Jul 252019

With Maxime Bernier

Following a dramatic turn of events, Just Right’s regular contributor Salim Mansur has joined the team of Maxime Bernier’s newly-formed PEOPLE’S PARTY of CANADA (PPC) and will be that party’s candidate for London-North-Centre as Canadians head towards the October 21 federal election. Both Salim and Maxime join us today to tell a story that you will likely not hear in the mainstream media.

Having already spent ten months campaigning to be nominated as the Conservative Party (CPC) candidate for the riding, Salim’s Conservative candidacy was rejected on the grounds that his views would be considered ‘Islamophobic,’ one of many critical issues that the Conservative Party refuses to discuss. Given that Salim’s views on Islamism have long been known far and wide, it is disgraceful that the CPC allowed him to campaign on that party’s behalf for so long before rejecting his candidacy. And of course, the irony that Salim is a Muslim himself cannot be escaped.

Fortunately, Salim’s voice will not be silenced, thanks to Maxime Bernier’s principled support of freedom of speech.

What the experiences of both Salim and Maxime illustrate is that the Conservative Party of Andrew Scheer is no different that Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party. A political victory for either of those parties represents a clear loss for Canada and the Canadian people. Continue reading »

Jul 242019

Audio as broadcast on WBCQ


Or so say the usual suspects. President Trump did what he does best – created a twitter storm over a tweet. He suggested that the members of the so-called Squad of Congresswomen might want to go “back” to the countries of their ancestry in order to fix them before complaining about the United States of America.

Join Danielle and Robert as they discuss whether this was racism or if he was calling out the color, not of their skin, but their ideology.

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Jul 222019

On July 19th, 2019 PPC Leader Maxime Bernier was in London to announce his slate of candidates for Southern Ontario bringing the total number of federally registered PPC candidates to 300.

Among the new candidates is distinguished Professor Emeritus, and Just Right Media contributor, Salim Mansur of Western University who was unceremoniously “disallowed” to run for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Professor David Haskell, PPC candidate for Cambridge – North Dumfries was Master of Ceremonies for the event.

Bob Metz and Robert Vaughan where there to record the event which was poorly attended by the press.

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Jul 202019

Maxime Bernier, Leader of the People’s Party of Canada responds to the Conservative Party of Canada’s rejection of Professor Salim Mansur as a candidate.

Robert Vaughan of Just Right Media interviewed Mr. Bernier and Professor Mansur in London prior to the official announcement by the PPC of their candidate selection for Southern Ontario.

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Jul 192019

In the wake of being unceremoniously “disallowed” to run as a candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada for ostensibly being an “Islamophobe,” the distinguished Professor Salim Mansur talks with Just Right Media host Robert Vaughan about his recent announcement that he will be the People’s Party of Canada’s candidate in the riding of London North Centre.

Mansur explains his decision to move from the CPC, a Party of which he has been a member for over 30 years, to run for the newly-formed PPC under Maxime Bernier.

The CPC “has failed to capture the imagination of the people of Canada who desperately want a change, who desperately want to see Trudeau go and the Liberal Party be defeated.”

Speaking of Andrew Scheer’s leadership of the Conservative Party Salim says, “The Red Tories they never go away. They came back through the back door and have taken over.”

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614 – Trump still towers above the rest

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Jul 182019

Donald Trump

For Leftists, what was once called the ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ has now become the new normal. Continued media criticisms of Trump on the most flimsy and unjustifiable grounds continue unabated.

Consequently, to those who are rarely exposed to real news, Trump’s positive accomplishments go unnoticed and unacknowledged. And of course, truth is displaced, resulting in a level of national ignorance and irrationality rarely witnessed on such a scale.

It’s certainly understandable that Trump’s political opponents should attempt to challenge him. But the pettiness and shallowness of their reactions to the President’s Fourth of July speech, which was a simple review of American history and the people who made America great, reveals a contempt and hatred not just of Trump, but of truth, freedom, and the values represented by America.

Rather than share in the celebration of America’s unprecedented accomplishments, the media of the Left cries out for ‘fact checks’ and highlights every misspoken syllable or word uttered by Trump. All this, while ignoring the truth of his message. Continue reading »