Protesting Freedom – Proud to be Mentally Unstable

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Oct 122019

While we certainly don’t have the video ‘scoop’ of this demonstration we present it here to add to the extensive footage already made public of this protest against free speech.

Taking a break from setting up to record the People’s Party of Canada event Uncensored – The Fight For Free Speech in Canada, Robert Vaughan stepped outside to document the gathering.

Here he narrates what turned out to be the only thing that the media wanted to report on: a gaggle of malcontents and their violent, hateful antics.

The main event, featuring Maxime Bernier, Dave Rubin, Salim Mansur, David Haskell, and Frank Vaughan, was of little interest to the CBC, CTV, or Global News. Instead they covered this smiling and dancing mob belittling, harassing, and accosting peaceful Canadians who only wanted to hear a talk about freedom of speech.

Once again Canadian journalists sully their profession by focusing on those events which support their own political narrative rather than an event which about 1,000 Canadians were willing to pay for and risk injury to attend.

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626 – Uncensored: Freedom of Speech and the PPC

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Oct 102019

Just Right Media with Dave Rubin

It’s hard to ignore the massive crowds attending the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) events across the country, yet the mainstream media does so as a matter of course.

Consider what happened at the September 29 PPC event held at Mohawk College in Hamilton where nearly 1000 people attended to support the PPC’s freedom platform. Most of the mainstream media’s attention was focused on the fascists protesting outside the event. Consumed by their own irrational hatreds and ignorance, these protesting fascists were never correctly identified by the mainstream media, while their utterly false assertions that the PPC is a ‘racist’ party were allowed to continue unabated and unchallenged.

Canada’s 2019 federal election has reached a new low when it comes to bringing accurate information and the real issues that affect Canadian voters. The main culprit and “enemy of the people” is the mainstream media, which now receives federal subsidies from a corrupt and socialist government.

Silencing the voices of the PPC has become a major effort by the mainstream media and by all of Canada’s other federal political parties, especially the NDP, whose leader, Jagmeet Singh, openly advocated censoring the PPC because of the “values” espoused by the PPC: freedom, responsibility, fairness, and respect. In the mind of Singh and the mainstream media, these ideas and values (which are never explicitly cited by them) are “hateful.”

The mainstream media has been providing a steady stream of fake news, and resorting to misrepresentations, outright censorship, evasion of the facts, and political correctness – all calculated to keep Canadians ignorant and misinformed about their true choices at the polls and what those choices reflect in practice.

With the emergence of the People’s Party of Canada under the leadership of Maxime Bernier, these unconscionable practices of the media and the parties of the Left must be brought to the attention of voters, especially since the PPC now offers them something to vote ‘for’ rather than ‘against’. Currently, the only way to do this is through social media, where audiences can see the unfiltered stark contrast between what the PPC is actually advocating and what is being reported in their daily print and broadcast media.

Perhaps that’s why one of the key social media outlets invited and openly welcomed at PPC events during this election has been one demonstrated to reliably and objectively report the truth about the PPC: Just Right Media.

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Oct 042019

An open discussion on the erosion of free speech in Canada by People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier, Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report, and Dr. David Haskell. Hosted by Frank Vaughan with introductory remarks by Professor Emeritus Dr. Salim Mansur.

The event was attended by approximately 1,000 people, in a theatre which seated 1,049, despite the intimidating threats by protesters.

We end this complete presentation with Just Right Media interviews of Maxime Bernier, Dave Rubin, and Dr. Haskell.

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Sep 052019

People's Party

Our focus on the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), begun on last week’s show, gradually expands to a discussion of the broader influence and impact the party may have on the election, as our one-on-one interviews with selected PPC candidates wraps up.

Featured PPC candidates on today’s broadcast are (in order of appearance):

Mark Friesen – Saskatoon-Grasswood
Alain Deng – Vancouver South
Mike McMullen – London West
Rocky Dong – Burnaby North-Seymour
Frank Vaughan – Northumberland-Peterborough South

What becomes clear after hearing the sampling of candidates on this and last week’s broadcasts is that none feel restrained in the slightest when it comes to raising the issues that are front and center on their minds.

Assured of their freedom of speech, they know that theirs is a party of principle. They are also aware that in a world of political correctness, no such assurances are possible.

If Canadians are searching for a party that offers them the same assurance, then their search is over. After all, a party of, by, and for the people is not a new idea; it’s Just Right that such a party should be called the People’s Party.

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620 – Free to speak – for the People’s Party

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Aug 292019

Free to Speak

Canadians now have a new option at the polls in the upcoming October 21 federal election: the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), whose founder and leader is Maxime Bernier.

The PPC is a political party whose candidates can freely express many differing concerns on a variety of issues – candidates who actually have a voice within their party, unlike most candidates in other parties.

This very freedom within the PPC is just one of the ways that the PPC is ‘doing politics differently,’ and it has already sparked numerous controversies within establishment political circles and media. Remarkably, PPC leader Maxime Bernier has not attempted to silence his candidates, but has instead come to their defense.

This is just one of the characteristics that makes the PPC unique, and its freedom of speech philosophy has been a major attraction for PPC candidates and supporters alike. Continue reading »

Benjamin Dichter – Choosing Country Over Party

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Aug 232019

Benjamin Dichter, a founder of LGBTory, gives an impassioned speech to the first People’s Party of Canada National Conference held in Gatineau, Quebec on the topic of choosing your country over your party.

Dichter, a member of the Conservative Party of Canada, has distanced himself from the leadership of that party over their policies on Islamism, globalism, and immigration. These are the provocative hot-button issues which members of the PPC and its leader Maxime Bernier are not afraid to openly discuss.

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Globalism, Islamism, and Immigration – An open discussion

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Aug 212019

Taking a break from the People’s Party of Canada Candidates Conference in Gatineau, Quebec PPC candidates Mark Friesen, Frank Vaughan, David Haskell, Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson, and Ivan Pak speak freely about three of the most provocative issues in Canada: globalism, Islamism, and immigration.

It is safe to say that no other political party would allow such candor.

This is a Just Right Media exclusive made possible by the financial support of our fans. Thank you very much to all who contributed to have Bob and Robert in Gatineau for the People’s Party of Canada Candidates Convention.

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