487 – Topics


00:03 Blind eye: Admiral Nelson’s blind eye, willful blindness, Meryl Streep’s willful ignorance, faking the Trump/Kovaleski controversy, malice

14:30 Nelson’s knowledge: Reality tolerates no contradictions, Obama’s fake birth certificate, the ‘birther controversy’, glaring contradiction accepted, calling for a principled press

30:15 Bullsh*t or not? conspiracy theories, David Robert Grimes’ mathematical conspiracy equation, murdering the truth in Aleppo, Gary Kasperov’s Winter Is Coming, the goal of government propaganda, true words in a fake news era, Jay Rosen’s Winter Is Coming, mob journalism, facts and data vs the truth

44:15 On a pragmatic note: truth in reporting, truth and falsehood are in the stories, impermanent truths, expressions of pragmatism, Trump as a pragmatist, the ideologies of pragmatists, pragmatism does not exist in a vacuum, action’s primacy, William James, Mussolini’s pragmatism, from allegory to fake news

59:41 END