Jan 122017

Horatio Nelson


“You are fake news!” declared U.S. president-elect Donald Trump yesterday in reaction to a CNN reporter’s accusations.

Not surprisingly, “fake news” has become a very real post-US election news story itself, and we can expect to hear a lot more of that oxymoronic term in the future since it has become the latest anti-concept of the left.

Of course, “fake news” is no news. “Fake news” is really just the latest popular expression for “propaganda” or “fiction” or “lies”, things that have been a part of news reporting since the beginning of news reporting itself.

The real news is that those objecting to “fake news” the loudest are primarily voices from the very media reporting the fake news. They are using this latest pejorative as their weapon against the real news so as to make it difficult for most people to tell the difference.

To make matters even more confusing, like real news, fake news is often supported by facts. But facts alone are not a story, and facts alone do not reveal any truths.

Fake news can be just as much about necessary facts and truths not reported, as about myths promoted. Turning a blind eye to the truth (i.e., the real news) can have the same sinister effect as reporting fake news. Fake news has and always will be with us. Faking the news is the pragmatic thing to do when attempting to persuade people to support unreal and unreasonable ideologies. These false ideologies have infected the establishment media to such a degree that its own credibility has been compromised to the point of no return.

As we discover on today’s broadcast of Just Right, instead of cleaning up its act, the establishment media is now openly declaring war on its readers, listeners, and viewers. That’s the real news story behind the fake news.

Which is the greater evil: a lie repeated, or a truth untold?

By opening our eyes to the real news and turning a blind eye to what we know is fake, our journey towards the truth will always be Just Right.

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