Apr 192018

Mark ZuckerbergIn attempting to live up to the ideals of free speech and free trade, the complexity of achieving each soon becomes apparent. That’s because in practice, neither of these ideals literally exists – even in the Western nations that rightly hold them as high virtues.

Given the best of intentions, it is highly doubtful that Mark Zuckerberg’s recent grilling before a US Senate hearing committee will actually pave the way towards any guarantee of ‘free speech’ on Facebook. His hauntingly welcome acceptance of government regulation on ‘privacy’ issues that would affect how he runs his Facebook business model may well open the barn door to the entrenchment of regulated speech – by government.

Said Zuckerberg: “Our position is not that regulation is bad. I think the Internet is so important in people’s lives and it’s getting more important, the expectations on Internet companies and technology companies overall are growing. And I think the real question is ‘What is the right framework for this?’ not ‘Should there be one?’” Continue reading »

Feb 112018

Even though there was never any cited complaint or concern expressed, the Toronto District School Board last October declared the word ‘chief’ as being an offensive term directed against aboriginal peoples.

“The word ‘chief’ is the world’s worst slur ever,” sarcastically jokes Danielle in this conversation with Robert Vaughan. After all, “the word means ‘leader’ – someone of honor – like the Commander in Chief of the United States!”

Perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised that at a time when Donald Trump is Commander in Chief of the US military, that the term ‘chief’ should come under attack. It is precisely because it is meant as a term of honor and recognition, that the word is being expunged from the Toronto District School Board’s lexicon of acceptable terms.

One word at a time, the social engineers of the Left are destroying the essential principles of epistemology and the objective meaning of words and concepts.

“It’s a slow process calculated to erode our ability to think,” warns Danielle.

It so doing, the steady drip of irrationality becomes the means of wearing down our ability to resist all of the chiefs at the Toronto District School Board and in government.

There can no longer be any doubt that “the chief concern” of those manipulating language through prohibition is to prevent objective and rational thought. After all, only in this way is it possible to prevent the possibility of thinking – or acting – in a way that is Just Right.

Dec 172017

Co-founded by Sherlock Holmes’ elder brother, The Diogenes Club was a fictional gentleman’s club created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and introduced in “The Greek Interpreter.” Apparently named after Diogenes the Cynic, shyness and misanthropy were the two qualifications to belong to this club.

Creating so-called “safe spaces” on university campuses is reminiscent of the Diogenes Club.

In this way, the Left’s general hatred, dislike, distrust or contempt for the human species or human nature can be concretized in policies aimed against the likes of Wilfrid Laurier University teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd or the University of Toronto’s professor Jordan Peterson.

The Left has gone so far off the deep end, suggests Danielle, that few can relate to the left any more. Lindsay will discover that all those who will come to her defense will be on the Right. And indeed, that is exactly what has been Lindsay’s experience, as recently featured on Just Right #535.

“The LEFT is eating its own and what a fabulous feast it is…” opens Danielle in this conversation with Robert Vaughan that is, as always, Just Right.

Nov 232017

Wilfrid Laurier University

Have you heard about the latest education crisis on campus? Even if you have, the crisis may be worse than you think.

Teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd played a three minute video clip from TVO’s the Agenda (a state-funded television network show in the province of Ontario) in her class. She was promptly disciplined for daring to expose her Wilfrid Laurier University students to the views of Professor Jordan Peterson (University of Toronto) who appeared in the played video clip.

Called into a disciplinary meeting, it was a modern-day Inquisition, one based on as much ignorance and superstition as was the original. Shepherd secretly audio recorded the exchange and upon its release, media and public reaction has been one of deserved shock and disgust.

Yet, the real “problem” with Lindsay Shepherd’s showing of the Agenda is far more significant and dangerous than the narrow issues of “gender pro-nouns” and proper “grammar” that her inquisitors pretend it to be. Continue reading »

Nov 022017

Hugh Hefner

With the passing of Playboy founder and icon Hugh Hefner on September 27 at age 91, subsequent discussions about his legacy and the influence that Playboy continues to have today have been disappointingly reduced to a feminist debate about whether Hefner was a “liberator” or an “oppressor”.

In stark contrast to the myopic discussions of sex usually heard in such a restricted context, our in-studio guest Salim Mansur brings a breath of fresh air to yet another discussion considered politically incorrect: the celebration of sex between men and women.

Says Salim:

Just as Freud pointed out, ultimately everything boils down to sex. The whole of life throughout history is ultimately about the primordial basic relationship between a male and a female. Out of that relationship comes great art, great music, great painting – and out of it also comes the dirtiest violence, misogyny, abuse, excesses. That’s life.”

Continue reading »

Oct 262017

Chief Smart

DIVISIVE CRISIS – WHEN UNITED WE FALL: Since the introduction of official multiculturalism, the preoccupation of politicians with race, ethnicity, culture, religion, and other group identities has now reached the level of obsession and absurdity, one that has exposed a clearly sinister objective: restricting freedom of speech.

In practice, multiculturalism is demonstrating itself to be little more than racism enforced as cultural “diversity” – offering an illusory pretense of racial harmony and “unity” that demands censorship in order to disguise the truth – that multiculturalism is the problem creating divisions and conflicts, not the solution.

Consequently, restricting free speech has become a necessity for the Left. As those who discuss these issues openly and honestly are experiencing, even Google has become obsessed with restricting discussions about cultural issues, particularly if those discussions concern Islam. Given that issues related to Islam constantly appear on the front pages of our newspapers and are the top stories in other media, it’s a discussion that simply cannot be avoided or evaded. Yet that’s exactly what’s being attempted.

Canada’s province of Quebec has surprisingly done the Right thing when it passed Bill 62, described by columnist Barbara Kay as a “religious neutrality law which will ban face covers in the giving and getting of public services.” Continue reading »

Oct 192017


Believing that those on the Left are merely people of good will with opposing or differing opinions on the role of government, many are falsely led to believe that the Left is interested in an honest political debate and democratic consensus.

But this is simply not so.

The Left hates freedom, hates capitalism, hates Western values, and of course, hates everything that’s Just Right.

For the political Left, hate is, and always has been, the prime motivator. For the Left, violence is an acceptable means of “expressing free speech.” For the Left, principles don’t matter. For the Left, “When persuasion fails, just use force.” Continue reading »

Sep 282017

Man with megaphone

“Hello darkness, my old friend…”

Though not yet law, Canada’s Motion 103 (M-103) (against “Islamophobia” and “systemic racism”) has an intent, warns Salim Mansur, Western University’s associate professor of political science.

“I would go as far as to say that in Canada we do not have free speech,” he laments. “What we have is regulated speech.

“In fact, in all of the Western nations except the United States, there is no free speech. There is regulated speech. It’s only in the United States that we come closest to the ideal of free speech because of the First Amendment.” Continue reading »