616 – Topics


00:03 Negative narrative: media exhibit – London Free Press coverage of PPC London event, innocuous bias, (sic) logic, photo play, Winnipeg racism concerns, a single culture – Canadian

14:30 Against the people: fake racist smear against PPC in Winnipeg, Toronto Star racist narrative against PPC, RINOs and CINOs, writ drop logic, London media report ignoring the story, downplaying PPC’s political significance

36:20 People’s Platform: PPC on: oil and energy, foreign policy, supply management, internal trade, health care, firearms, equalization payments, climate change and the environment

45:55 Winds of change: GUEST: David Menzies (Rebel Media), changing political trends, impressions of the PPC, election expectations, Bernier as leader and not follower

59:42 END