627 – Topics


00:03 Open endorsement: Canadian election and the People’s Party of Canada, Just Right’s coverage of PPC events, review of guests appearing on Just Right, PPC platform mirrors Just Right views, people met at the PPC, nature of the PPC candidates, Frank Vaughan’s passion, Robert Vaughan’s work with Salim Mansur, Conservative Party rejection of Salim Mansur, breaking point, global trends against globalism, tipping point, campaign manager for Salim Mansur

12:08 Walking the PPC plank: the PPC plank, Just Right’s celebrity status, (1) PUBLIC FINANCE, credible approach, make the rich pay, no tax policies for political purposes, flagrant pandering, (2) ECONOMY, eliminate corporate subsidies, reduce corp income tax, abolish capital gains – a plus for property rights, (3) ABORIGINAL ISSUES, necessity of private property rights on reserves, Leftist reactions to the right solutions, (4) VETERANS, restoring and equalizing veteran benefits, military neglet of previous governments, the problem with the mainstream media

25:20 Down the plank: (5) CANADIAN IDENTITY, ending official multiculturalism, (6) REFUGEES, declare entire border as official point of entry, (7) IMMIGRATION, prioritize immigrants, lower rate to 150000 per year, racism and diversity, the diversity of the PPC candidates, corruption in government, (8) PIPELINES, approve pipelines by reasserting federal jurisdiction over same, (9) FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, freedom of speech, re-define hate speech, university free speech guarantees, (10) FOREIGN POLICY, no getting involved in foreign conflicts, withdraw from UN commitments, work of free trade agreements (11) GLOBAL WARMING, withdraw from Paris accords, eliminate carbon tax, abolish subsidies for green technologies, the irrationality of global warming ideology, (12) SUPPLY MANAGEMENT, eliminate Pierre Trudeau’s supply management policy, (13) INTERNAL TRADE, eliminating provincial trade barriers, (14) HEALTH CARE, allow provinces to raise their own GST, (15) FIREARMS, require firearm categories be based on function, (16) EQUALIZATION PAYMENTS, reduce payments, new formula based on needs

40:40 Impressions: official English leaders debate, Short Fat Otaku’s leaders debate presentation, Trudeau’s dismal performance as prime minister, Elizabeth May’s deadly philosophy, climate change for socialism, reviewing the leaders, Jagmeet Singh’s racial politics, purpose of the leaders’ debate, impressions, legitimacy, Trudeau the puppet, differing views about Andrew Scheer’s performance, Trudeau’s sparring with Bernier against Scheer, Bloc block, Maxime Bernier accused of interrupting, debate sucked, Left with moderators, Bernier’s demonstration of leadership qualities and strengths, ardent support of free speech, endorsement of planks – party – leader, the beginning of a long-term network of the Right, freedom advocates no longer alone

59:42 END