Jun 262019

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In any election, by the time you vote, most of the decisions regarding who will form the government have already been made – and not by you. So what can we do to more fully participate in our cherished democracies?

With over 60 years of political involvement between them, Danielle and Robert entreat fellow freedom-loving people to be as involved in politics to the same degree and intensity as those who would take our freedoms away. While voting is the last action we take to determine the way we are governed it is by no means the only action afforded to us.

Join Danielle and Robert as they go through a list of the many ways we can influence the decision-making process and pave the path to freedom.

Jun 052019

Guilt by association is a smear tactic used by Justin Trudeau, his Liberal Party of Canada, and his loyal Canadian media. The latest attack is against Conservative Party Leader, Andrew Scheer in the June issue of MacLean’s which tried to associate him with supposed “white supremacists.”

If one were to examine Trudeau and his Liberals and use the same guilt by association attack one would find more than alleged “white supremacists.” One would find terrorists, convicted attempted assassins, and yes, even white supremacists – real Nazis.

Salim Mansur, Professor Emeritus at Western University and Just Right Media contributor, suggests that Canada deserves better than such low-handed mud slinging and demonstrates that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.



Salim Mansur – Canada’s Digital Charter – Trudeau’s Latest Assault on Free Speech

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May 272019

With the introduction of Canada’s “Digital Charter” it is as if Justin Trudeau has taken a page out of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four— committing yet another assault on our freedoms.

Placing partisan unionists on the panel to select which Liberal-friendly media outlet should receive his bribe money to keep conservative voices from being expressed is taking a page from Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals.

In all his actions Justin Trudeau is making himself out to be a tyrant in the style of the Chinese communists which he so admires.

Salim Mansur, Professor Emeritus at Western University makes a plea to stop this full-frontal onslaught of our freedoms before it is too late and we lose that one freedom which makes all our other freedoms possible: our freedom of speech.



May 102019

Professor David Haskell has entered the Canadian federal election as the People’s Party of Canada candidate in the riding of Cambridge (Cambridge – North Dumfries).

Professor Haskell is an advocate for freedom of expression and academic free speech as was recently involved with the Lindsay Shepherd affair at Wilfrid Laurier University.

We interviewed him while attending the Society For Academic Freedom and Scholarship AGM at Western University on May 4, 2019.

Salim Mansur – The Conservative Party Stands Up For Canada

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Apr 152019

Salim Mansur, Professor Emeritus at Western University and nomination candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada in the Riding of London North Centre explains his reasons for supporting the CPC and why, given the formation of the new People’s Party of Canada under Maxime Bernier, it is the only party which can defeat Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

Salim, a frequent guest on and contributor to Just Right tackles what he considers to be the divisive and destructive attempt by others to split the Conservative vote once again, as it was done with the Reform and Canadian Alliance Parties, and hand the Liberal Party a win by default. “since the act of confederation in 1867 there are only two parties that have governed Canada, the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party. This is not about to change, and any change that goes to weaken and divide the Conservative Party can and will only benefit the Liberal Party,” says Salim.

We at Just Right Media endorse Salim as a candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada and think that, if elected, he would make a fine parliamentarian. At this point, however we have not endorsed any particular federal political party.

578 – Culture war – Left and Right with guest Salim Mansur

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Oct 182018

Signing the Declaration of Independence

The unprecedented frenzied and irrational reactions to Brett Kavanaugh’s recent Supreme Court appointment appear impossible to objectively explain. From the theatrics surrounding the outrageous allegations of Christine Blasey Ford, to pounding on the doors of the Supreme Court itself, ‘beyond reason,’ would be putting it mildly, based on the optics.

But the reason for the frenzied desperation over Kavanaugh is quite understandable (though morally unjustifiable), notes Salim Mansur as he guides us through a step by step recent history of the Democratic Party’s steady decline in power and influence. With mid-term elections at the doorstep, the Democrats will only add more fuel to a fire of their own making.

What the Democrats are trying to ‘burn’ in that fire is America itself, in particular, the values of individualism upon which America has been founded. In attempting to do so, they risk getting burned themselves, and so far that has been both the result and the cause of their frenzied and irrational reactions.

America has long been at war with itself – a ‘culture’ war fought between Left and Right – one that has now become visibly polarized around the fundamental concepts of nationhood itself. International globalism or national sovereignty? That is the question. A culture based on shared values, or a ‘culture’ of no/competing values? Open borders or national boundaries? Individual rights or group rights? Continue reading »

Aug 302018

Scheer and Bernier

Maxime Bernier, whose recent loss to Andrew Scheer for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) precipitated an internal power struggle, dropped a political bomb just as the party was heading into its 2018 party convention in preparation for next year’s Canadian federal election.

That ‘bomb’ was not simply the fact of Bernier’s announced resignation from the CPC, which would have been serious enough. Nor was the ‘bomb’ his scathing judgement that the CPC was “intellectually and morally corrupt,” something rarely heard in Canadian circles – and coming from a past leadership contender for that same party – a devastating indictment.

However, the real political ‘bomb’ was Bernier’s announcement that he would start a new Canadian political party (as yet unnamed) – and lead it into next year’s federal election in the hopes of defeating both Canada’s ruling Liberal Party and opposition Conservative Party. The implications for Canadians are enormous and so is the potential opportunity – or obstacle -that a new Canadian political party represents to the electorate.

As a conservative who both appreciates the principled views of Maxime Bernier and the importance of political party unity, Andrew Lawton joins us for a discussion about the potential consequences of this incredible development. Having recently represented Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative Party in London West during Ontario’s last election, Andrew shares his views on the perpetual balancing act faced by political parties on the ‘right.’ Continue reading »