Jan 282018

Canadian Cop-Out

Talk about a group identity crisis! That’s exactly what Danielle and Robert do in this discussion about Canadian actor Donald Sutherland, who shamefully, has admitted to feeling shame and guilt – for being a white male.

Having appeared on NBC Today to promote his television series Ice, Sutherland related his experience with movie co-star Helen Mirren (The Leisure Seeker) who accused him of “being the most privileged person on earth” because Sutherland is a white male. Being seen as part of a group that is “mendacious, misogynist, bigots, racists” was, apparently, “appalling” to Sutherland.

But have no fear. Even though white and male, Donald Sutherland had an out: “I am a CANADIAN, and that’s what I am….” In so doing, Sutherland provided an example of how the collectivist mind progresses: from racism – to nationalism – to hypocrisy.

Shame on Donald Sutherland for being a Leftist (collectivist), which is the prerequisite for accepting group identities as the defining point of an individual’s character and achievements.

Shame on Donald Sutherland for not having condemned Helen Mirren’s racism and misandry on the spot.

Shame on Donald Sutherland for choosing to re-tell this appalling encounter in a positive light via his own phony virtue signaling, based on yet another group identity – being Canadian.

But being on the Left, and having fully accepted collectivist identity over individualism, it’s understandable why people who view themselves and others in this way are incapable of doing what is Just Right.

Jan 202018

The Death of Western Culture

As public anger and resentment grows over ever smaller and insignificant issues, it appears that the West is indulging in a form of cultural masochism. In other words, Western Culture is destroying itself from within – a clear symptom of Leftist influences.

Do many on the Left truly have a death wish? Given the evidence, It’s a question that’s being asked more and more these days. The masochistic trend seemed to have passed a tipping point on the internal threat to our own culture with last summer’s Charlottesville riots, but that may only have been one marking point in a chain of events that continue to expose the Left’s true objectives.

Above all, there is a conscious and deliberate effort on the part of the Left to prevent knowledge of Western culture, by misrepresenting Western values, context, and history. That’s understandable, since Western values and the success of Western culture continually disprove Leftist ideologies.

Unfortunately, the Left’s sinister strategy has been working. It has gained an upper hand in the West by creating a climate of ignorance and misinformation that falsely lends Leftist ideology some appearance of credibility. For example, most public school systems in North America no longer teach their own history in context, thus attempting to make issues like slavery and racism relevant in an environment where they no longer exist (while conveniently ignoring them where they do exist – in the world’s Leftist jurisdictions).

Whether the West will survive the Left’s hatred of life without a radical counter-revolution or major conflict is something that remains to be seen. But both Danielle and Robert agree that the failure on the part of the West to define and promote Western principles are at the root of the problem. And that is why, in contrast, creating awareness of these principles is also at the root of doing what is Just Right to correct it.

Jan 142018

2017 Solar Eclipse

It’s one of those editorial items that Ayn Rand might have cited in what she called her “horror file,” those news stories and commentaries of her day that best illustrated America’s deteriorating intellectual and moral climate.

The trend continues. From the pages of Atlantic Magazine, in an August 18, 2017 commentary by Alice Ristroph (American Blackout), came the argument that the pending solar eclipse was, in effect, a racist eclipse.

“It’s pure lunacy,” says Robert Vaughan in his conversation with Danielle. “This is insanity. This is not sane. The author would, in past, have been placed in an asylum.”

Worse, the loony commentary appeared in a supposedly credible media source.

With the media “lens of the Left” so intensely focused on real and imagined incidents of racism, the then-pending eclipse was overshadowing their stream of anti-Trump stories. So why not turn the lunar event into a racist metaphor to protest Trump’s America? That, according to Danielle, is how the Atlantic Magazine’s editorial comes across, particularly given its political content.

It’s a fascinating look into the dismal minds of those who are constantly focused on race and group identity. What is continually being “eclipsed” is logic and reason. That’s why the superficial and associative thinking of the Left will always be incompatible with what is Just Right.

Dec 242017

Merry Christmas! For Christians and non-Christians alike, Christmas is that time of year for reflection, introspection, and for being a season that preserves the tradition of goodwill towards mankind.

Not a Christian invention, the practice of giving gifts, getting together with family and friends, and celebrating the birth of a new life brought into the world are universal values, enshrined by the Christmas season and shared by all peoples of goodwill.

Those very qualities can also be a source of great stress, as the absence of loved ones unable to share the season with us for various reasons become associated with a positive spirit and a great time of year.

Within the greater Christmas tradition also exist many differing personal traditions of the season. These include varying celebrations of family events, to the different music played and movies that are watched and re-watched faithfully as personal reflections of the meaning of Christmas.

Whatever your tradition at this time of year, this conversation between Danielle and Robert will affirm that when it comes to Christmas, there is no one way to celebrate Christmas that is Just Right.

[Just Right, with Bob Metz and Robert Vaughan will resume its new weekly broadcasts in the new year. Until then, be right, stay right, do right, act right, think right, and be right back here!]

Dec 172017

Co-founded by Sherlock Holmes’ elder brother, The Diogenes Club was a fictional gentleman’s club created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and introduced in “The Greek Interpreter.” Apparently named after Diogenes the Cynic, shyness and misanthropy were the two qualifications to belong to this club.

Creating so-called “safe spaces” on university campuses is reminiscent of the Diogenes Club.

In this way, the Left’s general hatred, dislike, distrust or contempt for the human species or human nature can be concretized in policies aimed against the likes of Wilfrid Laurier University teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd or the University of Toronto’s professor Jordan Peterson.

The Left has gone so far off the deep end, suggests Danielle, that few can relate to the left any more. Lindsay will discover that all those who will come to her defense will be on the Right. And indeed, that is exactly what has been Lindsay’s experience, as recently featured on Just Right #535.

“The LEFT is eating its own and what a fabulous feast it is…” opens Danielle in this conversation with Robert Vaughan that is, as always, Just Right.

Nov 022017

Hugh Hefner

With the passing of Playboy founder and icon Hugh Hefner on September 27 at age 91, subsequent discussions about his legacy and the influence that Playboy continues to have today have been disappointingly reduced to a feminist debate about whether Hefner was a “liberator” or an “oppressor”.

In stark contrast to the myopic discussions of sex usually heard in such a restricted context, our in-studio guest Salim Mansur brings a breath of fresh air to yet another discussion considered politically incorrect: the celebration of sex between men and women.

Says Salim:

Just as Freud pointed out, ultimately everything boils down to sex. The whole of life throughout history is ultimately about the primordial basic relationship between a male and a female. Out of that relationship comes great art, great music, great painting – and out of it also comes the dirtiest violence, misogyny, abuse, excesses. That’s life.”

Continue reading »

Aug 102017


Few things have become more perverse than the Left’s various obsessions with race, gender, sex, ethnicity, skin color, language, and “identity” issues. All in the name of “diversity.”

But “diversity” based on obsessions with race and identity is not a value. When treated as such, its pursuit places society on an inevitable road to conflict and division. And that’s exactly what we see happening across North America today.

From politics to movies and TV shows, the tidal wave of media propaganda focusing on identity politics has of late reached a crescendo. It has also become decidedly fascist, as was inevitable given the nature of the collectivist philosophy that supports these obsessions.

We see it in our newspapers and media reports each and every day: manufacturing racism to pursue fascist policies. Continue reading »

Nov 242016



U.S. president-elect Donald Trump has vowed to “make America great again.” Just what does “greatness” look like? How will we know if he succeeds or fails?

On this, Thanksgiving Day in America, it is certainly a “great” day to reflect on just what it is that makes America “great.”

All nations have the potential to be “great” nations, but most unfortunately choose to become like the Lilliputians in the classic Gulliver’s Travels, dedicated to bringing greatness down to their level. Has the United States become a victim of this trend, or will it always rise above the Lilliputians?

Joining us for a second round of post-U.S. election discussion on today’s Just Right are Western University’s Associate Professor of Political Science Salim Mansur, and John Thompson of the Strategic Intelligence Group. Together, the picture they paint of what makes a “great” country looks something like this: Continue reading »