Oct 252018

CO2 cycles

“Inconveniently Screwed” is the title of our guest Dave Plumb’s book about climate change – and about the litany of outright fear-mongering and shameless deception that defines the Left ‘s so-called ‘climate’ agenda.

Being ‘inconveniently screwed’ is also the perfect way to describe what will happen to voters in the four provinces (Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick) specifically targeted by Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday via his National Climate Plan.

Arbitrarily citing an “urgent need to put a price on pollution,” Trudeau announced nothing more than another socialist wealth redistribution scheme on Tuesday, glaringly self-evident as such. Using an argument that could only be taken seriously by those totally disconnected from reality, Trudeau outrageously promised that “Eight in ten Ontario families will get back more than they pay directly.” That of course means that two out of ten families have to give their money to the other eight out of ten. That’s a ‘climate’ plan?

“Starting next year, it will no longer be free to pollute,” announced Trudeau in referring to carbon dioxide, offering as blatant a display of ‘facts don’t matter’ as one could possibly conjure. The fact is that carbon dioxide is no pollutant and is actually beneficial to life on earth! To suggest otherwise is an outright lie!

Indeed, carbon dioxide has been called “the gas of life” and is most necessary to the survival of all living things on planet earth. If anything, we should all be hard at work trying to produce more carbon dioxide, but obviously that would be as irrational an attempt as trying to reduce it.

Weather and climate have pre-occupied mankind since the beginning of recorded history, and one would think that in the 21st century, all of the superstitions about these natural events would have long since been replaced by knowledge and understanding. Instead, public ignorance about climate and weather continues to increase in modern times. Outright superstitions about weather abound.

This intellectual vacuum about climate and weather has permitted a different kind of ‘climate change’ to take place – ironically the real change being sought – the creation of a political climate that is avowedly anti-freedom and anti-capitalism.

Trudeau is using the carbonated politics of climate as a means to justify state control of the economy. By continually repeating the ‘climate change’ fairy tale of impending doom and disaster, Trudeau is appealing to sheer ignorance and gullibility. The very notion of state wealth redistribution as a means of fighting ‘climate change’ is irrational, and any person should feel absolutely confident in being able to say that.

That’s why books like ‘Inconveniently Screwed’ need to be read by everyone looking for the real facts and perspectives about climate change – about the science, not just the politics. In being able to cite even a few of the many facts about climate change to be found in ‘Inconveniently Screwed,’ statements like those made by Trudeau could not for a moment be taken seriously.

The ‘science is settled’ we’ve been told, when no scientific inquiry is ever so. The climate change debate has been frozen – for the simple reason that when facts don’t matter to one side of the ‘debate,’ no debate is even possible.

To really understand climate, and why ‘climate change’ is itself actually beneficial to all life on earth, one can begin by learning about the Milankovitch cycles of eccentricity, obliquity, and precession – all described and explained on today’s show. Thus armed with some real scientific knowledge about climate change, the political fairy tale of fighting ‘climate change’ can be countered consistently in a way that is Just Right.

  One Response to “579 – Guest: Dave Plumb – The frozen debate on climate change”

  1. Having read the FaceBook posts associated with this episode I must say that I am, by turns, amused, amazed and appalled that simply for having written a book about climate science I have been smeared as an anti-environmental right wing extremist Christian Fundamentalist pedophile. And all that from people I do not know, who have never met me, and have obviously never read my book!

    If these sorts of ad hominem character assassinations are the best efforts the AGW proponents can muster in support of their beliefs it’s no wonder we’re in such a mess. I may disagree with their points of view but at least I respect them and their rights to hold and espouse their beliefs. I say so in the book but, of course, never having read the book they don’t know that – or much else of relevance to climate, evidently.

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