Nov 112021

“Those who fail to remember history are doomed to repeat it.”

As a variant of tyranny, fascism has an ally: the failure to remember – or even to have learned about – fascism’s history. November 11 is Remembrance Day in Canada, and it seems that a majority of Canadians don’t even know what it is that they should be ‘remembering.’ The sheer ignorance and distorted perspectives about the nature of freedom emanating from citizens of a supposedly free nation is nothing short of a tragedy. It also explains why Canada today has fallen to fascism.

As demonstrated in a sampling of letters to the editor of a daily newspaper in London Ontario, the comments and opinions are dark and disturbing, particularly given that they represent a significant majority of views:

“Since when do the rights of the individual override the rights of the group?”

“In a letter to the editor, (the writer) equates his grandparents’ risking their very lives in a real war, to his selfish ‘fight for choice and freedom.’”

“It is shameful… to suggest Canadians enlisted in the Second World War so their descendants could choose to refuse a life-saving vaccine.”

“Some now claim a right to choose to refuse vaccination, an act of selfishness.”

“(Coercing them) may be the only way to get recalcitrant people to put the common health above conspiracy theories and their selfish wishes to avoid possible minor vaccine side-effects, and finally vaccinate.”

“In a collective society, during a pandemic, each person must pull together for the betterment of all.”

“Civilization did not get this far by individual’s rights.”

What all of these cited opinions share in common is an expression of contempt for individual freedom of choice. Whether aware of it or not, those who express opinions of this nature are explicitly advocating fascist ideas.

When the majority of a nation’s citizens become fascist, the elected governments and politicians that ‘represent’ them must too, become fascist. After all, to get elected, they must appeal to the ‘majority.’ That’s why all of the major parties in parliament and the legislatures promote and enforce essentially the same fascist ideologies.

Of course, none of this occurs under an explicit banner of ‘fascism’ since most of today’s fascists are unaware of fascism’s history – or even of what fascism is.

For politicians and parties sincerely committed to the ideals of individualism and freedom, this presents a formidable electoral challenge. Instead of attempting to appeal to a fascist or socialist base – they must instead morally and intellectually challenge all forms of collectivism in a way that is Just Right – by shining the light of freedom into the dark abyss of fascism.

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  One Response to “732 – Remembrance Daze—fascism’s ally in tyranny”

  1. Take careful note of the names of all those people writing in to the London Free Press.
    Open the London Free Press in six months’ time and see how many of those names you see again…this time in the obituaries.

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