Aug 012019

Maxime Bernier

“The People’s Party of Canada is a political force that is not to be ignored or underestimated. The PPC is a call to arms,” writes listener Trevor D. in response to our show last week featuring the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) and its leader Maxime Bernier.

His observation is echoed this week by the Rebel Media’s David Menzies, who joins us briefly to share his own surprising insights about the PPC – and of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC). It was, after all, the CPC that was responsible for driving out both its former members Bernier and Salim Mansur for their courageous attempts to put the most compelling issues facing Canadians on the electoral platform.

As of July 19th when we attended a packed PPC meeting in London, the PPC had already amassed a slate of candidates greater in number than the Green Party, the Liberal Party, and the NDP, while boasting a membership of some 41,000.

Capacity and near-capacity crowds have been attending PPC events across the country where voters can meet Maxime and their local area PPC representatives – candidates whose backgrounds and qualifications defy the current mainstream media narrative about the PPC.

As an exhibit illustrating how the media will bend and twist selected facts (sometimes outrageously and sometimes innocuously) to paint a biased and inaccurate narrative about the PPC, we offer our own systematic deconstruction of the London Free Press media coverage of the event we ourselves attended and recorded.

Evidence that the mainstream media will continue to paint a negative and racist picture of the PPC is hard to avoid. It is a false narrative that needs to be corrected.

What Canadian voters need to know is that PPC leader Maxime Bernier has already demonstrated leadership qualities and strengths utterly lacking in the leadership of every other Canadian political party. Direct and to the point whenever faced with controversy and controversial issues, Bernier leaves no doubts about his position or where he stands on the issues. In stark contrast to his politically correct opponents, he is an avowed advocate of freedom of speech.

The PPC also offers an unambiguous platform that lets Canadians know exactly in what direction the PPC intends to move – in the Right Direction.

Right now, the PPC’s main challenge as it heads into October 21st’s Canadian election is to make Canadians aware of their new choice now. The greatest obstacle to this objective – to the creation of an objectively informed electorate – is, ironically and tragically, the mainstream media. When that media intentionally misrepresents or ignores the players in the electoral game, it ceases to be the fourth estate and becomes an institution working against the people.

In contrast, and for the people, we will present the narrative about the PPC during the upcoming Canadian election that is Just Right – the story about Canada’s only federal party working to preserve our freedoms, and not working to take them away.

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