May 272019

With the introduction of Canada’s “Digital Charter” it is as if Justin Trudeau has taken a page out of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four— committing yet another assault on our freedoms.

Placing partisan unionists on the panel to select which Liberal-friendly media outlet should receive his bribe money to keep conservative voices from being expressed is taking a page from Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals.

In all his actions Justin Trudeau is making himself out to be a tyrant in the style of the Chinese communists which he so admires.

Salim Mansur, Professor Emeritus at Western University makes a plea to stop this full-frontal onslaught of our freedoms before it is too late and we lose that one freedom which makes all our other freedoms possible: our freedom of speech.



453 – May Day M’aider Mayday / First science – then fiction

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May 192016

I Married A Monster From Outer Space

00:03 May Day M’aider Mayday: May Day celebrations of oppression, organized labour is organized violence, business as the organizer of labour, no celebration of the mind, celebration of labour, Les Miserables, sinister heroes of the labour movement, socialist admiration of totalitarian thugs, Karl Marx, socialism’s dismal record,
14:50 Un-mutual society: perpetuating class struggles, creating barriers for socialism, workers vs industrialists, capitalism destroys barriers, false classifications of people, class struggles depend on hatreds, eco-terrorists vs the majority, the struggle against reality, destroying the concept of the individual
22:30 First science – then fiction: the birth of science fiction, science fiction’s status of legitimacy, sci-fi pioneer Hugo Gernsback, 1958 movie recommendation – I Married A Monster From Outer Space
47:33 Science friction with science fiction: lunar landing denials and rebuttals, science fiction movie review selections of the 1950s-1960s: I Married A Monster From Outer Space (1958), 12 To The Moon (1960), Cat Women On The Moon (1954), Horrors Of Spider Island (1962), IT – The Terror From Beyond Space (1958), Invaders From Mars (1953), The Thing From Another World (1951), The Wild Wild Planet (1965), Voyage To The Planet Of Pre-Historic Women (1968 / 1962), Visit To A Small Planet (1960) 59:42 END

346 – Ontario College of Trade barriers… Guild fascism

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Apr 172014



00:07 Ontario’s College of Trade Barriers: Ontario College of Trades, Jeff Yurek, Tim Hudak’s promise to scrap Ontario College of Trades, Trade barrier horror stories: Peter’s story, Doug’s story, Don’s story, Rich’s story, Brian’s story, Pete’s story, victims of trade barriers
16:45 Tory Story – Can you believe it? PC David Tsubouchi – Head of Ontario College of Trades, socialism-communism-fascism, PC Garfield Dunlop supports grandfathering College of Trades in, College of Teachers brought in by PCs
27:30 College discipline – We’re fine if you’re fined: Ontario College of Trades – from the horse’s mouth, ‘joining’ the college, fines and penalties apply to non-‘members’ as well, complaints and discipline, the public interest
40:35 Ontario College of Trades: Guild fascism: guilds, guild socialism, guild fascism, Ontario College of Trades, implied contract with public, medieval origins of guilds, tax-grab, not a ‘mistake’ but a crime 54:58 END

331- No monopoly on hating capitalism / The ethics of terraforming / Mitigating Marxism in the classroom

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Dec 192013

Go to jail


00:07 No Monopoly On Hating Capitalism: Parker Brothers board game Monopoly, capitalism and monopoly, capitalism and ethics, “Capitalism is like an unfair game of monopoly”, Goldwin Emerson, free enterprise, the Game of monopoly
15:20 Boards Of Ethics: Monopoly’s vs Capitalism’s: socialist-minded ethics, equality vs justice, parenting, emotional indulgence, profit and loss, socialist system, monopolies created by governments, outlawing capitalism in space, Communist China lands a rover on the moon, homestead principle, no sovereignty in space?
27:30 The Ethics of Terraforming: terraforming Mars, no life on Mars, bio-centrists, David Suzuki says he is no different than a slug, UN outer space treaties, prohibiting terraforming, hatred of man and life itself is the motivation, altering nature is Man’s nature, private space ventures, asteroid mining, China’s lunar rover, United Nations vs space exploration
44:49 Mitigating Marxism In The Classroom: feedback Public education system, Emily Noble – Canadian Teachers’ Federation president and executive on council of Canadian Labour Congress, Communist Party of Canada labour activists, communist roots of the Teachers’ Federation, Marxist agenda of public school system, feedback from teacher, social studies and science studies are ‘disturbing’, teacher’s dilemma, mitigating the damage, personal happiness first 55:51 END


319 – Journalism by ommission / Syria – Better dying through chemisty / Ont. PC convention / Right to work?

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Sep 262013

Breaking Syria


03:40 All The News Not Fit To Print: Egypt, current events, Morsi democratically elected, army vs Muslim Brotherhood, avoiding facts in the news,
Arab Spring and democracy, election plans, information vacuum, media mistake,
majority wisdom, media cover ups
19:18 Weapons: Stephen Harper On Chemicals – Is He? Syria, chemical
weapons, Obama’s red line, precedent, a brief history of chemical warfare
34:17 Conventional ContradicTories: Ontario PC convention, Tim Hudak,
democracy, leadership, London West by-election, by-election results, robopolls
46:18 The Not Quite Right To Work Laws: right to work, jobs, Sid Ryan,
unions, PC plan, union dues, political spending, job creation 57:49

316 – Chemical warfear/ Unions vs. capitalism / Fasces faeces

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Sep 052013

Solidarity Forever


00:07 Chemical WarFear: chemical attack in Syria, US military action planned in Syria, why Syria?, Syrian rebels worse than Assad, no official or moral rationale for banning of chemical weapons, sarin gas, American use of sarin gas, irrational fear of chemical weapons, fear of death without blood, preference for conventional weapons
15:00 Unions Vs Capitalism: misrepresentation of capitalism, work hard and prosper, crony forms of capitalism, celebrating Labour Day, Sid Ryan, capitalism not working any more, cost of labour politics on business, share the profit but not the losses, minimum wage laws, Patti Dalton, neo-liberal policies, greedyism, exploitation
32:40 Greed Is Eternally Exploitable: greed and self-interest, concern with welfare of others, group greed vs individual greed, negotiation, exploitation, employment, management organizes labour, unions organize violence, civilized culture vs socialism
44:52 Fasces faeces: capitalism, rational self interest, moral is the practical, socialism, morality of death, mystics of spirit, mystics of muscle, Solidarity Forever, lyrics of strength through unity, fasces, Italian fascism, feeble strength of one, employer as greedy parasite, power of one, no collective mind, unions advocate fascism 57:56 END

283 – Idle No More: ominous parallels with FLQ

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Jan 172013



Ominous Parallels: Front de Liberation du Quebec – 1970 / Idle No More – 2013
Shattering The Rule Of Law: Police Statements = Police State
Just Watch Him! Pierre Elliot Trudeau On Law, Order, And The Indian Act
No Law Unto Themselves: The Myth Of Police Independence