Apr 272017

Tin Cup

ECONOMICS – In One Uneasy Lesson: It is often difficult to reconcile the stark contrast between reports that the economy is improving and/or performing well, and those suggesting that the growing condition of poverty is reaching a crisis stage.

Some explain the contrast using the “one per cent” theory. They argue that the economy is doing well for the one percent, but not for the rest. There’s a grain of truth to that statistic, but not in the sense intended. Once understood, it is simply not a cause for concern.

For many attempting to keep from becoming part of the poverty statistics, it is the intricacies and challenges of finding a job, establishing a career, or embarking upon a new financial venture that is the real concern. These concerns simply cannot be reflected in economic/political statistics or theories – no matter how accurate or valid.

The theoretically accurate principles of economics can be taught in one simple lesson, as Henry Hazlitt demonstrated in his 1946 economic masterpiece, Economics in One Lesson, a lesson that was easily expressed in two to three pages. Continue reading »

Dec 032015


00:03 Giving Tuesday back: Black Friday, 92nd Street Y, Ted Turner and the United Nations, giving away the farm, the guilt of wealth, spreading capitalism the best gift
16:05 Foreign to aid: Foreign aid’s dilemma, the taking community, proper charity
26:50 Literal fools: the religion of literalism, a real religion, God, existence, religion, supreme being, law of causality, birth of morality, good and evil
40:10 Majority fools: Fall of Roman empire, defining democracy, majority rule, voting, representative government, majority rule, the mathematics of voting, the morality of voting
56:39 END Promo to 59:42

Jun 252015

Papal Perversity


00:07 Capitalism or capitalisn’t: Glen Pearson’s hatred of capitalism, rich vs poor, poverty, environmental destruction, social equilibrium, real causes of poverty, socialism as the cause of political dysfunction
17:55 Climate changes – politicians don’t: G7 Leaders Summit, battle against global warming, vague carbon targets, a history of the world’s five ice ages, carbon dioxide,
33:45 Papal perversity: Morality as a matter of degree – Celcius: Pope Francis’ hatred of capitalism, pope calls for international tyranny as moral imperative, inadequate conservative responses to pope’s irrationality, a moral case for fossil fuels
46:00 My Goodness! But is it natural? David Brooks on the Road to Character, a need to be good, humility, technology and competitive capitalism, selfishness vs self-centredness, need vs knowledge
57:24 END

Dec 182014

Lost in Space


00:07 Condolences: Enoch Powell was right, far right, opposition to open immigration, BBC socialist broadcasters, racist label, socialist pyramid schemes, de-population bomb, social safety net, opening immigration to fund socialism, cultural clashes, failure by design, a history of British immigration, 1969 Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech, domination over assimilation
14:35 Taboo: resisting the racist label, taboo topics, the ghost of Enoch Powell, Muslims in isolation, Muslim ghettos in London England, Islam as a social virus, Islamist record of violence, unfathomable ignorance of left wing media, a call for no immigration from Muslim countries, absolute values and judgements, death cults
26:58 God of the machine: something for nothing, studying poverty, not studying wealth, psychology of self-destruction, unearned power, politicians and the lust for power, robbing Peter to pay Paul, capitalism, the god of the machine
51:30 Poverty of the machine: municipal social housing plans, Vancouver Downtown Eastside, poverty dominated by social services, wealth is a process 59:50 END

Oct 162014

Beverly Hillbillies


00:07 London’s sElectors: a progressive agenda is a spending agenda, a worrying election, a divided council, debate, progressive interests driving the electors candidate options, Kingsmills, political connections – naming the groups and individuals pushing their agendas, Emerging Leaders, Urban League, Women and Politics, Citizen Core, Pillar Non-Profit Network, Fanshawe College Foundation, London Economic Development Corporation, candidate connections, candidate debate sponsors
15:05 Middle class muddle: Aristotle, democracy, middle class, Justin Trudeau says middle class is disintegrating, Canada vs US middle class, middle class as an election issue, clashing definitions, changing attitudes on the middle class, somewhere between rich and poor, government class
30:20 Poverty Trapped: Poverty Trapped: poverty, London-Middlesex Housing Corporation, Joan Ball, no specifics, public-private partnerships, waiting lists, Paul Cheng, no solutions, jobs, unemployment
44:20 Poverty plans – a poverty of solutions: Poverty plans – a poverty of solutions: poverty, social housing, no incentive to work, community strategies, governments in debt, welfare, minimum wages, universality, central planning, personal income tax, housing 56:22 END

Feb 262009

H.L. Mencken, Isabel Paterson

H.L. Mencken – A new deal for old ideas
Charity, poverty and government: Government is the problem not the solution
Poverty pimps – Justifying coercion to fight poverty
Isabel Paterson – How most of the harm in the world is caused by good people