579 – Topics


00:03 Political climate cycles: weather and climate, Inconveniently Screwed, economic catastrophe of fighting climate change, the two climate debates – science – politics, varying climate agendas, science and facts don’t matter, fighting the climate change fighters, climate change motivations, Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, carbon dioxide, the coming ice age

15:40 Very superstitious: superstitious views on climate, Milankovitch cycles, eccentricity, obliquity, precession, inter-glacial period, time spans of climate change, weather and climate, superficial understanding of climate change, complexity of climate, climate change propaganda in public schools

29:35 Frozen debate: freezing the climate, climate threatening extinction of species, the freezing south pole, re-educating the public on climate, climate change necessary to life, carbon dioxide not a pollutant, science not politics, afterlife promises on climate, the moon and tidal pools, the frozen metaphor that is the Left, the great dying

45:20 Carbon capers: carbon dioxide levels, northern hemisphere is where the CO2 is, alarming graphic editorializing, climate not interesting to voters, carbon tax, people are carbon, organic food, climate change and mental health, fighting the false narrative, just a tax grab

59:42 END