Mar 232020

In a case of the cure being worse than the disease, President Trump is asking if the “flattening of the curve” is worth the destruction of the United States economy. He has indicated that he is not willing to let that happen with a Tweet today suggesting that a different approach to this crisis may be decided upon 15 days from today (March 23rd).

Salim Mansur, Professor Emeritus at Western University, shares Trump’s concern and suggests that the recent blocking of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) by the Democrats in the US Senate is an attempt to impose the Green New Deal by stealth. A new deal that would permanently cripple the United States economy.

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Mar 232020

Communist China’s mishandling of the novel coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent deaths are a direct result of their authoritarian rulers who should be indicted for crimes against humanity says Professor Salim Mansur of Western University.

Misinformation, disinformation, outright lies, and cover-ups are business as usual for the Chinese Communist Party which has already been responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of their citizens since the revolution of 1949.

In light of the current health crisis, the rest of the world should reconsider its cozy relationship with China and treat them as the adversary to individual freedom that they are.

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Mar 222020

Salim Mansur, Professor Emeritus at Western University, says that the Chinese Communist Party and its leader, Xi Jinping, must be held to account for their deliberate mishandling of the Wuhan Virus outbreak and waging war on the rest of the world with the spread of this contagion.

Salim also expresses his fear that the drastic economic measures being implemented throughout the world, but especially in Canada, maybe going too far and causing more misery and suffering than they are trying to alleviate.

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Mar 192020

In the big picture of life, viruses are perfectly normal, and we’ve learned to live with all kinds of them; cold viruses, flu viruses, sexually transmitted viruses, and the list goes on. We have learned to accept them as part of the risk we face in living life.

And now there’s the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Declared by the World Health Organization to be a pandemic, it has created a global ‘panic-demic’ unlike anything experienced by current generations.

Even though no one is running wild in the streets, many consider our ‘shut-down’ current state of affairs concerning COVID19 to be an over-reaction, a threat to our fundamental liberties, or perhaps even some kind of conspiracy created to cover up another more real threat.

It is important to note that a ‘pandemic’ only refers to a new virus affecting a high proportion of the population. It is not related to the severity of an illness, or to the number of fatalities associated with an illness. Continue reading »

Mar 122020

Fighting ‘climate change’ is perhaps the single most significant political issue of our time. Whether one is a ‘believer’ or a ‘denier’ – or completely oblivious to the whole matter – it’s an issue that affects everyone because it is being politically forced on each of us. Of course, the political narrative is fundamentally not really about climate at all. But that’s not what the mainstream media and politicians would have us believe.

For example, in his January 22 syndicated newspaper commentary, columnist Gwynne Dyer predicted “that those who led or financed the denial campaign will almost certainly end up facing criminal charges 10 or 20 years from now.” Citing “how a great many companies conspired to cast doubt on the scientific evidence for global warming over a period of several decades,” he called for those opposed to the politically correct narrative on climate change to be punished: “not talking about just fines… but also talking about criminal liability.”

Dyer’s attitude is typical of climate change alarmists everywhere. Rather than welcome an open and informed dialogue on climate, they would punish those who do not participate in the politically correct narrative.

“How dare you!” angrily threatened climate icon Greta Thunberg at the United Nations last September, in her call to have world governments take political action to reduce carbon dioxide emissions globally. Driven by a propaganda campaign based on the utterly false premise that CO2 is a pollutant, the reality is that CO2 is the ‘gas of life.’ Continue reading »

644 – Gone coronaviral – The infectious politics of spreading fear and panic

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Mar 052020

Ever since isolated incidents of ‘coronavirus’ have begun appearing outside of China, much of the mainstream and social media alike have gone ‘coronaviral’ by needlessly spreading fear and panic about the flu-like illness. Yet, the real disease that should be feared is China’s political ideology which may have more to do with the breakout of coronavirus than the virus itself.

As our guest Salim Mansur explains, China has been identified as the world’s premier incubator of new infectious flu strains, including: the 1918-19 Spanish flu, the 1957 Asian flu, the Hong Kong flu of 1968, the Russian flu of 1997, the SARS outbreak of 2003, and most recently, the global spread of coronavirus originating in Wuhan. To Salim, this is not surprising. Having himself visited China from its coastal cities to its deepest interior, Salim has witnessed horrifying conditions unimaginable to most of us.

With entire cities of millions being shut down and quarantined, China’s actions have included rounding up, imprisoning, and even shooting its own citizens who were caught walking in the streets. Remarkably, China’s government has been praised by many Western leaders for its handling of the outbreak.

There is a tragic and outrageous irony in this. In the Western nations, the outbreak of coronavirus has been politicized so as to place blame on the Trump administration in the United States, with the mainstream media and those on the Left going so far as to call it the ‘Trump virus.’ Yet, the only justifiable ‘politicization’ of this outbreak falls squarely on China’s communist regime, and on the globalist politicians who have failed to take the appropriate measures to limit its spread. Continue reading »

Globalism: The Threat of Our Age – Salim Mansur

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Mar 032020

“Globalism is the instrument by which the progressive alliance is out to strip away the unalienable rights of free people and their sovereign states,” says Salim Mansur, Professor Emeritus at Western University.

In this in-depth discussion with Just Right Media’s Robert Vaughan, Professor Mansur delves deep into the history of the globalist agenda. From its philosophic roots dating back to Karl Marx and Immanuel Kant to the formation of the United Nations to the many pretexts for control and power, he covers the many facets of globalism to put this complex and sinister movement into perspective.

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