755 – Elon Musk’s ‘private’ strategy for free speech

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Apr 212022

Widespread speculation about the consequences of Elon Musk’s recent offer to buy Twitter has produced some interesting narratives of hope, doubts, skepticism, and celebration.

Motivations aside, Musk’s actions have clearly upset members of the ‘fake news’ media, while those on the side of ‘truth and free speech’ are cheering him on.

Twitter’s reputation as a censor of viewpoints that do not support ‘official’ narratives on everything from climate change to Ukraine has been well earned. Even the president of the United States, Donald Trump, was banned from the social media site.

Paradoxically, Twitter claimed its right to censor and prohibit access under the premise that it is a private company (though publicly traded), while Musk now suggests that his purchase and private ownership of Twitter is the means to protect free speech on the site.

Meanwhile, efforts to control the public narrative by governments and politicians continue to go well beyond mere censorship. For example, Canada’s government is now in the process of forcing Facebook and Google to subsidize selected Canadian news outlets. So the battle to protect freedom of speech is far from over.

As a strategy for protecting free speech, it will remain to be seen whether Twitter’s possible change of status under Elon Musk proves to be Just Right, or whether it is but one small step in the Right direction.

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754 – It’s party time for capitalism! | Mark Pellegrino

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Apr 142022

Co-founder of the American Capitalist Party, our guest Mark Pellegrino has set the terms from which to expand his April 7 discussion with Just Right co-host Robert Vaughan on video into today’s broadened discussion on the ideas and philosophy that drive many freedom and capitalism advocates: Objectivism.

Across various jurisdictions, the creation of political parties founded on freedom/capitalism suggests an awakening to the fundamentals underlying our political crisis. Most interestingly, many of these parties (including the American Capitalist Party) have cited the ‘Objectivist’ philosophy of Ayn Rand as a guiding light in the establishment of their own party policies.

However as one might expect, even among those inspired by Rand’s philosophy, disagreements and various interpretations of her ideas abound. Happily, these conflicting opinions actually provide a much-needed discussion of the principles and forces that drive our political zeitgeist.

In America as in Canada, there are a growing number of political parties seen to be on the ‘freedom’ side of the political polarity. Among them: various independent and libertarian parties in both countries, Ontario’s Freedom Party, Canada’s People’s Party, and of course, the American Capitalist Party.

“Libertarians reject an objective (universal) morality,” argues Mark, in citing how the American Capitalist Party differs from various libertarian parties.

In the end, which of these parties ever wins an election will depend less on their policies and platforms being Just Right, than on a majority of the voting public believing them to be right enough to support at the polls.

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Apr 072022

Mark Pellegrino is not only a successful actor (Supernatural, The Tomorrow People) he is also an Objectivist and co-founder of the American Capitalist Party.

In conversation with Robert Vaughan, he discusses how Ayn Rand’s philosophy for living has benefitted his life and career and formed the basis for the policies and platform of the American Capitalist Party.

This video is also available on Rumble here.

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753 – Oh Canada!—Farewell the peaceful kingdom

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Apr 072022

In 1995, Canadian historian Joe C.W. Armstrong published his monumental work: Farewell the Peaceful Kingdom – The Seduction and Rape of Canada, 1963 to 1994. In retrospect, it is an alarming account of Canadian politics made all the more so by its chilling 1995 prediction perfectly describing the Canada of 2022 and beyond.

Consider what was written on page 2 of the introductory chapter: “Increasingly it is evident that technocrats will be the only ones with great wealth while the bulk of humankind sinks to a level of slavery previously unknown. In his trenchant work Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology, Neil Postman writes:

“’It is to be expected that the winners will encourage the losers to be enthusiastic about computer technology. They will tell them that their lives will be conducted more efficiently. But discreetly they neglect to say from whose point of view the efficiency is warranted or what might be its costs…’”

Although there was no way for anyone in 1995 to be aware of terms like ‘Agenda 2020’ or the ‘Great Re-set,’ we have already witnessed the technocratic elite encourage us to be enthusiastic about “owning nothing and being happy.” And they’ve also announced their high-tech plans to conduct our lives more efficiently via their patented injections and ‘vax’ passports. Continue reading »

752 – From the love of truth freedom emerges

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Mar 312022

Conflicting narratives over Ukraine have revealed some interesting parallels with the debates over Covid and climate change. Apparently, some on the Left are surprised that there is an alignment between those who do not regard Vladimir Putin as the villain in Ukraine, and those who have been labeled ‘anti-vaxxers’ ‘climate-change deniers’ and the ‘extreme right wing.’

But this should not be surprising, although the fake-news media insists that it is. Always unable to counter the rational views of those they label, the Left simply attacks the ‘messengers’ instead of the ‘messages.’ Ironically, even in stooping to that tactic, they are still unable to refute the truths of the messengers.

Of course there’s a flip side of the ‘attack-the-messenger’ coin. Those who are virtue signaling moral disapproval of Putin and want to see a war in Ukraine are also the people who believe there actually is a Covid pandemic, that the experimental injections are ‘vaccines,’ that ‘climate change’ can be affected by banning CO2, and that Joe Biden actually won the last American election. In other words, those on the Left.

These general alignments of views should not be surprising because they are perfectly consistent with the natural polarity of politics: the Left (tyranny) versus the Right (freedom).

The West’s descent into irrationalism and emotionalism has been a long and steady process, concurrent with the rise of the Left and its abandonment of reason. To this mentality, facts don’t matter and truth does not exist. Only tyranny can result under this mindset, and tyranny is the Left’s goal.

The Left’s hatred of freedom is quite understandable since those who wish to control others cannot do so in an environment where the use of force, fraud, and censorship are considered criminal behavior, and where truth is the standard of justice.

It is the love of truth shared by those on the Right that so threatens the Left. From the love of truth, freedom emerges, and freedom is the only condition that is Just Right.

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751 – Always Russian to conclusions

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Mar 242022

“Vladimir Putin inherited a ransacked and bewildered country, with a poor and demoralized people. And he started to do what was possible – a slow and gradual restoration. These efforts were not noticed, nor appreciated, immediately. In any case, one is hard pressed to find examples in history when steps by one country to restore its strength were met favorably by other governments.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

As a famous critic of Soviet dictatorship, we wonder if the voice of the late Russian dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn would be among those now silenced in the current anti-Russian censorship frenzy. Given his views on Putin, he was clearly at odds with today’s officially acceptable narrative.

The deep state’s incessant ‘blame-the-Russians-for-everything’ narratives would be comical were it not for the sad fact that so many people take them seriously, being unaware of how much of the blaming is mere projection. Thanks to events in Ukraine, it is now becoming clear that even those who do not blame the Russians for everything are hesitant to ‘pick sides’ in the current conflict – despite much valid evidence on which to make such a judgement. Continue reading »

750 – Ukraine’s bio-illogical labyrinth

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Mar 172022

In observing the ‘mainstream’ media’s attempts to interpret Vladimir Putin’s strategy in Ukraine, one can see that they are at a loss because Putin’s actions do not match their own narratives, expectations, or Left wing biases.

Despite Putin’s explicit and measured advance announcements regarding his intentions in Ukraine – and despite clear evidence that he has thus far followed through on them – Western media pundits appear to be completely confused about Putin’s strategy, to the point where their ‘confusion’ is suspect.

As a typical example, long-time syndicated British columnist Gwynn Dyer argued that Putin’s strategy was the result of “magical thinking.” He wrote: “Standard Russian doctrine for attacking a country the size of Ukraine calls for methodical advance, with massive artillery and air strikes paving the way and logistical support following close behind.”

Because Putin did not adhere to this ‘doctrine’ and instead followed through on his own declared intentions, Dyer resorted to what might be called ‘magical reporting’ by declaring Putin’s ‘invasion’ a failure and by never once mentioning the American-funded bio-labs already known to be in Ukraine. Known as ‘lying by omission,’ this practice has become a mainstay of the ‘fake news’ media – in addition to simply lying by lying.

Watching the mainstream media pundits churn and squirm as they try to reconcile their fake narratives with the real circumstances in Ukraine surely has a certain entertainment value. However, the tragedy behind all of this fake news comedy is that there are still millions who believe the lies and drink the mind-poisoning ‘kool aid’ with the passion of a drug addict in need of a fix.

Particularly disturbing is the spectacle of citizens in Western nations clamoring to help and support a country as corrupt as Ukraine – while condemning those fighting the corruption. In their semi-conscious state induced by media propaganda they’ll never be able to understand what’s ‘wrong’ in Ukraine, let alone ever discover what’s Just Right.

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