May 212020

Professor Emeritus Salim Mansur of Western University comments on the latest scandal emanating from the American political swamp. Obamagate, as it has been called by President Trump, pales by comparison to the Watergate scandal of 1972.

The accusations being made against the Obama Whitehouse are that the former Democratic President knew about Spygate from its beginning and was complicit in involving the CIA, FBI, and DOJ in the surveillance of a political rival during an election.

Against this backdrop of supposed malfeasance lurks a sycophantic and duplicitous media ignoring one of the biggest cases of wrongdoing ever to take place in the United States.

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The Epstein effect | The Danielle Metz Show 080

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Nov 232019

Audio as broadcast on WBCQ

With the ever-increasing divide between Left and Right, it’s heartening to see both sides come together in brotherhood over the Jeffrey Epstein saga. Most on both sides agree that he didn’t kill himself.

It’s not the first time that the public at large has been at odds with pronouncements by officialdom and it won’t be last. The “official” declaration is that he checked himself out with no help from those who would benefit from his departure when there exists a preponderance of evidence suggesting murder.

The case is yet another example of the complete lack of trust the public has for those in charge and those who would like those in charge to stay in charge.

(And, as predicted in the show, YouTube has limited the monetization of this video.)

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The way forward | The Danielle Metz Show 078

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Nov 032019

Audio as broadcast on WBCQ

In the wake of the 2019 Canadian federal election, Danielle and Robert talk about what’s next for the People’s Party of Canada.

Having been defeated at the polls their take is that freedom-loving people have to step up their game and play hard bard against those who would see the country devolve into collective tribalism.

(We apologize for the quality of the audio in this presentation.)

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628 – Canada’s real pot-heads — Politicians high on regulation

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Oct 242019


Many people believe that cannabis has been ‘legalized’ in Canada, but this is not so. What has been called ‘legalization’ is really a form of government control over cannabis that makes the previous prohibition pale by comparison.

In effect, the formerly free (though illegal) cannabis market was replaced by an un-free (though legal) market.

Meet Canada’s new and real pot-heads: the crony politicians who have taken over and monopolized the cannabis industry through arbitrary regulation and outright extortion. Led by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, these newly organized criminals wield the force of law in a way that only serves their own political interests at the expense of everyone else, even those who have never used cannabis.

The outrageous new laws being used to control the cannabis market in Canada only demonstrate that government regulation is oppression, and this is a principle that applies to all enterprises and economic activities controlled by crony politicians. Continue reading »

619 – Gunning for guns

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Aug 222019


In the wake of another round of gun incidents and mass shootings both in Canada and the United States, the issue of gun control and prohibition has inevitably raised its irrational refrain.

For decades, statistics from numerous jurisdictions have repeatedly revealed that gun crimes are highest in ‘gun controlled’ jurisdictions. When the controls are ended or reduced, gun crime rates are reduced. Yet these facts are not considered by those who see some form of ‘gun control’ or prohibition as a preventative solution to mass shootings or gang violence.

Instead, those gunning for guns have chosen to attack our fundamental freedoms as the means of solving the problem of gun violence. From attacks on free speech to blaming video games, mental illness, and the guns themselves, the futility of pursuing such measures should be self-evident in light of the evidence.

Sadly, the realities of gun ownership in a free society are rarely discussed or raised in the gun debate. Myths abound, such as the false belief that the United States ranks highest in gun crimes and violence. Few are aware that guns in the United States have been used to prevent far more crimes than are committed. And gun control advocates routinely ignore the reality that banning guns only punishes and controls law-abiding citizens, while empowering the criminals who themselves ignore all gun prohibitions and restrictions. Continue reading »

The Political Prisoner – The Danielle Metz Show 070

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Jul 312019

Audio as broadcast on WBCQ

Tommy Robinson was sentenced to Belmarsh prison in London, England. It is a high security prison, housing serial killers and terrorists. It is essentially a vicarious death sentence. His crime? Contempt of court. Or at least that’s what the records state. His true crime is journalism. He reported on the Muslim rape gangs running rampant in England which the dirty little secret of the mass immigration embraced by the globalist elites.

Britain has indeed fallen.

Join Danielle and Robert as they discuss how soon we in North America will follow and how to stop it.

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The Broken Window – The Danielle Metz Show 065

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Jun 192019

Audio as broadcast on WBCQ

Tuberculosis, typhoid fever, bubonic plague, rampant homelessness, lack of sanitation, exploding rat population – third-world hell hole? Nope, that’s insulting to third-world hell holes. This isn’t Venezuela, it is Los Angeles, in the United States of America, the most prosperous country in the world.

Leftist policies breed poverty and despair no matter where they are tried, whether it be Caracas or San Francisco.

Join Danielle and Robert as they discuss how best to deal with the damage done by socialism.