities Of Chess - Warping Through Space By Knight

The Black Market is a Crime

audio Just Right-226-November 17, 2011

Anti-Concept: Black Market
Why "The views expressed on this program are those of the participants,
and do not necessarily reflect the views of 94.9 CHRW"
With Euro-Correspondent Paul Lambert:
Swedish Competition Authority: Cartel Hypocrisy
Swedish Tax Authority: Anti-Concept: Black Work

Darth Vader Obi-Wan

audio Just Right-225-November 10, 2011

Focus: Violence And Force
Force Of Persuasion: Your Feedback - Our Feedback
Forced To Use Force - In The Name Of Justice
History And Current Events: Man's Record Of Using Force And Violence
Good Will Towards Men: Rational Self Interest

Libertarian Utopia

audio Just Right-224-November 3, 2011

Focus: Anarchy Meets Anarchy
No Two Ways About It: Libertarianism Is Anarchy
'Less Than Nil' - Libertarianism's Contribution To Freedom
Libertarians And Conservatives - Lying In State Together
The Two States Of Anarchy


audio Just Right-223-October 27, 2011

Focus: Libertarians And Libertarianism
Libertarianism - Freedom's Nemesis
The Right Road To Freedom - More Than Politics
Liberty's Perversion - Defending Freedom On The Wrong Premises
Libertarian Epistemology - Incapable Of Advocating Freedom

Wall Street

audio Just Right-222-October 20, 2011

No Compassion Under Communism
The Crony Argument - Just Blame Capitalism
Protests And Occupations - Beware The Company You Keep
Specialists At Missing The Point - What Is The Point Anyway?

Che Boody

audio Just Right-221-October 13, 2011

When It's Not Just A Banana - Racism's Law Of The Jungle
Uncolouring The Inequality Problem To Avoid Black And White Truths
Mad As Hell! But Still Not Taking Personal Responsibility
Che Guevara: Icon Of The Mob

Banana Peel

audio Just Right-220-October 6, 2011

Knowing More Than We Understand
If You're Going Faster Than The Speed Of Light, Is It Dark?
Sometimes A Banana Is Just A Banana
Why? Just BeCause, For Protests Sake!


audio Just Right-219-September 29, 2011

Guest: Lawrence Solomon, Columnist, National Post; Executive Director, Energy Probe
Guest: Professor Christopher Essex, Dept Of Applied Mathematics And Past Director, Theoretical Physics, UWO; Co-Author Of Taken By Storm

The CERN Experiment - UnCLOUDing The Climate Debate
Our Climate - It's Cosmic!
Two Camps: The Wrong Side And Everybody Else
From A Complicated Moment To A Sense Of Wonderment

Ethical Oil

audio Just Right-218-September 22, 2011

It's Criminal. It's Chilling. Conservatively Speaking. Harper's Bill C-10
Where There's Smoke, There's The Health Police
Saudi Arabia Slips In Ethical Oil
No Trade, No Truck - Job Losses And How The Labour Movement Isn't Moving

Liberty Bell

audio Just Right-217-September 15, 2011

Socialized Health Care Vs Individualized Sickness Care
A Fundamental Choice: Free Speech? Or Violence?
Let Freedom Ring!
Analog TV: Switched Over Or Switched Off?

Paul McKeever

audio Just Right-216-September 8, 2011

Guest: Paul McKeever, Leader, Freedom Party Of Ontario
Ontario Election'11:
If They Could Choose Freedom, Would They?
A Platform For People, Not Politicians
Health Care - School Prayer - Pesticide Bans - Speed Limits - Beer Monopolies - And More...
Ron Paul Effect: Nothing To Not See Here

Salim Mansur - Delectable Lie

audio Just Right-215-September 1, 2011

Guest: Salim Mansur, Toronto Sun Columnist,
Professor of Political Science, University of Western Ontario,
Author of Delectable Lie: a liberal repudiation of multiculturalism

Group Identity Vs The Generic Man
Elephant In The Room: Islamism
Ending The Denial Leads To The Cure

Free Will

audio Just Right-214-August 25, 2011

Special: Determined - To Be Right
Was It Inevitable? The Debate Continues: Free Will Vs Determinism
Feedback Caused By Just Right Causes Our Responses - But Who First Caused It?
Free Will: A New Definition
Existence And Free Will: Axioms

England Riots

audio Just Right-213-August 18, 2011

Selflessness Can Be A Real Riot
The Necessity Of Values
Government Debt: What Ideological Battle?
The Ideology - Of Government Debt

The Matrix

audio Just Right-212-August 11, 2011

Right Wing Nuts
Free Will - Determinism - Choice
Free Will: Not Just An Illusion, But Real
Nothing Is 'Inevitable' - Especially When It Happens

Burning Dollar

audio Just Right-211-August 4, 2011

Unreal Crisis: Debt, Cash, Economics, Politics
Thou Shalt Not Steal, But Thou Art
Real Crisis: Moral
Let's Get This Straight: Gay Pride, But Heterosexual Shame?

Norway Flag

audio Just Right-210-July 28, 2011

Imbalance Of Terror - In The Media
Norway's Horror - Just Insanity?
Gay Pride Parade, The Census, Just Right Updates And Announcements...
Listeners Just Write: Fiat Money, Just Thanks, 1947 UN Vote

Rod Serling

audio Just Right-209-July 21, 2011

Focus: Pioneers Of Television Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Why Rod Serling Escaped To The Twilight Zone
Romanticism Vs Naturalism - Two Views Of Life And Literature
Irwin Allen: Sci-Fi Prophet? Or Just Sci-Fi Profit?
I Love Lucy - And So Should TV Sci-Fi Fans

Mark Vandermaas

audio Just Right-208-July 14, 2011

Guest: Mark Vandermaas - Blue Berets For Peace
A Local Vigil: Countering Anti-Israel Hysteria
The Media: The Real Blockade To Peace In Gaza
What Humanitarian Crisis In Gaza? Biting The Hands That Feed Them
United Nations - For Or Against Israel?

Throne Speech

audio Just Right-207-July 7, 2011

Favouring The Rich? The Conservative Myth
The Monarchy: It's Constitutional
When In Rome - A Triple-E Senate
From King-Dom To Free-Dom

John Hospers

audio Just Right-206-June 30, 2011

Self Evident
Canada And America - Evolution, Revolution - Then And Now
Have No Faith In Constitution
Did We Just Sacrifice The Last Part Of Our Show?


audio Just Right-205-June 23, 2011

First Class Mail For Second Class Citizens
Breaking Windows At The C.B.C.
Sacrifice? Or Choice?
By Any Other Name - Socialism Is Tyranny

Internatioanal Free Press Society

audio Just Right-204-June 16, 2011

Guests: Mary Lou Ambrogio, Al Gretzky - International Free Press Society
Behind The Geert Wilders Tour - Attacking The Messenger, Ignoring The Message
Forced To Be Selective With The Media - Who Are The Real Haters?
Guest: John Thompson, The Mackenzie Institute
Why Even Most Muslims Don't Know What's In The Koran
A New Islam? Still Two Things At Once - A Religion, An Ideology


audio Just Right-203-June 9, 2011

The Anti-Pornographers
London's First Anti-Porn Conference - Anti-Porn? Anti-Men? Anti-Sex? Yes.
Hornier Than Thou - Proof That Men Are Violent?
Banning Bikinis To XXX - It's All Violent Pornography To Them
Women And Men? Or Sluts And Rapists?

Erin Gorman & Chris Goodwin

audio Just Right-202-June 2, 2011

Guests: Chris Goodwin, Erin Gorman - Vapor Central
Civil Disobedience And The Cannabis Issue
Marijuana And The Legal Consequences Of Prohibition
The Price Of Civil Disobedience: Who Pays? Who Benefits?
Lawbreaking: A Crime? A Political Protest? A Moral Obligation?

Man on Moon plus city scape

audio Just Right-201-May 26, 2011

Focus On: Mankind's Colonization Of Space
America's Space Program - In Retreat? Or In Defeat?
The Privatization And Commercialization Of Space
Ad Astra? Warped Thinking About Interstellar Travel
A Down To Earth View On Space Colonization

Karl Marx

audio Just Right-200-May 19, 2011

Our 200th Hour: Still Just Right?
Socialism: Common Myth-Understandings
An Education In Education
Is God Conservative?

Geert Wilders

audio Just Right-199-May 12, 2011

Special: In Praise Of Geert Wilders
Islam - So Unlike Other Religions?
Culture Clash - Our Immigration Conundrum
The Fear Factor - A Tale Of Three Religions
Avoiding Totalitarianism In The War Against It


audio Just Right-198-May 5, 2011

Guest: Anne Patterson, Researcher, Advocate for proper oversight of children's aid societies *
* Ontario Bill 179 - Better homes for kids or a Trojan horse bringing family destruction? *
* Birth parents and their children - When adoption means terminating access orders *
Leadership in crisis - Hanging on to legitimacy - From Osama Bin Laden to the royal wedding
Obama's fake birth certificate - A real fake or a fake fake?

Elect Immanuel Kant

audio Just Right-197-April 28, 2011

Focus: POLITICAL PARTIES - Why They Believe What They Do
Anybody But Harper! - Subjectivism Vs Intrinsicism
Conservative, Liberal, New Democrat - What Ethical System Motivates Each?
A Brief Look At Canada's Fringe Parties - Dis Dat And De Odder Ting
How Many Canadians Does It Take To Screw In A Light bulb?


audio Just Right-196-April 21, 2011

Focus: Art And Esthetics
Art Is A Basic Necessity - Food For Thought
Don't Soft Pedal Bad Art - Stop Waiting For Godot
Romanticism - Simply Thrilling
UpChuck And Cry U.N.C.L.E.

Salim Mansur

audio Just Right-195-April 14, 2011

Guest: Salim Mansur, Toronto Sun Columnist,
Professor of Political Science, University of Western Ontario

Mid-east Revolutions - An Arab Spring Or A Coming Winter?
Can Islam And Democracy Be Compatible?
Multiculturalism Vs The Freedom Culture
A Harper Majority - A Victory For English Canada And Good For Quebec


audio Just Right-194-April 7, 2011

Fixing Politics: Misguided Suggestions From Frustrated Voters
Elections - No Choice For Capitalism?
Strategic Voting - All Options On The Left
Strategic Campaigning - No Place For Selfless Socialists

Mohamed Bouazizi

audio Just Right-193-March 31, 2011

Anti-Tech Fallout? Let's Be Clear On Nuclear
Tunisian Choice - How The Revolution Began
A Deja Vu Election - Coalition Conundrum
Diamond Aircraft - Layoff, Not Takeoff

US-UN Flag

audio Just Right-192-March 24, 2011

Feminism - Still Relevant?
Responsibility To Protect Doctrine Means Perpetual War
Stepping Into The Briar Patch - Declaring War On Libya
Business And Government - Giving Us The Business

Grim Reaper

audio Just Right-191-March 17, 2011

Focus: To Be, Or Not To Be - That Is The Question
Death: Nothing To Be Feared?
Making Sense Of Non-Existence
The Quest For Immortality - Creating A Freedom Culture
The Living End: Life - An End In Itself

Jackboots and Stethoscopes

audio Just Right-190-March 10, 2011

Narco Cops Target Docs
Putting Self Defence In Storage
Hate Speech - Is There A Limit?
Looking For A Different Political Party? Try Freedom!

John Clarke, president of OCAP, arrested by Toronto Police after a protest at the Toronto Liberal offices

audio Just Right-189-March 3, 2011

Disparaging Disparity - What Extreme Capitalism?
Beware Of Poverty Pimps - Is There One In Your Community?
Metz Vs Poverty Activist John Clarke - Using The Poor To Resist The System
Fluoridation: Is There A Skeletal Fluorosis Threat Hiding In London's Water Supply Closet?

Apollo & Jesus

audio Just Right-188-February 24, 2011

Heroes: Are They Altruists? Selfish? Or Selfish Altruists?
Capitalism Needs Heroes - Not Controls
Capitalism Vs Socialism: A Truly Moral Issue
Guest: Gary McHale, Executive Director, Canadian Advocates For Charter Equality
Guest: Mark Vandermaas, Founder, Caledonia Victims Project

Truth And Reconciliation - A Fifth Anniversary Caledonia Update

Cameron & Merkel

audio Just Right-187-February 10, 2011

Focus On: MULTICULTURALISM - Is It Still Official?
Who Can We Blame For Official Multiculturalism?
Cameron And Merkel - Brave New Words
Geert Wilders: The Lights Are Going Out All Over Europe
Theocracy Vs Freedom - So What's The Struggle?

Fourth Estate

audio Just Right-186-February 3, 2011

Focus: The Fourth Estate As The Public's Witness
Copyright Wrong? - CTV Discovers Freedom Party On YouTube
Race Based Schooling - So Where's The Issue?
Media Crisis Creation And The Breach Of Trust
Expanding The Fourth Estate


audio Just Right-185-January 27, 2011

Condition Critical: Mark Steyn On Western Civilization
Euro-fascism: The Trials Of Lars Hedegaard And Geert Wilders
Censorship Is Evil
The Real Racists: Our Governments And Politicians

Gary Kasparov v Deep Blue

audio Just Right-184-January 20, 2011

Focus: Artificial Intelligence
Machine As Man; Man As Machine
Mindless Debates About The Mind
Do You Mind? Focus On Focus
Know What? Efficiency Is Not A Sign Of Intelligence

All Rights Explained

audio Just Right-183-January 13, 2011

Focus: Copyright and Censorship
Copyright in practice: A history of international piracy - by governments
Are you a thief when you duplicate or download copyrighted materials?
From copyright to censorship, public and private
Why censorship? - Mind control through fear and ignorance

Rage Against God

audio Just Right-182-January 6, 2011

Pennywise: Why A Penny Ain't Worth A Cent Today
Currency Re-Denomination: Inflation Correction?
Does God Exist? Does Existence Exist? Who Knows?
A Rejection Of Atheism? - Or Self-Loathing? Peter Hitchens' Rage Against God

William Gairdner

audio Just Right-181-December 16, 2010

Guest: William Gairdner, Author, The Trouble With Canada - Still *
* Shocking Facts About Canada - From Taxes To Terrorism
* It's The Culture, Stupid - Or, It's The Stupid Culture
Celebrating Capitalism - The Invention Of Christmas
A Just Right Year End Review - Facts, Stats, Congrats

Mark Vandermaas, Gary McHale, Wayne Forbes

audio Just Right-180-December 9, 2010

Guests: Mark Vandermaas - Caledonia Victims Project; Gary McHale - Canadian Advocates For Charter Equality; Wayne Forbes - Grand Bend Businessman
Focus: Protest, Civil Disobedience, Justice and the aboriginal Question

No News Is No News - What The Public Doesn't Know Hurts Everyone
Something Fishy About Native Rights
Caledonia: Anarchy, Lawlessness, Corruption, Terror, Crime: Victims Vs The Law
Who Pays, Who Benefits From All The Corruption?


audio Just Right-179-December 2, 2010

Focus: Marriage: Variations On A Theme
Polygamy: Is It 'Marriage'?
Is Freedom 'Bountiful' In Canada? Or Is Bountiful A Test For Freedom In Canada?
Defining Marriage: A Contract? An Institution? Or A Union?
Chemistry Vs Commitment - Open Questions On Open Marriages

Baby Face

audio Just Right-178-November 25, 2010

Focus: Eugenics: Science, Politics, Philosophy
From Manipulating Nature To Manipulating Humanity
A Matter Of Definition: Is It Science? Or Is It Politics?
Fear Of Eugenics? Or Fear Of The State?
Not Animal, But Human

Tommy Douglas

audio Just Right-177-November 18, 2010

Focus: Health Care: 'No Principles, Please!'
The Health Care Debate Everyone Wants To Avoid
Tommy Douglas: Hero Or Villain?
The Ugly Truth Behind The Principles Of Medicare
What's Wrong With 'Simplistic' Solutions?

David Chen

Just Right-176-November 4, 2010

U.S. Mid-Term Elections - Nothing To See Here
Ontario's 2011 Election Choice - Who's On Second?
Arresting Realities About Citizens' Arrests - Chinatown Justice Amidst Injustice
California Proposition 19: Close But No Joint This Time
Our Apologies: Due to a technical problem, this broadcast of Just Right was not archived and is therefore unavailable.

The Moral Landscape

audio Just Right-175-October 28, 2010

Tax Revolt! Ontario Voters Send A Message
Voters Or Candidates: Who Determines Elections?
On-Line Voting: Convenience, Privacy, Security
A Scientific Method? Morality, Free Will, Values

Feynman Diagram

audio Just Right-174-October 21, 2010

Is 'Compassion' Always Right? Beware The Samaritan Snare
Sociology Department - So Where's The Capitalism?
Apathetic? Or Just Pathetic? Voters, Taxes, And Municipal Elections
Stephen Hawking's Grand Design - Experiment: Double Slit With No Philosophy


audio Just Right-173-October 14, 2010

Poverty - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Theory Of Relativity - 'Poverty' Is How You Define It
There's No 'Compassion' In A Welfare State
"It's The Government, Stupid" - Why Poverty Rates Keep Climbing
Poverty's Cure? An Unknown Ideal: Capitalism

Apollo Salute

audio Just Right-172-October 7, 2010

Prostitution: The Law, Morality, And Consent
Legalizing Prostitution: Why The 'Harm' Argument Avoids The Issue
Have We Been Mooned? Margaret Atwood And The Moon Landing Conspiracy
The Case For Space - Why Canada Should Greatly Expand Its Space Program

Rory Leishman, Lars Vilks, Lars Hedegaard

audio Just Right-171-September 30, 2010

Guest: Rory Leishman - Journalist, Author, Columnist
Principles And Free Speech Vs Fairness At The London Free Press
Responsible Journalism? Keeping The Locals Out Of Local Coverage
* Guests: Lars Hedegaard, President - The Free Press Society; Lars Vilks, Artist, Art Theorist, Free Speech Activist *
* Failed Philadelphia Experiment: Free Speech About Islam And Free Speech *
Moderate Muslims: Exception Or The Rule?

Nuclear Blast Canada

audio Just Right-170-September 23, 2010

Focus: Guns and bombs
An Explosive Suggestion: Canada In The Nuclear Club
Gunning For Control - Arguments In The Gun Registry Debate
Cukier Vs Metz - Gun Ownership: A Right? Or A Privilege?
Constitutional Rights - And Wrongs

Mark and Connie Fournier

audio Just Right-169-September 16, 2010

Guests: Mark Fournier, Connie Fournier: Owners/Operators Of freedominion.ca
No Free Speech For Free Dominion?
Sounds Of The Silenced - Personal Accounts
Public And Private - Twin Assaults On Free Speech
Picky Politics - Only White Male Christians, Please
Copyright For Copywrongs

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

audio Just Right-168-September 9, 2010

Focus: Terrorism and Islam
Is Islam A Religion? Or A Political Ideology?
Terrorism In Liberal Times - Silence And Appeasement
( * with Euro-correspondent Paul Lambert * )
* Is There Hope For Europe? Or For North America? *
* A Burning Issue - Irreverence Vs Irrationality *

Barack Obama

audio Just Right-167-September 2, 2010

'LEADERSHIP' - A Most Ominous Word
Leadership And Government - A Brief History Of 'Time-Space'
Is 'Leadership' Really Even An Issue?
Real Leadership Vs Modern Leadership
Majority Rule: Follow The Leader? Or The Crowd?

New World Order

audio Just Right-166-August 26, 2010

Focus: Conspiracy Theories - Part 2
Dial 9-1-1 For Conspiracy
9/11: Loose Change Vs Screw Loose Change
One World Government - Freedom And The Spiritual Side Of Mankind
The New World Order: Who - Or What - Gives The Orders?

Twin Towers

audio Just Right-165-August 19, 2010

Focus: Conspiracy Theories - Part 1
It's No Theory: Conspiracies Are Real, Conspiracy Theories Are Not
Conspiracy Psychology - Why Conspiracy Theories Are Appealing
The Real Conspiracies - Politics As Usual?
Philosophy - The Great Conspirator

Red EU Flag

audio Just Right-164-August 12, 2010

( * with Euro-correspondent Paul Lambert * )
* Lessons From Europe - Looking For Freedom In An Unfree State *
* Europe's Welfare State In Decline - Is The Result Freedom? *
* Why Europe Hates Capitalism - Mais Oui Blame The French? *
John's Day In The Invisible State

Conservative Bleeding Heart

audio Just Right-163-August 5, 2010

Just Not Right! - The Right Wing Vs Freedom
Why And How The Right Wing Is The Left's Best Friend - With Black & White Illustrations
What 'Hidden' Agenda? - Conservatives: What They Say Vs What They Do
What Agenda? - Conservatives: What They Don't Do
The Right Direction Is Not Right Wing

Dick Field

audio Just Right-162-July 29, 2010

Guest: Dick Field, Writer, Political Activist, Owner/Editor: blancosblog.com
What's Really Behind The Census Debate?
Census By Race? What A Disgrace!
Affirmative Conservatives - A Minority View
Blanc Out - The White Man's Burden?

Big Brother Harper

audio Just Right-161-July 22, 2010

Getting It Wrong - The Senseless Census Debate
Pan Am Scam I Am - Why Winning The Pan-Am Games Bid Is Really A Loss
Getting All The Government We Pay For - How Much More Can You Afford?
Government Financing In A Free Society - What Kind Of Taxes Are Legitimate?

John Lennon

audio Just Right-160-July 15, 2010

Counterpoint - The Power, History, And Social Influence Of Music
Music's Origins And Forms - From The Religious To The Personal
Emotions First? - Which Music Is Better?
Music's Tempting Allure - And Hidden Danger
Musical Marketing - Promotion, Protest, Politics

Electric Meter

audio Just Right-159-July 8, 2010

Shockingly Dishonest Pricing - Hydro Rates Don't Rate
Drawing The Line - Property Rights And The Aboriginal Question
Native Voices - To Make You Smile, To Make You Think
A Taxing Question: Do Your Economic Choices Hurt Others?


audio Just Right-158-July 1, 2010

Oh. Canada Day.
G-8 and G-20 Summits - Lessons Learned / Lessons Never Learned
Violence And Anarchy! - So Where Are The 'Anarchists'?
Summit Summary - Socialism, Socialism, Socialism

Gaza Flotilla

audio Just Right-157-June 24, 2010

( * with Euro-correspondent Paul Lambert * )
Vacuum Ethics - Morality Adrift On A Sea Of Floating Abstractions
Robin Hood - A Prince Of Thieves? Or Just A Hood?
* Gaza Flotilla - Lies, Facts, Propaganda - Two Sides, Many Angles *
* Geert Wilders' Freedom Party - Liberal, Conservative - Or Racist? *

John Thompson

audio Just Right-156-June 17, 2010

Guest: John Thompson, President, The Mackenzie Institute
Protest And Terrorism - Coming To A City Near You?
Summit Security - Providing For Violence Without Risk
Jihad - "The Western World's Scarcely Recognized War"
Canada's Naval Heritage

Paul McKeever

audio Just Right-155-June 10, 2010

Prohibition Punishments - Parallels And Inconsistencies
Guest: Paul McKeever - Producer, The Principle Of Pot
From YouTube To The Big Screen - Principle Of Pot Debuts In Theatres
Don't Expect Compassion In An Obedient Society
'Balanced' News Coverage? No. - Just A Few Facts - On The Gaza Blockade

Bleeding Stone

audio Just Right-154-June 3, 2010

Passing The Bus Pass - No Honest Politicians? Who's Fault Is That?
A Taxing Situation: Your Name Is Peter And You Are Stone
Left And Right - Viewed Rightly
The 'F' Words Of Politics

Paul Lambert

audio Just Right-153-May 27, 2010

With Paul Lambert, Author, Former Teacher, Just Right Euro-Correspondent
TV Or Not TV? - Not 'Not' In Sweden
The Arab-Israeli Conflict - Popular Misconceptions
'Palestinian'? What's That?
Define The Conflict - Define The Solution - No Solution Can Involve The Arabs

Canada Pot Flag

audio Just Right-152-May 20, 2010

From 'Prince Of Pot' To 'King Of Pot' - Marc Emery Extradited!
Pot Laws, The Media, Conservatives - Evading The Injustice Of Prohibition
Second Sighting - UFOs Again?
No Simple Answers - Sometimes The Obvious Isn't

Click to enlarge

audio Just Right-151-May 13, 2010

UFOs - Out of this world or out of our minds?
UFO Sighting - A Personal Experience
Something Happened At Roswell
"Beware Of ET" Warns Stephen Hawking
Exhibit A Is Missing - So Where's The Evidence?

Gagged Justice

audio Just Right-150-May 6, 2010

Justice - Is There Any?
Crime Statistics - Is The Real Crime Rate Rising Or Falling?
Behind Closed Doors - Trial Bans, Secrecy, Gag Orders
Plea Bargaining Vs Truth In Sentencing
Justice - Moral, Social, Political

Cash for Organs

audio Just Right-149-April 29, 2010

Waiting Lists For Organ Transplants: Why Not Try Capitalism?
Kidneys For Sale - Letting The Law Of Supply And Demand Solve The Supply Problem
Ethical Vampirism - Altruism And The Sanction Of The Victim - For Whose Benefit?
Prince Or Principle? Marc Emery And The 'Principle Of Pot - Part 2'

Christopher Essex

audio Just Right-148-April 22, 2010

Guest: Christopher Essex, Professor - Dept. of Applied Mathematics; Past Director - Theoretical Physics - UWO
Earth Day - Are Science And Mathematics On The Cultural Fringe?
The Limits Of Computation - Can We Trust Our Computers And Calculators?
Chaos - Not A Theory, But A Phenomenon
Is The Universe Expanding? Beware: Dangerous Eclipse Radiation!


audio Just Right-147-April 15, 2010

We Get Mail: On Ann Coulter; Health Care; Landfills; Seal Hunt; Saving The Universe
Focus: Science Vs Religion - Part 2
Common Misconceptions About Evolution And Natural Selection
Is Religion Innate? John Macmurray On The Necessity Of Religion
Rules To Live By - Religion, Freedom, Law, State

Science vs Religion

audio Just Right-146-April 8, 2010

Focus: Science Vs Religion - Part 1
The 'God Spot' - Looking For God In All The Wrong Places
Faith In Science? Reason In Religion?
John Macmurray On Reality In Science - Reality In Religion
Superstitious Religion - Superstitious Science

Mary Lou Ambrogio

audio Just Right-145-April 1, 2010

Guest: Mary Lou Ambrogio, Vice President - International Free Press Society - Canadian Chapter
Inside The Ann Coulter Canada Tour
Setting The Record Straight - Who Really Invited Ann Coulter To Canada Anyway? Why?
Media Bias And The Right
Freedom Of Speech - The Issue Is Consent!

Ann Coulter

audio Just Right-144-March 25, 2010

Follow-up Special: In Praise of Ann Coulter
Right Vs Right / Right Vs Wrong
Freedom Of Speech? Absolutely!
Hating Ann Coulter - Why?
Ann Coulter's Canadian Tour - Lessons Learned

Animal Rights

audio Just Right-143-March 18, 2010

Animal Rights - No Such Thing
Species Egalitarianism Is For The Birds
On-Line Voting - Democracy's Latest Indignity
Filling In The Details On Landfills

Ann Coulter

audio Just Right-142-March 11, 2010

Talking About Ann Coulter: Guilty!
Guest: Ann Coulter - Lawyer - journalist - New York Times best selling author
Free Speech, Political Correctness, Human Rights Commissions
Liberal Trends - United States And Canada
Abortion - Right Vs Right Wing
Religious Right / Godless Right - Who's Right?

Haiti Presidential Palace Destroyed

audio Just Right-141-March 4, 2010

Earthshaking Comparisons: Chile & Haiti - Two Natural Disasters - One Unnatural Tragedy
Personal Comparisons - Robert Visits The Dominican Republic
Waste From Energy Programs: Laying Waste To Recycling
Seeing Red On Restaurant Ratings

Lawrence Soloman

audio Just Right-140-February 25, 2010

Guest: Lawrence Solomon - Executive Director: Energy Probe / Columnist: National Post
In The Dark On Climate - Canada's Educational Institutions
It's A Gas! Carbon Dioxide - The Gas Of Life
Curses! Foreign Aided Again! - 'Green' Versus African Development
The Changing Political Climate - Is 'Green' No Longer 'In'?


audio Just Right-139-February 18, 2010

Avatar - A Pandora's Box Of Subjectivity
Helping Haiti Till It Hurts
No More Aid For Haiti - The Continuing Curse Of Foreign Aid
There's No Rogue In Prorogue
Philanthropy Misanthropy

Abe Lincoln

audio Just Right-138-February 11, 2010

The History Of Black History Month
The History Of History
Poverty And Race
No More Aid For Africa - The Curse Of Foreign Aid
Negative! - To Affirmative Action!

Marc Emery

audio Just Right-137-January 28, 2010

Guest: Marc Emery - 'Prince of Pot'
Guest: Paul McKeever - Producer of The Principle of Pot

A Case Against Extradition: The Principle Of Pot
The Principle Of Pot: It's Not About Pot
Is Freedom Achieved Through The Democratic Process Or Through Civil Disobedience?
Should Marc Emery Spend Time In An American Jail For An 'Offence' Committed In Canada?
Watch The Principle Of Pot

Doctor Who Logo

audio Just Right-136-January 21, 2010

TV Or Not TV! Is That The Question?
Musings On Chuck - Buzz Vs Ratings
A British Invasion - TV Shows To Check Out!
Comedy, Drama, Sci-fi: Which Are Better - British Or American?

Leaky Faucet

audio Just Right-135-January 14, 2010

'Waste Not Want Not' - Is 'Efficiency' Efficient? - part 2
Economics Vs Efficiency - Measuring The Human Equation
Efficiency In Government - Laissez Faire!
It's The Economy, Stupid! - Or Is It The Stupid Economy?

World temperature map - NASA

audio Just Right-134-January 7, 2010

Climate Control Is People Control - The Politics Of Copenhagen
The Science Of Global Warming
'Waste Not Want Not' - Is 'Efficiency' Efficient? - part 1
[fire alarm followed by efficient building evacuation...]

Bus Strike

audio Just Right-133-December 17, 2009

What's 'Essential' About 'Essential Services'?
'Public' Transit - Taking Everybody For A Ride
Unions - Personal Experience, Public Policies
Strikes - Organizing Violence, Not Labour

Karen Selick

audio Just Right-132-December 10, 2009

Guest: Karen Selick - Canadian Constitution Foundation
Guest: Michael Schmidt - Farmer - 'Raw Milk Crusader'

Getting A Raw Deal On Raw Milk
Freedom Versus A Milk Monopoly
'Climategate' - Denials, Assertions, Irrelevancies
Copenhagen Conference - Not About Climate

Climategat - Dr. Horrible

audio Just Right-131-December 3, 2009

'Climategate' - Why 'global warming' is a fraud
Carbon Credits - Using Guilt To Scam Money
From Penn And Teller To Lord Christopher Moncton - On Al Gore's Carbon Scam
Cory Morningstar On The Environment - Just Wrong!

Andrew Lawton

audio Just Right-130-November 26, 2009

Guests: David Aldred and Andrew Lawton - The Forest City Institute
London's Transit Strike - Contract Out?
Is Party Politics Coming To Municipal Elections?
"Well Run" Cities? By What Standard?
Turning Back The Flow of Government Spending: How? Who?

Star Trek Logo

audio Just Right-129-November 19, 2009

STAR TREK - A Philosophical And Cultural Overview
Star Trek Bloopers - Where No One Should Go - Ever
Mostly Right - The Prime Directive, Individual Rights, The Hero - Star Trek's Legacy
"Boldly Going Back To Beginning" - Star Trek 2009


audio Just Right-128-November 12, 2009

Forgettance Day - Forgetting The Causes Of War, While 'Remembering' Its Horrors
How And Why We Lost The First And Second World Wars
Sacrifice - Religion - Faith: The Roots Of War And The Enemies Of Freedom
Superstitious? You Won't Be For Long. The End Of The World Is Coming --- In 2012!

Standard of the Govenor General

audio Just Right-127-November 5, 2009

God Save The Queen or Dump Her?
Head Of State - Who Is It?
The Role And Power Of The Governor-General
Private Property - Constitutional Monarchy Vs Republic

CHRW 94.9 FM

audio Just Right-126-October 29, 2009

Guest: Michael Brown, CHRW Program Director
Guest: Alicks Girowski, CHRW Music and Promotions Director

All About Radio - CRTC Rules And Regulations - And Freedom
And Now For Something Completely Different: CHRW Radio
How University Campus Radio Differs From 'Corporate' Radio
Local Music - Supporting The Local Community
Just Right: Looking To The Future - From Blogs To Vampires

Black Light Bulb

audio Just Right-125-October 22, 2009

Feedback: On Voting And Socialists
Legalizing Prostitution - Who's The Victim?
Local TV Versus Cable - 'A' Channel's Don Mumford Gets An 'A'
Lights Out! - On Everything Good

Kimble Ainslie

audio Just Right-124-October 15, 2009

Guest: Kimble Ainslie, Ph.D., President, Nordex Research
London's Top Issues: Growth And Jobs, Taxation, Crime, Road Conditions
London's Transportation Plan - Is There One?
On The Defensive Against Intervention: Business Vs City Hall
Energy In Ontario - A Very Green And Expensive Future
Can We Trust Opinion Polls?


audio Just Right-123-October 8, 2009

Privacy - Is It A Right?
Police Powers Of The Privacy Commissioner
Unreasonable Suspicion - Random Breathalyzer Tests
'Debating' Socialists - Common Questions - Unusual Answers

Robert Vaughan

audio Just Right-122-October 1, 2009

Introducing Robert Vaughan
A New Voice For Freedom

Assisted Suicide - A Right? Or A Crime?
Sending Out An S.O.S. - Stop Over Spending!

Capitalism: A Hate Story

audio Just Right-121-September 24, 2009

Taxes And Spending - No Harmony With The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)
Michael Moore's Capitalism - A Hate Story
Tax Hikes Will Never End Until...
Yes! Privatize The London Transit Commission! (LTC)
Landlord Licensing - Turning Private Property Into 'Public' Property


audio Just Right-120-September 17, 2009

Ayn Rand, Isabel Paterson, Leonard Peikoff - On The Nature And Purpose Of Government
The Playboy Philosophy - Freedom, Capitalism, Reason, Consent
Playboy's Hugh Hefner On Politics, Religion, Sex
Is It Justice? Prince Of Pot Marc Emery Awaits Extradition

Kris Titus, Barbara Kay

audio Just Right-119-September 10, 2009

Guest: Kris Titus, Co-president, The Canadian Equal Parenting Council
Theory Vs Legal Practice - How Family Law Actually Works
Bill C-422 - Creating A Legal Presumption Of Equal Parenting
Guest: Barbara Kay, National Post Columnist
Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)
Getting The Courts To Recognize PAS As Child Abuse

Waiting Line

audio Just Right-118-September 3, 2009

Focus: The U.S. Health Care Debate - Debating The Debate
Socialism Or Fascism? What Kind Of Health Care System Should You Be Forced To Buy?
Denial, Evasion, Ridicule - Avoiding The Debate
The Swiss System - From The Fire Into The Frying Pan?
The Undemocratic Debate - Denying Choice To Others

Archie Comics

audio Just Right-117-August 27, 2009

Deja Vu All Over Again - A Potpourri Of Resurrected Issues Of The Distant And Recent Past
Guest: Gordon Mood, L.A. Mood Comics And Games
Archie Comics - 600th Issue Features Proposal To Veronica
Christine Williams, Stuart Parker, Robert Metz - Viewpoints On Releasing The Lockerbie Bomber
Compassion And Mercy Versus Justice
Guest: Paul McKeever, Leader, Freedom Party Of Ontario
No Tax For Pan Am II - An Unwanted Legacy
The Prince Of Pot: Marc Emery's Farewell Tour


audio Just Right-116-August 20, 2009

Guest: Andy Janson, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Science & Technology Futurist
Power To The People - Making Individuals Energy Independent
Smart Meters Are A Stupid Idea
Hydrogen Cars Of The Future Are Here Today
Alternative Funding For Alternative Energies
Artificial Intelligence And New Inventions


audio Just Right-115-August 13, 2009

States of Health
Health Care Systems: Canada, United States, Europe
Health Care System Horror Stories
Canadian And American Medicare: Made In India
Health Care Cures - Worse Than The Disease

Caritas in Mendacium

audio Just Right-114-July 30, 2009

The Pope Vs Capitalism: Two Encyclicals - Caritas In Veritate (2009), Populorum Progressio (1967)
Obama Vs Capitalism
The Public vs Capitalism
Church And State - Together Again
Religion vs Morality
The Morality of Capitalism


audio Just Right-113-July 23, 2009

mOOns Rising
Spacemen Are From Mars - Nobody's From Venus
An 'Exo-plosion' In Exoplanets! The Count Is On
So Where Is Everybody? Are We Alone In The Universe?
Just Right - The Zone Of Life

CO2 Molecule

audio Just Right-112-July 16, 2009

"Life Is Terrible, But Such Small Portions"
Being Skeptical On Global Warming
"Caveman Logic" = University Epistemology
Getting It Right - Arguing For Capitalism, Not Against It
TV Show Updates - Castle, Terminator, Dollhouse, Chuck - Plus: The Unusuals

[NOTE: Due to a technical difficulty approximately 2 minutes of this program was not archived.]

Robert Vaughan

audio Just Right-111-July 9, 2009

Guest: Robert Vaughan, Former School Board Trustee
Public Education: A Democratic Cornerstone? Or An Impediment To Knowledge?
The Role of a Trustee
The Meaning of Education
Success For Every Student?
Zero Tolerance = Zero Justice

Car Exhaust

audio Just Right-110-July 2, 2009

Not An Idle Issue - Just Idle Politicians
Struggle Against Reality - And The Facts
London City Council - Debating London's Idling By-law
Deconstructing The Debate
Education - The Totalitarian Way
Educate me, please!


audio Just Right-109-June 25, 2009

Health Care Fascism Meets Green Fascism - Idling By-laws Are A Fraud
Idling By-laws Are Propaganda - Paid For By Health Care Tax Dollars!
Shiver And Sweat - Why Politicians Want You To Be Uncomfortable And Inconvenienced
Bad Laws Are Caused By Bad Politicians
Natural Resources Canada - London Ontario By-law Case Study: Of Fraud, Misrepresentation, And Propaganda


audio Just Right-108-June 18, 2009

Guests: Gordon Mood, Carol Vandenberg, L.A. Mood Comics And Games
Is Archie Really Getting Married? - To Veronica?
A History Of Comic Books - Then And Now
Comic Books - Art? Or Just Commercialism?

Look for the Union Label

audio Just Right-107-June 11, 2009

Union Voices - Belaboring Their Points - From Nazis To Slave Labor
In Debate With Sid Ryan, Gil Warren - Just What Are They Thinking?
I'm Alright, Jack! - Unions Vs Workers
Capital Without Capitalism?
Voluntarism, Capital, Free Trade - Labor's Real Power

Kevin Gaudet

audio Just Right-106-June 4, 2009

Guest: Kevin Gaudet, Director, Canadian Taxpayers' Federation
Taxes - Government Bailouts, Government Debt, Government Deficits
A Brief History Of Taxation - On The Rise And Fall Of The Roman Empire
War - Taxation - Slavery: The Holy Trinity
"We Are All Still Romans" - Taxes, Politics, Religion - The Morality Of Will

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

audio Just Right-105-May 28, 2009

Board Of Control - No Longer Controlled By Voters
Just Academic? - Feminism Vs Academia
Save Local TV - Abolish The C.R.T.C.
Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged - Prophesy? Or Simply Causality?

Government Motors

audio Just Right-104-May 21, 2009

General Motors And Chrysler - Socialism, Pensions And Government
Communists On London City Council - In Denial
London's Board Of Control - You Can't Change The Rules After You've Played The Game
What About Democracy? City Hall Communists Say: "Take Four Votes Away. That's Democratic."
Check You Local Dictionary - There Is No Difference Between Socialism And Communism

Barbara Kay, Clive Seligman

audio Just Right-103-May 14, 2009

Guest: Barbara Kay, National Post Columnist
Guest: Clive Seligman, President, Society For Academic Freedom And Scholarship (SAFS),
Professor Of Psychology, University Of Western Ontario

Academic Freedom Vs Political Activism
Manipulating The Debate - Anti-Israel Rhetoric On Campus
Political Activism On Universities Worldwide
From Activism To Criminal Action

Tommy Chong Toke

audio Just Right-102-May 7, 2009

Special: Drug Prohibition - A War Against Reality And Reason
Bad Laws: Mandatory Minimum Sentencing For Drug Offences
Bad Drugs Or Bad Habits? - Coren Vs Metz - And A Panel Discussion
Drug Prohibition: Good Or Bad? The Economist Won't Say - But They're Against It
Left And Right: Disagreement Within The Cannabis Culture
Drug Use: Escape From Reality? Or Escape From Unreality?


audio Just Right-101-April 30, 2009

Guest: Charles Stumpf, Businessman, Owner: Springbank Garden Center
Political Pests - Politicians And Environmentalists
Pesticide BAN - Misconceptions And Myths
Earth Day - Celebrating The Economic Downturn
Green = Red Tape For Business + Red Propaganda For The Public Interest
Where's The Science? Ignoring The Evidence To Implement The 'Precautionary Principle'
Drooling About Socialism - Good People Will Ignore Bad Laws

Jetsons Skypad

audio Just Right-100-April 23, 2009

Just Right: The 100th Hour
Bending Rules Vs Unchangeable Principles
Rules - Laws - Principles - Truths
What Can One Person Do? - To Make A Difference For Freedom, Not Against It

Mary Lou Ambrogio

audio Just Right-099-April 16, 2009

Guest: Mary Lou Ambrogio, Forest City Institute
What The London Free Press Doesn't Want Londoners To Hear And Know --- And Why
MisInformation, DisInformation, No Information - What The London Free Press Does Want Londoners To 'Know' - Hey, Why Not?
'Hate-Filled ...Extremist Nut Bars' - Who?

Salim Mansur - Ezra Levant

audio Just Right-098-April 9, 2009

Guest: Salim Mansur - Assistant Professor of Political Science - UWO
Guest: Ezra Levant - Author of SHAKEDOWN

The Vulnerability of Democracies
Shakedown: The Trials of Ezra Levant - And His Book By The Same Name
Human Rights Commissions: The Kangaroo Courts of Canada
Free Speech: A Canadian Tradition? Or a New Idea?
It's Not Funny! Comedy, That Is.


audio Just Right-097-April 2, 2009

Eating Freedom
Bromide Conservatism - And I Thought Capitalism Needed Protection From Its Defenders
From Politics To Ethics - Bailouts and G.M. and A.I.G.
Blinding Science Through Politics - A Followup
Applied Science Versus Pure Science - Is There A Difference?

Destination Moon

audio Just Right-096-March 26, 2009

Politics, Principles, Science
Science And State - Blinded By Politics
Why The Economy Is In A Bloody Mess - Economic Stimulus Is Bleeding The Patient
Perpetually Bailing Out The C.B.C. - There's A Hole In The Bucket, Dear Liza...

Stephen Harper

audio Just Right-095-March 19, 2009

Pragmatism: From William James To Star Trek Enterprise
Capitalism Under Attack - With Friends Like These...
Harper 2.0: Will The Real Stephen Harper Please Stand Up?
Conservatism: Then And Now, or, Now And Then
Conservative Think Tank: Why Conservative Thinking Is Tanking
Pragmatists: The Drunk Drivers Of Philosophy


audio Just Right-094-March 12, 2009

'A' Channel Is Just A Channel
Local News - Provided By Corporate Subsidy
The CRTC: Source Of The Broadcasting Problem
Real And Spectacular - What's Real About Actors?
TV Shows To Check Out: Terminator; Chuck; Doll House; Castle


audio Just Right-093-March 5, 2009

With Friends Like These, Capitalism Needs An Enema
Conservative Witnesses For The Prosecution... Of Capitalism
Economic Crisis And The Unknowable Future
One Kind Of Socialist; Two Kinds Of Capitalists
Individualism: Self-Reliance Vs Independence

H.L. Mencken, Isabel Paterson

audio Just Right-092-February 26, 2009

H.L. Mencken - A New Deal For Old Ideas
Charity, Poverty And Government: Government Is The Problem, Not The Solution
Poverty Pimps - Justifying Coercion To Fight Poverty
Isabel Paterson - How Most Of The Harm In The World Is Caused By Good People

Gun and Flower

audio Just Right-091-February 19, 2009

Socialists And Criminals - Sticking To Their Guns On Gun Control
Conservatism: What Conservatism?
H.L. Mencken - On Life, Religion, And The Better Man
New Deals For A Bad Old Idea - That The World Owes You A Living

Credit Card

audio Just Right-090-February 12, 2009

Shovel Ready Economics - Digging Our Way Into Debt
Labouring Under Missed Conceptions - The Three Causes Of Unemployment
Belabouring A Point: The Global Market Is The Only Market
Economic Food For Thought

Kathy Shaidle

audio Just Right-089-January 29, 2009

Guest: Kathy Shaidle, co-author of The Tyranny Of Nice:
Speaking Out Against Canada's Human Rights Commissions
Censorship In The 451st Degree - Injustice In The 1st Degree
Not Funny - A Stand Up Guy And Other Victims Of Human Rights Commissions

Vaclav Klaus

audio Just Right-088-January 22, 2009

Obama Mania
Another View On The Market - Vaclav Klaus
TV Or Not TV - Is That A Question?
Drinking, Driving, And Personal Responsibility

Gaza Explosion

audio Just Right-087-January 15, 2009

Rights Versus Privileges
The Pope, Gays, And Global Warming
The Sid Ryan Controversy - From Jews To Bottled Water
The Gaza Conflict Continues - In Canada!
Tax Cuts Versus Government Stimulus

Bernard Madoff

audio Just Right-086-January 8, 2009

Pragmatism Illustrated: The Madoff Scandal and Pyramid Schemes
The Complexity Of Hate: Gaza Under Attack - Israel Under Attack - Who's Attacking Who?
Sid Ryan and CUPE: From Boycott To Boycott - A Continuous Policy of Prejudice
Bailouts! Are We Spending Our Way Into Prosperity - Or Poverty?

Black and White

audio Just Right-085-December 18, 2008

The Closed Liberal Mind: Why Liberals Avoid Debate And Ideas
John Stossel And Me - Personal Experiences With The Media On The Left
Black And White Views - The Complexity Of Simplicity
The Joke's Still On Us! - A Year-End Smile For Hard Times

Note: Any references to technical difficulties experienced during this broadcast apply to the live broadcast only. Missing audio clips have been restored to this archived file.

Jean Claude Marie Vincent de Gournay

audio Just Right-084-December 11, 2008

Safe For Now! A Prorogued Parliament Is A Laissez-Faire Parliament
Harper's Strategic 'Blunder'? - Who's The Real BLOChead?
Political Party Tax Subsidies - More Than A Taxing Proposition
Go 'Stimulate' Yourself! - The Origin Of 'Laissez-Faire'

Stephern Harper

audio Just Right-083-December 4, 2008

Humbling Harper? Bah! Humblebug!
The Welfare State - Caring vs Principle
Movie To Watch - Other People's Money
The BLOChead Coalition
The Fallacy Of Coalitions - An Anatomy Of Compromise

Paul McKeever

audio Just Right-082-November 27, 2008

Economic Bailouts - Spreading The Pain
No Principles, Please - Shopper's Guilt
Go Thank Yourself! Guest: Paul McKeever on Reason's Harvest
The Joke's Still On Us! - More Silly Stuff

Pay to the Bearer

audio Just Right-081-November 20, 2008

Special: Money, Morality, Capitalism
Capitalism And Cars
The Quality Of Money - Credit And Depressions
Been There, Done That - Examining The Cause And Cures Of Past Economic Crisis with:
Leonard Peikoff - Milton Friedman - Paul McKeever - Walter Williams
Ayn Rand - Isabel Paterson - Frederic Bastiat - Henry Hazlett

The Man Who Laughs

audio Just Right-080-November 13, 2008

A Bleak Future For Afghanistan
Cell Phones In Ontario: Government Bans And The Erosion Of Morality
The Joke's On Us! - A Humourous Look At Some Of The Words That Shape Politics
Humour As Protest And Dissent: From Poetry To Bumper Stickers


audio Just Right-079-November 6, 2008

Gun Ownership And Force: Initiatory, Defensive, Retaliatory
Gun Bans Don't Work - More Evidence
Winner Barack Obama and Loser John McCain: Tweedle Dum And Tweedle Dee
The 'Truth' About Stephen Harper: Good Or Bad?


audio Just Right-078-October 30, 2008

The Fantasyland Of Popular Economics
Pragmatism: An Expedient Word For 'Expedient'
Barack Obama vs John McCain: Where Are The Republicans?
Self Defense: It Is Just. It Is Right.

Christopher Essex

audio Just Right-077-October 23, 2008

Guest: Professor Christopher Essex, co-author of Taken By Storm
The Science and Politics of Global Warming

There Is No Global 'Temperature'
Sunlight Is Not Heat
Kyoto: Son Of Doctrine - Perception vs Reality


audio Just Right-076-October 16, 2008

Canadian Federal Election: So Who Won?
Guilt-Free Voting vs Guilt-Free Non-Voting
The Economic Meltdown - All Better Now?
Sex Show Reactions
Pan-Am Logic

Sex Show

audio Just Right-075-October 9, 2008

School Boards vs Guns: What Our Kids Are Really Learning
Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex Show Regulations
Economic Bailouts - A Moral Meltdown
Canadian Federal Election: "Laissez-Faire - I Don't Care"

Federal Leaders Debate

audio Just Right-074-October 2, 2008

Guests: David Aldred, Arthur Majoor, Forest City Institute
Discussion: The Canadian Federal Election - An Overview, Local And National

Election Fever? Not.
Does Green Party Leader Elizabeth May Belong In The Leadership Debates?
Taxes, The Economy And Other Minor Issues


audio Just Right-073-September 25, 2008

The Sub-Prime Banking Crisis: A Failure Of Capitalism, Or Of Government?
The Spectre Of Inflation
The Meaning Of A Free Market
Don't Worry, Be Happy? - Where To From Here?

1991 Pan Am Games

audio Just Right-072-September 18, 2008

Selflessness: A Moral Virtue? Or The Greatest Fraud Ever Perpetrated?
History Repeating - Pan Am Games Bid Resurrected
A Personal Experience - Beating The Last Pan Am Games Bid
Health Care Institutions Put On Their Greenshirts

World Trade Center

audio Just Right-071-September 11, 2008

Guest: Salim Mansur, Toronto Sun Columnist, Assoc Professor, Political Science, University Of Western Ontario
Reflections On 9/11
Americans And Canadians - The Wars In Iraq And Afghanistan
Beware Of Putin: Russia's Role In Georgia
India And China - Growing World Influences


audio Just Right-070-September 4, 2008

A Brief History Of Earth's Climate
Recycling Is No Longer 'Green'
The Necessity Of Convenience
London Hydro Sale? Why Your Share Is Worth Two Cents

Bottled Water

audio Just Right-069-August 28, 2008

Water Wars - Part 2: Bottled Water Bans: Countering The Propaganda
Still More Reasons Why Bottled Water Is Safer Than Tap Water
Not Environmental: The Bottom Line Is The Bottom Line For Greens
Who Profits? The Facts About Bottled Water In Ontario

Water Droplet

audio Just Right-068-August 21, 2008

Water Wars - Part 1: Nanny State Versus Capitalism
London Ontario's Bottled Water Ban: Lies And Misinformation
Water Is A Chemical: The Science And Chemistry Of Water
Why Bottled Water Is Safer Than Tap Water

Toronto Blackout

audio Just Right-067-August 14, 2008

REASON And EMOTION: John Macmurray On Being Right In Our Feelings
Developing Emotional Reason
Science Fiction, Fantasy, And Reality
Black Out Day In Ontario: Eco Greenshirts Still On The Ban Wagon


audio Just Right-066-August 7, 2008

Happiness, Choice, Freedom, Capitalism: Why They Go Hand-in-Hand
The Pursuit of Happiness: John Stossel on Myths And Realities
Why Happiness Eludes The Fascist Mind
Wilhelm Reich To The 'Little Man' - The Secret Of Happiness Is No Secret

Carbon Footprint

audio Just Right-065-July 31, 2008

Speaking Of Eco Disasters...
Carbon Quacks - An Idiot's Guide To Carbon Footprints
Lawrence Solomon And The Petroleum Club
Drive Thru Ban: A Done Deal? - Or A Deal Done?


audio Just Right-064-July 24, 2008

Working Hard At Being Lazy
The Illustrated Ayn Rand
Literacy: 'Whole Language' vs Phonics
Pope Benedict Goes Green For God


audio Just Right-063-July 17, 2008

Moral Neutrality?
Drive Thru Ban - Who Won?
The Real Green Agenda
Truth Lies And Bulls**t - What's The Difference?

Paul McKeever

audio Just Right-062-July 10, 2008

Guest: Paul McKeever, Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario
The Psychology of Green
Happiness And Self Esteem
The Cult of Zero Worship
Footprint vs Bootprint
George Carlin Says 'The Planet Is Fine'


audio Just Right-061-July 3, 2008

Guest: Andy Janson, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Science & Technology Futurist
Cleaning Up The Environment - With The New Technologies Of The Future
Hydrogen Isn't Just An Alternative Fuel; It's The Only Fuel
Green Barriers To Innovation
Net Metering and Generating Your Own Power
An Environmental Vision Of The Future With No Sunshine Tax or Wind Tax

John Thompson

audio Just Right-060-June 26, 2008

Guest: John Thompson, The Mackenzie Institute
Explaining Terrorism - Again
The Sun Says NO To Global Warming
Climate Change History
Food Shortages And Crop Failures

Price Fixing

audio Just Right-059-June 19, 2008

Drive Through Bans: Green Politics vs Science and Your Car
Eco-fascism vs The Car Culture
Price Fixing - A Real Gas
Bill C-51 and Copyright - A Primer


audio Just Right-058-June 12, 2008

Special: Eco-Fascism 4
In An Age Of Reason And Science: A Very Superstitious World
Water Bottle Sales Bans - Peering Through The Plastic Hypocrisy
A Greater Inconvenience - Hang The Laundry
Moronica's Media: Leaders Of Our Idiocracy

Eco Nazi Banner

audio Just Right-057-June 5, 2008

Special: Eco-Fascism 3
Us vs Them: Science By Consensus
The Convenience Of Inconvenience
Conservatives: Always On The Defensive
Patterns Of Force - Fascism's Forms

Eco Cross

audio Just Right-056-May 29, 2008

Special: Eco-Fascism 2
The TOTALitarian Picture of Fascism/Socialism
American Fascism - A Brief History
So Who's Scared? Environmentalist Fear Tactics
Fear of Chemicals - John Stossel
David Suzuki - No Matter How Bad...
Al Gore - "That's Not Funny"
Ecotheology: Religion, Yes; Science, No
Global Warming Believers vs Skeptics

Green Light Bulb

audio Just Right-055-May 22, 2008

Special: Eco-Fascism 1
How Can We Tell Who To Believe?
Al Gore, David Suzuki, and Glen Pearson: What Are They Up To?
David Suzuki And Eco-Fascism
Light-Headed Legislation
Light Bulb Economics - A Personal Illumination


audio Just Right-054-May 15, 2008

Spotlight on: Sex
Sexual Attraction - Just Physical?
Prostitution: Location Location Location
Sex: An End In Itself? Or Simply For Procreation?
Seven Words In Six Sentences: Feminists and Sex Objects
The Catholic Church vs Sex
Pornography and Sex Fantasies: Degrading Or a Healthy Outlet?

Mandatory Voting

audio Just Right-053-May 8, 2008

How's Your Corner of The Economy?
Democratic Oxymoron: Mandatory Voting
Not Censorship. ...But is it Free Speech?
School Funding: Public or Private?

Left Right Center

audio Just Right-052-May 1, 2008

Guests: Jim Chapman and Jeff Schlemmer
Left, Right & Center: a Reunion

London City Hall

audio Just Right-051-April 24, 2008

Guests: David Aldred, Mary Lou Ambrogio, Arthur Majoor
The Forest City Institute: Civic Governance In The City Of London

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a technical difficulty with the broadcast server during this broadcast,
approximately 2 minutes of the program was not archived.

Mark and Connie Fournier

audio Just Right-050-April 17, 2008

Guests: Connie Fournier and Mark Fournier, Free Dominion
Human Rights Commissions vs Freedom Of Speech

Al Gore

audio Just Right-049-April 10, 2008

Physics To Metaphysics - Part 2: A Philosophical Look At Space-Time
Bad Al Gore: Taking The 'Moral' Lowground
CO2 - The Invisible Problem: People Are Carbon Copies
Environmentalists: Longing For A Past That Never Existed
Lying Politicians: From Global Warming To Second-hand Smoke

Virgin Galactic SS2

audio Just Right-048-April 3, 2008

Marc Emery - At Canada's Mercy
Earth Hour - Were You One Of The Bad People?
Enterprise In Space - The Next Generation
Physics To Metaphysics - Part 1: Finite, or Infinite?


audio Just Right-047-March 27, 2008

Depression-Era Thinking In The 21st Century
Falling Into The Poverty Trap - Christine Williams, Michael Shapcott
Global Warming Still Blinded By Science
Making Downtown Pedestrian - Part 3: Creating A Visibly Gay Business District?
Edward Greenspan's Apology

Canadian Soldier in Afghanistan

audio Just Right-046-March 20, 2008

The Heat Is On -- Despite The Cold -- On Global Warming
War Protesters Have No Answers - Five Years In Iraq & Afghanistan
Canada Is Cheap Labour - Unions - Free Trade - Syd Ryan
Toryish Tory
Landlord Licensing As An Abuse Of Privilege

No Smoking

audio Just Right-045-March 13, 2008

Health Care in Ontario: Lucky To Be Dying
Official Bilingualism: The Criminalization of Language - Part 2
Multiculturalism Divides
Smoking Bans: Where There's Smoke, There's Liar
Conservatives: High On Drug Laws
A Supermarket of Ideas for Downtown London

Sherlock Holmes

audio Just Right-044-March 06, 2008

Sherlock Holmes: Elementary, Symbolic, Representative...
Announcing: Just Right Audio Archive Now On Line
Health Care: Our Smug Attitude
Conservatives: John Tory Leadership
Human Rights Commissions: Hate Kills

Pedestrian Mall

audio Just Right-043-February 28, 2008

London Municipal Politics: Making Downtown Pedestrian
Business? Or Government? BIAs (Business Improvement Areas) are NOT 'Business Associations'
Official Bilingualism: The Criminalization of Language - Part 1
Conservatives: John Tory No Tory
It's The Economy, Stupid!

Praying Hands

audio Just Right-042-February 21, 2008

Politics And Religion: The Lord's Prayer
Human Rights Commissions vs Freedom Of Speech
Population Explosion: End-of-the-world Malthusian Thinking - Simon vs Ehrlich: The Bet
Are Resources Infinite?


audio Just Right-041-February 14, 2008

Love: Its History And Philosophy
Hate: Human Rights Commissions: Faisal Joseph vs Macleans Magazine - pt 2
Municipal Politics and The Endarkenment: No Bright Ideas From Mayor's 'Sustainable Energy Council'
We get Mail: Paul, on Virtue and Religion


audio Just Right-040-February 07, 2008

Racism: Afro-centered Schools - Our Racially-Obsessed Society and Lawmakers
Human Rights Commissions - Part 2: Modern Day Gestapo?
Human Rights Commissions: The 18 Intersecting Disadvantages At Work and The Building Blocks Of Advantage
Freedom Of Speech
Human Rights Commissions: Faisal Joseph vs Macleans Magazine - pt 1
Abortion: A Matter Of Jurisdiction

Henry Morgentaler

audio Just Right-039-January 31, 2008

Why Human Rights Commissions Are Just Wrong!
Human Rights Commissions - A Personal Experience: the Elieff Case
Abortion: Twenty Years With No Law
Abortion: Pro-Life Or Pro-Choice?

Scales of Justice

audio Just Right-038-January 24, 2008

Crimes And Punishments: The Rule Of Law?
Marc Emery: Followup
The Fiction Of Public Ownership
Light Humour, or, Who's Bright Idea Was This?

Karen Selick

audio Just Right-037-January 17, 2008

Just Wrong! Dedicated to Peace?
Guest: Karen Selick on Marc Emery's Pending Extradition to US
Atheism: Suicide Atheist Bombers?
Religion And Virtue: Mutually Exclusive?


audio Just Right-036-January 10, 2008

Get Real!
Be Wary Of Putin, Warns Kasparov
Just Wrong? Or Just Depressed? Why Do They Hate Shopping?
Karen Selick's Open Letter To Canada's Minister Of Justice On Marc Emery's Pending Extradition
Global Warming: Is The Hot Air Cooling, Or Is It Still Rising?

Gift Giving

audio Just Right-035-December 20, 2007

Christmas: The Icon Of Commercialism
Scrooge Was The Moral Man
Altruism vs Selfishness: The Spirit Of Giving
Peace On Earth?

Car air bag

audio Just Right-034-December 13, 2007

Truth Is In The Philosophy Department
Taser Gun Follow-up
Car Safety Fascism: Distrubing Statistics On Air Bags
Christianity Attacked! - By The Pope
Science And Technology: Robotics
The Problem With Being Innocent


audio Just Right-033-November 29, 2007

Science And Technology: Robotics / Astronomy and Physics
The Taser Controversy
Ontario's Infrastructure Crisis
Re-orientation: Left and Right - A Review
So What's On TV?


audio Just Right-032-November 22, 2007

So What's On TV? Season Preview
Television Writers On Strike
Writers Strike Survival Guide

Ayn Rand

audio Just Right-031-November 15, 2007

Philosophy: Who Needs It? Who Hates It? Who Cares?
Too Much Freedom? Or Is It Anarchy?
So What's On TV?

Vimy Ridge War Memorial

audio Just Right-030-November 08, 2007

Rememberance Day Forgetfulness: Remembering What?
Deja Vu All Over Again: Marc Emery / Money & Exchange Rates / Stress On The Job / Afghanistan
Re-orientation: Left And Right
The Joke's On Us!

Marc Emery

audio Just Right-029-November 01, 2007

Spotlight On: Marc Emery
Citizen Marc Goes To Washington
Marc Emery Breaks The Law

An Inconvenient Truth

audio Just Right-028-October 25, 2007

Social Justice vs Justice
Why London City Hall Can't See The Forest For The Trees
Al Gore's Wreakage of Faith And Consensus
This Means War!

Scrooge McDuck

audio Just Right-027-October 18, 2007

Money: The Root Of All Evil?
...And Inflation
Rich Richer And Poor Poorer?

Workplace Stress

audio Just Right-026-October 11, 2007

Ontario Election Results
Thanksgiving Turkey Is Canada
Harper Escalates War On Drugs
Going Postal: Workplace Stress

Steve Holmes

audio Just Right-025-October 04, 2007

Guest: Steve Holmes, NDP Candidate For London-North-Centre, Ontario Election 2007


audio Just Right-024-September 27, 2007

State and Religion

God and Adam

audio Just Right-023-September 20, 2007

Faith Funding
Remedial Religion (Humour)

Arthur Majoor

audio Just Right-022-September 13, 2007

Guest: Sergeant Arthur Majoor
Afghanistan: 'A Sense Of The Place'

Star Trek New Voyages

audio Just Right-021-September 06, 2007

Stupid Vacuous Politics: Are You An Air-head? Then Canadian Politics Could Be For You!
Star Trek New Voyages: Where No Television Viewer Has Gone Before!
Fascism And Frogs
Why Study War?
War Protesters Backing A Bully

Machine that goes BING

audio Just Right-020-August 30, 2007

Health Care - Part 2 (Dr. Tom Dorman)
Rip-off Artists: Government Arts Funding
Hitler Was A Socialist

When Did Ignorance Become a Point of View - Dilbert

audio Just Right-019-August 23, 2007

Insane Health Care Legislation
How Stupid People Are Wrecking Politics
Freedom To Worship Freedom

Paul McKeever

audio Just Right-018-August 16, 2007

Guest: Paul McKeever, Leader - Freedom Party of Ontario
How To Resolve Political Issues

Robby the Robot

audio Just Right-017-August 09, 2007

Blinded By Science: Robotics
So What's Wrong With Socialism?

Speed Limit

audio Just Right-016-August 02, 2007

Global Warming - Myths vs Realities
Photo Radar And Speed Limits
World War III

Paul Lambert

audio Just Right-015-July 26, 2007

Guest: Paul Lambert
Back From Our Future?
Sweden: The Socialist Paradise?


audio Just Right-014-July 19, 2007

City Hall Torture
Garbage Collection Garbage
Global Warming: Carbon Conundrum - Elizabeth May / Tom Harris / Paul Berton
Michael Moore And SICKO: NOT About Health Care
Marijuana, Canadians, And the Law - A History

Knotted Gun

audioJust Right-013-July 12, 2007

Guest: Jim Montag, Great Lakes Guns And Knives
Gun Control And Self Defence

Iranian Oil

audioJust Right-012-July 05, 2007

Gas Prices: Why Iran Rations Gas
Election Reform: One Ballot, Two Choices?
Government Doing Good
TV Technologies

Global Warming

audioJust Right-011-June 28, 2007

The Death Of Conservatism
Junk Science Week: Global Warming Again

Canada in Afghanistan

audioJust Right-010-June 21, 2007

Police State Fascism: From Idling By-laws to No-Fly Lists
Risk And Freedom
Ontario Election: Promises, Promises. They're yours to keep
School Board Creative Accounting
War: What Is It Good For? Guest: Anthony Verberckmoes, indymedia-independent News


audioJust Right-009-June 14, 2007

Still Lost on LOST? Lost Theory - Lost: The Board Game
Unions And Manufacturing
I Told You So - Gazette Spoof Follow-up
Global Warming: How The Carbon Market Works
Michael Moore is SICKO! More On Health Care and Altruism

G8 2007

audioJust Right-008-June 07, 2007

Ontario Election Campaign Is ON
G8 Summit - Globalism
Health Care: A Sacred Cow?
Wealth And Poverty: Socialism And The War On Wealth

John Thompson

audioJust Right-007-May 31, 2007

Guest: John Thompson, The Mackenzie Institute
Global Terrorism

Queen Signs Canadian Constituion

audioJust Right-006-May 24, 2007

Gas Prices
Canada And The Monarchy
Ayn Rand's Prediction On The New Left's Global Warming Strategy

Tom Harris

audioJust Right-005-May 17, 2007

London City Hall Supports Racist Policies
London Free Press Not On Strike
Pollution vs Global Warming
Guest: Tom Harris, Natural Resources Stewardship Project
Global Warming Myths

Note: Guest's voice did not record on archive file, though was broadcast on-air.


audioJust Right-004-May 10, 2007

Follow-ups & Editorials Relating To Last Week's Show
TV Shows - Quality - Programming
Left And Right - A Re-orientation


audioJust Right-003-May 03, 2007

TV Cancellation: DRIVE Parked
Gas Prices: Ignorance And Complaints
Global Warming
Al Gore - An Inconvenient Truth


audioJust Right-002-April 26, 2007

GAZETTE spoof follow-up
Sexism in politics
Gas price gouging
Are you a slave? - The Fraser Institute's Report on Taxes
Taxes: Consumption taxes vs production/property taxes

School of Athens

audioJust Right-001-April 19, 2007

Left and Right: An orientation
Fooled again: Gazette spoof an April Fool's joke on everyone
Cleaning up the environment

Just Right