Dec 302021

As leader of the Freedom Party of Ontario, our guest Paul McKeever understands that the number one issue facing Ontarians and their provincial government is, and has been since its adoption in 1969, ‘socialized’ health care.

Indeed, since the beginning of the government’s declared ‘Covid pandemic,’ the number one stated objective of politicians everywhere has been to ‘save the health care system’ – apparently, at the cost of health care itself. Unfortunately, the ‘system’ being ‘saved’ is not health care, but socialism.

Destined to fail from the very beginning, the health care ‘pyramid scheme’ considered by many to be a proud defining characteristic of Canada is now in the process of its inevitable final collapse. In Ontario, that process began from the very beginning in 1969, when the Progressive Conservative government of the time created a state-funded, ‘single-payer’ socialist health care system based on the rationing of health services according to demand.

Naturally, being ‘free’ (to the consumer, not to the taxpayer) the demand on health care services eventually became so great that governments were forced to ration ever smaller and smaller ‘portions’ of a limited service supply to ever increasing demands on that service. Today we have reached a point where many people are simply no longer able to access health care. Current generations are now paying the price for previous generations, while being denied the benefit of health care services themselves.

The Covid pandemic has served as a perfect distraction to justify and explain this particular failure of socialism. When politics gets entangled with health care, it’s hard to tell them apart. It’s hard to separate government from medicine.

Government, by its nature, creates and enforces laws (justly or unjustly) through the use of physical force. Health care by its nature does not operate on any principles of force. Science, medicine, human behaviour, and even nature itself all play critical roles in the maintenance of an individual’s health.

Each individual has different health care conditions and needs; a socialistic one-size-fits-all mandated ‘preventative’ measure fits none. And that’s why the moral way to govern is to defend freedom of choice.

Warns Paul: “Preventative medicine and mandatory vaccinations go hand-in-hand.” Unfortunately, he’s Just Right.

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