Maxime Bernier acclaimed as Leader of the People’s Party of Canada

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Nov 292019

During the first People’s Party of Canada’s National Conference held in Gatineau, PQ from Sept. 20-22, 2019 Maxime Bernier was acclaimed as Leader of the Party by the unanimous applause of those in attendance.

Attendees, numbering approximately 500, included PPC candidates, riding executives, and members of the national executive.

The motion was read by the Party’s Executive Director Johanne Mennie.

Just Right Media was there and captured this rare video of the event.

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630 – The people’s choice – Or is it?

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Nov 072019

The People's Choice

In choosing our representatives for public office, are the winning candidates in any given election really ‘the people’s choice’? Or do they win for completely different reasons?

The answer to these questions may surprise you.

Many believe that ‘strategic voting‘ is what ultimately decides the winner – where voters are not voting for a particular candidate, but against another. And while it turns out that this is true for a significant number of voters (35%), statistics reveal that there are many other significant voting patterns contributing to a final electoral outcome.

Perhaps most surprising is that 57% of voters (according to a Leger poll conducted after the last Canadian election) say that they voted “based on their political convictions, without any thought to their candidates’ chances of winning.” Continue reading »

The Way Forward – The Danielle Metz Show 078

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Nov 032019

Audio as broadcast on WBCQ

In the wake of the 2019 Canadian federal election Danielle and Robert talk about what’s next for the People’s Party of Canada.

Having been defeated at the polls their take is that freedom-loving people have to step up their game and play hard bard against those who would see the country devolve into collective tribalism.

(We apologize for the quality of the audio in this presentation.)

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Oct 312019

Maxime loses seat

If there’s one thing that we can all learn from the way the last Canadian federal election was conducted, it was that the People’s Party of Canada was the single party most feared by the Left. Indeed, it is Canada’s only party that is not on the Left itself.

What’s more significant is that even after the election – one in which the PPC did not have a single candidate elected, and its leader lost his own parliamentary seat – the PPC obviously still continues to be the party most feared by the Left. The evidence of this can be found in the still continuing public expressions of hatred and fear being levied against the PPC and its leader, Maxime Bernier.

These vile and contemptible accusations – all demonstrably false – originate from the mainstream media, the mainstream political parties, and hateful ‘anti-hate’ groups of the Left like the National Council of Canadian Muslims whose Oct 26 Globe & Mail hateful and libelous commentary is deconstructed and condemned line-by-line on today’s show.

And then there’s Warren Kinsella. Hired by the Conservative Party of Canada to libel and slander Bernier and the PPC, we were already well aware of Kinsella for such antics. He has in past directed similar tactics against our own show, Just Right, and even arbitrarily included Ontario’s party on the Right, the Freedom Party of Ontario, in his first book, Web of Hate. Continue reading »

The Great Cultural Divide – The Danielle Metz Show 077

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Oct 282019

Audio as broadcast on WBCQ

In the current highly divisive political environment have we have lost the commonality we call plain common sense or have the downtown Toronto media, anchored by young progressives, led us to believe that we are so divided?

Join Danielle and Robert as they discuss the cultural fractures between the generations, and the cultural divides between our urban and rural communities.

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People’s Party Gatineau Media Scrum – Behind the Scenes

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Oct 182019

On August 18th Just Right Media was part of the media scrum following the People’s Party of Canada’s veteran’s policy announcement in Gatineau, Quebec.

Marshall McLuhan was wrong – the medium is not the message – the MEDIA is the message and we present this video so our viewers can get a behind the scene’s look at how journalists through both the questions they ask and the questions they DON’T ask, attempt to shape the narrative surrounding this new party.

Not one journalist except for Just Right’s Robert Vaughan asked a question about the new platform plank although Maxime was joined by the writers of the policy at the scrum, veterans all.

Instead, the media asked questions focusing on issues they thought would be controversial, divisive, and cast the People’s Party in a negative light.

Apologies to our French-speaking countrymen but this is the English part of the scrum only. There were no questions in French dealing with the new policy instead, the French language journalists’ questions parroted those of their English colleagues.

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Oct 172019

Maxime Bernier

It should come as no surprise to our regular listeners that with Canada’s federal election only days away, Just Right Media would fully endorse Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada (PPC).

“Fighting for freedom is the most important fight that we must do and we are doing that together,” said Bernier at the PPC event held in Hamilton on September 29. “When I (created the PPC), I thought that I would be alone – but I’ll fight for what I believe. And after a month, we had more than 28 thousand founding members and now it’s a growing movement, more than a political party.”

As long as that remains the mission of the PPC, it will continue to have our support and endorsement – even after the election. It’s hard to do otherwise, given that the party’s first platform completely conforms to the principles and ideas expressed on Just Right.

Not only that, but regular Just Right contributor Salim Mansur has become a leading voice within the PPC movement, and its leader, Maxime Bernier, is the only political party leader in Canada who opposes all censorship and supports the right of Canadians to discuss any issues of concern. Continue reading »