732 – Clips & Credits


(A) The Prisoner 12 (Un-mutual)
(B) Bjorn Andreas Bull Hansen, March 6 2021 (You are the resistance)
(C) Info Wars, October 28 2021, Randy Hillier (Most grave message)
(D) Karen Selick, It’s All Coming Together, November 2 2021 (Bill of Rights or Charter of Rights)
(E) Press For Truth, Dan Dicks, October 29 2021 (Dangerous to our democracy)
(F) Busting the Box, October 20 2010 (Why are you awake?)
(G) Glenn Beck, November 5 2021, Justin Haskins (21st century fascism)
(H) M.A.S.H. 901 (Constitutional inspiration)

Hosted By: Bob Metz