691 – Topics


00:03 First installment: installment of Joe Biden as U.S. president, electoral prediction correct, expectations both met and dashed, Trump’s election was stolen, reflections on the Trump years, Trump as a tragic hero, the deep state’s intrusion, republican order has collapsed, fake news and fake elections are real, Trump governed by executive orders, separation of powers are no longer separate, Biden was installed as 46th president, fake pandemic launched by Chinese against Trump, Trump as the outsider, Trump seen as a hostile takeover

15:30 Deeper and deeper: deep state definitions, deep state beyond electoral control, constitution based on ‘we the people’, legitimacy of state depends on popular consent, deep state as administrative state, an elite state, Hitler’s seizure of power, politicians as representatives, Eisenhower warned against deep state in 1961 – the military industrial complex, rise of military political influence after World War 2, deep state controls the election, military intelligence criminally ran fake news and fake impeachments against Trump, judiciary fails to follow constitution, the rule of law, no judge prosecuted for breaking the rule of law

30:25 No longer a republic: from the rule of law to a law of rules, no simple way to restore faith in electoral system, past elections also fraudulent, finding a peaceful process to change circumstances, deep state colludes to perpetuate its own rule, rigged elections makes voting meaningless, Republicans on the Left, Republicans no friend of Trump, integrity of election non existent, not right wing, Trump back in another form, post Trump censorship frenzy, much information still to be revealed, Trump’s stepping reveals Left’s fake narrative, America no longer the republic we took for granted

47:15 Ballots and bullets: living and dead languages, Latin in legal and medical use, rule by men, court stacking, progressive agenda via the courts, Trump appointed three conservative judges, Trump unable to get standing in the courts, court has no basis to deny state complaint, second amendment being threatened, deplatforming conservative voices, painting a grim picture, soft totalitarian state, ballot or bullets, ballots backed by bullets, American civil war, 75 million voters lost their voice in the republic, civil cold war, winning in the realm of ideas, states leaving the union, Trump’s expose of the deep state, looking toward a second impeachment, free speech the last weapon

59:42 END