Gad Saad – “A Tsunami of Maladies Afflicting the Soul of Our Universities”

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Jun 192018

Once again Just Right was privileged to be able to record the presentations at the Annual General Meeting of the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship (SAFS).

Gad Saad, Professor of Marketing and Conordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioural Science and Darwinian Consumption and host of The Saad Truth on Youtube was the keynote speaker at this year’s AGM.

His presentation introduces a number of novel concepts adding to our understanding of the threats posed to academic freedom and freedom of speech. These concepts include: idea pathogens, collective Munchausen by proxy, and nomological networks of cumulative experience.

“Idea pathogens are pathogens of the human mind, pathogens of the human spirit that regrettably could potentially be as dangerous as biological pathogens.

“Radical feminism, post-modernism, social constructivism, cultural and moral relativism, political correctness, echo chambers void of intellectual diversity, the culture of perpetual offensive victimhood, identity politics coupled with progressive self flagellation. Each of these are really really dangerous idea pathogens.”

Dr. Saad’s presentation was followed by a lively discussion and question period with the members of SAFS.

555 – Guests: Lindsay Shepherd, Gad Saad, David Haskell, Rick Mehta

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May 102018

Lindsay Shepherd, Gad Saad, David Haskell, Rick Mehta

As learning institutions, universities were once considered to be the environment where a diversity of ideas was both encouraged and tolerated. Today, that diversity of ideas and opinion has been abandoned in favor of a ‘diversity’ of racial, sexual, and cultural ‘identities’ that make the discovery of reality almost impossible.

Just ask Lindsay Shepherd, Gad Saad, David Haskell, and Rick Mehta, each a member of Canada’s academic university community who attended last weekend’s Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship (SAFS) annual General meeting.

As our guests on today’s show, you will learn how each has been outspoken against the climate of fear and censorship that has become so ingrained in campus culture. Each is an advocate of free speech and a free exchange of ideas. Each has achieved a level of notoriety because of challenges by, and to, the ‘politically correct’ forces on their campuses.

Each is empowered by debate and knows that their opponents are weakened by debate. Whatever their views on ‘left’ or ‘right,’ they all recognize that it is views pointing in the right direction that are most under attack on university campuses.

Unavoidable in every controversy, as always, is the polarity between Left and Right. Also unavoidable is the conclusion that when it comes to freedom of speech, those who defend it are always Just Right.

The Danielle Metz Show – 011 – The Diogenes Club

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Dec 172017

Co-founded by Sherlock Holmes’ elder brother, The Diogenes Club was a fictional gentleman’s club created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and introduced in “The Greek Interpreter.” Apparently named after Diogenes the Cynic, shyness and misanthropy were the two qualifications to belong to this club.

Creating so-called “safe spaces” on university campuses is reminiscent of the Diogenes Club.

In this way, the Left’s general hatred, dislike, distrust or contempt for the human species or human nature can be concretized in policies aimed against the likes of Wilfrid Laurier University teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd or the University of Toronto’s professor Jordan Peterson.

The Left has gone so far off the deep end, suggests Danielle, that few can relate to the left any more. Lindsay will discover that all those who will come to her defense will be on the Right. And indeed, that is exactly what has been Lindsay’s experience, as recently featured on Just Right #535.

“The LEFT is eating its own and what a fabulous feast it is…” opens Danielle in this conversation with Robert Vaughan that is, as always, Just Right.

The Danielle Metz Show – 012 – The white wash

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Dec 102017

Racism Sucks

THE WHITE WASH: Is it OK to be white? It appears to be an innocuous black and white question: Yes or No?

The Right answer, of course, is Yes. The Left’s answer, of course, is No.

The fact that “facts don’t matter” was brought home by a spoof campaign initiated by 4chan which called on its on-line audience to post signs around Boston college campuses saying: “It’s OK to be white.”

As humorously predicted, the signs were immediately labeled “white supremacist” by anti-white racists of the Left. Boston police were called in to investigate, not the racists, but “white supremacy.”

If there are any hate crimes to be investigated, they should relate to what is being taught about race and racism on university and college campuses across North America.

Perhaps the REAL issue being raised by Danielle and Robert Vaughan in this telling tale of the Left’s obsession with race is this: Is it ok to be Just Right?

534 – Guests: Paul McKeever & Dave Plum – When opinions trump fact the first victim is truth

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Dec 072017


It would be nice to believe that the unjust and unfounded inquisition experienced by Teaching Assistant Lindsay Shepherd at Wilfrid Laurier University was an isolated and bizarre anomaly.

Unfortunately, her experience appears to have exposed but the tip of a poisonous ideology now rampant in all of Ontario’s educational institutions. It is an ideology that holds unsubstantiated opinions and feelings as superior to facts and truth.

Just ask our guests Dave Plumb and Paul McKeever, who both have witnessed this phenomenon first hand – though from differing perspectives.

Like Lindsay Shepherd, Dave Plumb was an educational instructor / teacher who found his job threatened by an anonymous complaint. Like Lindsay Shepherd, Dave was being held accountable for the “feelings” of the unidentified complainant while simultaneously being denied any way of directly addressing the complainant’s concerns. Continue reading »

532 – Thoughts about Wilfrid Laurier University’s thought police

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Nov 232017

Wilfrid Laurier University

Have you heard about the latest education crisis on campus? Even if you have, the crisis may be worse than you think.

Teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd played a three minute video clip from TVO’s the Agenda (a state-funded television network show in the province of Ontario) in her class. She was promptly disciplined for daring to expose her Wilfrid Laurier University students to the views of Professor Jordan Peterson (University of Toronto) who appeared in the played video clip.

Called into a disciplinary meeting, it was a modern-day Inquisition, one based on as much ignorance and superstition as was the original. Shepherd secretly audio recorded the exchange and upon its release, media and public reaction has been one of deserved shock and disgust.

Yet, the real “problem” with Lindsay Shepherd’s showing of the Agenda is far more significant and dangerous than the narrow issues of “gender pro-nouns” and proper “grammar” that her inquisitors pretend it to be. Continue reading »

The Danielle Metz Show – 001 – The feminization of education

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Nov 182017

We don't need no patriarchal education

Introducing THE DANIELLE METZ SHOW: First previewed to listeners of Just Right on October 26, we are pleased to announce the official launch of the Danielle Metz Show, now available on line through Just Right Media.

Danielle’s conversations with co-host Robert Vaughan offer listeners a quick and casual exchange of ideas about some single issue or concern of the day. And as always, it’s not right wing; it’s Just Right!

THE FEMINIZATION OF EDUCATION: As a mother of three, with one in high school and two in kindergarten, it should not be surprising that Danielle has kicked off her new series of commentaries with a discussion of education, and about what she sees happening with her kids in Ontario’s school system.

The feminization of our public schools has fostered a culture that vilifies masculinity, suggests Danielle, after observing what her own kids have been exposed to in Ontario’s education curriculum. The “feminized education environment” in Ontario today regards boys as dysfunctional girls who need to be cured of their undesirable masculine traits.

Is there systemic sexism in Ontario’s school boards? Has the feminization of public education contributed to some of society’s worst social ills?

Those are just a few of the questions tossed back and forth between Danielle and co-host Robert Vaughan in this unique exchange of issues and ideas that, as always, promises to be Just Right!