Oct 242019


Many people believe that cannabis has been ‘legalized’ in Canada, but this is not so. What has been called ‘legalization’ is really a form of government control over cannabis that makes the previous prohibition pale by comparison.

In effect, the formerly free (though illegal) cannabis market was replaced by an un-free (though legal) market.

Meet Canada’s new and real pot heads: the crony politicians who have taken over and monopolized the cannabis industry through arbitrary regulation and outright extortion. Led by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, these new organized criminals wield the force of law in a way that only serves their own political interests at the expense of everyone else, even those who have never used cannabis.

The outrageous new laws being used to control the cannabis market in Canada only demonstrate that government regulation is oppression, and this is a principle that applies to all enterprises and economic activities controlled by crony politicians. Continue reading »

The freedom to choose – The Danielle Metz Show 055

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Apr 012019

Audio only. As heard on WBCQ


That’s the leftist solution to the world’s ills—because all the bad things would go away if only there was one more law; and if that particular law doesn’t work, try another one and another one and another one until we get it right.

Burn the books and ban the guns!

Join Danielle and Robert as they discuss whether or not we can legislate ourselves to Utopia—and if we could, would it be worth the sacrifice?

Left, Right & Center – 248 – Oct. 11, 2006 – Terms of protest / Solving gun crime

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Aug 192018

Caledonia Protest

The more things change the more they stay the same. That is certainly true when it comes to principals and principles. While Antifa are the main principals when it comes to protests in 2018 back in 2006 it was a gang of thugs in Caledonia, Ontario. And while the principals may have changed what remains unchanged are the the principles upon which the law should act when faced with such protests.

Dusting off a 12-year-old episode of Left, Right & Center with Jim Chapman and Bob Metz we find reference to the old Caledonia protest and the philosophic principles which should guide the actions of law enforcement. It can be demonstrated that when they disregard these principles only more chaos and protests ensue.

Also in this episode; just a few short weeks away from Canada’s relaxing of cannabis prohibition laws we can go back to 2006 and hear how Bob Metz correctly predicted the collusion between government and organized crime (cronies) years before anyone could have foreseen the new pot laws. Gun crime was the issue being discussed but one of the solutions was the end to cannabis prohibition; a real end and not just a continuation of monopolistic control on the growth and distribution which we see being planned by many provincial governments.

Not heard since it was originally broadcast on CHRW on October 11, 2006, and just a few months away from the creation of his own program, have a listen to Bob Metz put two never-ending issues into a perspective which is Just Right.

498 – Venezuela’s incredible dread machine / His story – Marc Emery, The Prince of Pot

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Mar 302017

Venezuean bread line

Turns out there’s little difference between a country “going to pot,” and one not allowing free market sales of pot. To prove the point, two seemingly unrelated recent events in two different parts of the world have demonstrated that when it comes to crony politics, state monopolies, and greedy politicians, every country has its share.

In Venezuela, people lined the streets to buy bread from their local private bakeries. Now the bread lines are gone because the bakeries are gone, declared illegal by Venezuela’s socialist government that has chosen to distribute the bread via its state monopoly.

In Canada, people lined the streets to buy cannabis at private dispensaries. Now the lines are gone because the dispensaries are gone, declared illegal by Canada’s crony-influenced government that has chosen to restrict and monopolize cannabis distribution.

To most, Canada’s current “pot sales crisis” naturally pales when compared to Venezuela’s “bread sales crisis.” After all, a shortage of food merits far greater urgency than does a restricted market in cannabis, especially when runaway inflation is part of the crisis. Continue reading »

459 – Brexited / Democracy, democracy, democracy / Cannabis culture clash / ill Legalization of cannabis sales

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Jun 302016

Nigel Farage

Have the British people, by rejecting membership in the European Union, created a darker or brighter future for Britain? Our first impressions of the post-‘Brexit‘ European Union will no doubt not be our last.

As the British exit from the political EU, there’s no reason why an economic union cannot continue to be part of Britain’s future relationship with Europe – a union under free trade. If there is opposition to that kind of relationship, it will likely come from Brussels, as Nigel Farage stated so boldly before the EU this past Tuesday. All expectations about the EU’s future have yet to be confirmed or proven incorrect, as the story continues to unfold.

Meanwhile, back in Canada, the Liberal plan for Cannabis Legalization is well under way, as police conduct raids on Toronto cannabis dispensaries, charging operators and employees with ‘trafficking’ offences. Many of these dispensaries had freely been operating for years as cannabis vapor lounges, tolerated under the previous Conservative government, which had no plans to ‘legalize’ cannabis. Continue reading »

458 – Freedom comes at the back of a gun / Guns control / Sinful thinking / Heaven on Earth

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Jun 232016

This my rifle...

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The tyranny which the Second Amendment was written to guard against can be seen forming quite clearly in the actions and goals of Democrats today. They’re gunning for guns, an agenda Democrats have worked towards since long before the tragic event in Orlando last week.

Consider it an object lesson in objects: While the left wails about the objects (weapons) used by criminals and terrorists, it refuses to acknowledge how it contributes to the conditions that make such events what some are now calling “the new normal.” But there’s nothing ‘normal’ about what happened in Orlando last week. Continue reading »

451 – Guests: Marc Emery and Christopher Goodwin – Principals of Pot

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May 052016

Chris Goodwin and Marc Emery

00:03 Principals of Pot: breaking pot laws to change pot laws, redemptive experiences, life behind bars, a privileged life, the importance of loving parents, sentencing reform vs prison reform, the community of prisoners, prison morality, creating a state monopoly for pot
16:25 Arresting developments: dispensing pot in vapor lounges, complaint-driven laws, market demand for cannabis, competitive disadvantages, enforcement by whim, risks of going public, political motives, licensing wars, the black market is the free market, monopolies a secondary issue, state propaganda plans, distribution prohibitions, more punishments under legalization, political hypocrisy as the status quo, on the cusp of legalization, Uber issue like the pot issue
31:20 Civilly disobedient: facing jail for political activism, attracting attention, intellectual arguments as a follow-up, emotional symbols motivate, border-free Europe, border barbarians in North America, police intimidation, global developments on the cannabis front, European tobacco problem, absence of biological father as cause of addiction, fathers figure, playing the blame game, the virtue of classless societies
47:40 Fear factor: Tommy Chong’s prison redemption, normal and not normal people in prison, politics in general, Rand Paul, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the coming global legalization of cannabis, legalizing all drugs, repeal activism, repealing unjust laws, branding the Prince of Pot, fear factor 59:42 END