Jan 282021

Joe Biden’s assumption of the presidency on January 6 was no ‘inauguration’ but an ‘installment’ insists professor emeritus of political science (University of Western Ontario) Salim Mansur.

In the wake of a stolen election backed by evidence witnessed by millions, the legitimacy of Biden’s presidency is simply not accepted by a probable majority of Americans. Election fraud aside, the real majority can be seen in the contrast between the huge crowds supporting Trump’s constitutional challenge following the November 3 elections and the near zero support for Biden, whose agenda is to destroy the constitutional principles upon which America was founded.

The legitimacy of any presidency depends upon the consent of “we the people” explains Salim, and right now it is the deep state and not the people that is in charge of the American government. Given the court’s refusal to apply the principles and provisions that would have constitutionally resolved the disputed election results, America’s electoral process can no longer be trusted as one capable of reflecting the will of “we the people.”

Trump’s January 6 departure from the White House marks the end of a period in which Americans and the world at large were awakened to two major realities: ‘fake’ news and ‘fake’ elections. While the mainstream ‘fake’ news media continues to deny either reality, the so-called ‘deep state’ also continues to push its globalist agenda.

It is a grim situation, one that suggests this transition of America’s leadership was not really about leadership, but about the fundamental principles on which America was founded.

It’s anyone’s guess how Trump may respond to pending impeachment charges, charges that suggest this ‘transition’ is not yet over. To say nothing of the frenzied efforts being made to shut down free speech forums that allow either Trump or his supporters to express themselves. Having stolen the election by installing a fake president, the Democrats are now working hard on their ‘second installment’: a fake monologue advanced through censorship and media control.

That’s because they know freedom of speech and an open dialogue are the only ways to paint a picture of this constitutional crisis that’s Just Right – and that’s the last thing they want anyone to see.

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