739 – Topics


00:03 For the cause of freedom: causes fought by differing factions, principle versus ideology, mandatory edicts justified by health care fascism, brief introduction to Paul McKeever and Freedom Party, Freedom Party has documented evidence of its freedom reputation, Freedom Party slandered by communists, Just Right political endorsements, platforms and policies, advancing the law towards defending individual freedom, consent is Freedom Party’s operative principle, opposition to imposed political segregation, other parties are all the same, acting together and sacrificing for the greater good, Doug Ford’s yahoos, moral way to govern is to defend freedom of choice

16:50 Ontario’s sick health care system: Roman Baber’s better way forward, Baber still a progressive conservative, common solutions and strange bedfellows, history of socialized health care in Ontario, hallway healthcare, Freedom Party policy hits at the ethical level of issue, system in desperate need of competition, taxpayer funded government monopoly, rationing medicine, personal experiences with Ontario’s sick health care system, St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, one operating room available, rationing by design, two-thirds of Ontario budget goes to health care, banning of alternative health care services, socialism sells, limiting the supply of physicians, Tommy Douglas’ admission that socialist medicine cannot help the sick, preventative medicine and mandatory vaccinations go hand-in-hand, plausible deniability, saving the health care system – from embarrassment

34:04 The white noise of Ontario’s variant political options: new Ontario political parties, Ontario Party, Ontario First Party, New Blue, Trillium Party, Randy Hillier not really pro-freedom, freedom ‘from’ but not ‘for’ individual freedom, free speech, process and procedure, against party discipline, trading independence for party nomination, new parties have no track records or platforms, legitimate parties: Liberal – Progressive Conservative – NDP – Green – Libertarian – Freedom, political parties and the Constitution of Canada, Bill 195, we do not have elected parties running this country, Doug Ford abandons his post

50:42 Fixing health care: eight doses anticipated, literature on adverse reactions to injections, no deaths by Omicron, cases still being used to justify lockdowns, politicized doctors, history of cannabis prohibition and legalization, pharmaceutical industry banning competitive alternatives, reflexive prohibition of effective treatments, Freedom Party’s response to Covid pandemic, looking forward to 2022

59:42 END