Jan 202022

One of the tragic ironies of living in a free society is that freedom comes to be taken for granted, resulting in a broad disinterest or disdain for politics. As long as they are being left free to pursue their own livelihoods and interests, most people do not see politics as relevant to their daily lives or their personal freedoms.

Today, finding themselves deprived of the freedom they took for granted, many individuals are considering political involvement for the first time only to find that political protests, petitions, and rallies seem to have little or no effect on the fascist agenda of the Western nations’ governments today.

Our tyrants came to power using the political party system and that is precisely how they can be removed from power. The door to government change is wide open yet so few people – on the Right, on the side of freedom – walk through it.

While protests serve a function as a means of communicating to both the existing government and public, for individuals, party politics is the most effective way to get results. Most importantly, party politics is the only way to resolve political differences in the absence of resorting to violence. History demonstrates that the common people have never overthrown tyrannical governments directly; when it happens, it has always been the military that overthrows the government. Continue reading »

Dec 302021

As leader of the Freedom Party of Ontario, our guest Paul McKeever understands that the number one issue facing Ontarians and their provincial government is, and has been since its adoption in 1969, ‘socialized’ health care.

Indeed, since the beginning of the government’s declared ‘Covid pandemic,’ the number one stated objective of politicians everywhere has been to ‘save the health care system’ – apparently, at the cost of health care itself. Unfortunately, the ‘system’ being ‘saved’ is not health care, but socialism.

Destined to fail from the very beginning, the health care ‘pyramid scheme’ considered by many to be a proud defining characteristic of Canada is now in the process of its inevitable final collapse. In Ontario, that process began from the very beginning in 1969, when the Progressive Conservative government of the time created a state-funded, ‘single-payer’ socialist health care system based on the rationing of health services according to demand.

Naturally, being ‘free’ (to the consumer, not to the taxpayer) the demand on health care services eventually became so great that governments were forced to ration ever smaller and smaller ‘portions’ of a limited service supply to ever increasing demands on that service. Today we have reached a point where many people are simply no longer able to access health care. Current generations are now paying the price for previous generations, while being denied the benefit of health care services themselves. Continue reading »

Dec 272021

With an Ontario election scheduled for June 2nd, 2022 there are a lot of parties vying for the vote. All but one of these parties are collectivist, catering to the whims and wishes of special interests and groups. Only one political party has ever been for individual freedom — The Freedom Party of Ontario.

Many Ontarians today may not have heard of the Freedom Party of Ontario and anyone familiar with their policies and platforms will know why. They are a unique party that believes that the purpose of government is to protect an individual’s right to their life, liberty, and property. Having such views it is no wonder that the Party and its Leader, Paul McKeever are ignored by the media despite decades of successfully battling socialism.

Robert Vaughan of Just Right Media (a member of Freedom Party since 1985) interviews Paul McKeever in a discussion about the policies of the Party, the socialist history of the governing Progressive Conservative Party under Premier Doug Ford, the rise of splitter vanity and social conservative parties such as the Ontario First Party of Randy Hillier and the New Blue Party led by Jim Karahalios, and the sorry state of Ontario society under decades of collectivist rule.

Just Right Media is endorsing the Freedom Party in the upcoming 2022 Ontario election. You can find out more about the Party here: http://www.freedomparty.on.ca.

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Éric Zemmour and the reconquest of France | Salim Mansur

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Dec 202021

French journalist Éric Zemmour is running for the Presidency of France this April and as with any “conservative” candidates who stand against open immigration policies he is being typically vilified by the far-Left media and falsely accused as being a racist.

Professor Salim Mansur of Western University gives us his views of Éric Zemmour, the immigration policies of Western societies, and the predictable treatment given Zemmour by the globalist press.

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Dec 022021

As Canada’s province of Ontario prepares for the June 2, 2022 election, many are attempting to ‘politically unite’ behind the single cause of ending the lockdowns and injection mandates. While opposing these measures is a noble objective, it is no path to political unity, power, or freedom.

As if to demonstrate this reality, already a ‘political split’ is occurring among ex-Progressive Conservative politicians and activists opposed to the state-imposed lockdowns and injection mandates. Ontario MPP Randy Hillier has announced his intention to form a provincial party to be called ‘Ontario First’ while Jim and Belinda Karahalios have registered their ‘New Blue Party of Ontario.’

But the real reason that solely opposing the lockdowns and mandates will not lead to electoral victory is not the fault of political parties or candidates, despite their differences and conflicts. The sad reality is that a majority of voters support the lockdowns and mandates – and are willing to sacrifice everyone’s freedom in the process.

For freedom-minded individualists, the reality that most of their fellow citizens do not value individual freedom is unthinkable. But the proof of this reality is the current state of tyranny brought about by the politicians and parties that were voted in by that majority. Continue reading »

734 – Why Freedom Party is Just Right for Ontario | Paul McKeever

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Nov 252021

As advocates of individualism and individual freedom, during the 2021 Canadian federal election we endorsed the People’s Party of Canada under the leadership of Maxime Bernier. Now, with the June 2, 2022 provincial election pending in the province of Ontario, our endorsement goes to the Freedom Party of Ontario under the leadership of Paul McKeever.

Why Freedom Party? To answer that question in a way rarely understood or appreciated, Paul McKeever joins us to discuss many of the persistently pursued, failed, and futile political strategies to which well-intentioned advocates of freedom continually succumb.

For those anxious or desperate to escape a given tyranny of the day, the idea of supporting a new and original political option is immediately dismissed.

Instead, this group is focused on ‘voting against’ the party in power and will generally choose to vote for any other party that appears to have a chance of winning an election. The fact that all of the parties in this electoral position are the same – ideologically and politically – merely offers an option of replacing one tyrant with another. Continue reading »

Oct 072021

Hate is alive and well within Canada’s mainstream political parties and media, and mandated vaccination passports have made this socially acceptable.

Expect an onslaught of hate against the Right to be intensified over the coming months ahead. The increased popularity of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) following the Canadian election has triggered the likes of Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau to publicly deliver an unconscionable hate rant – against the so-called ‘unvaccinated’ – unlike anything ever heard from a Canadian prime minister.

Despite the visible tidal wave of deaths and ‘adverse’ reactions to the so-called ‘vaccines’ being mandated by governments everywhere, Trudeau nevertheless continues to mandate the poisonous concoctions. But with adverse reactions expected to reach astronomical proportions over the months ahead, those pushing the ‘vaccines’ can’t hide forever.

Like globalists everywhere, our political tyrants have gotten themselves backed into an unresolvable disaster of their own making. Their chosen recourse now is to look for scapegoats on which to project their failures, hatreds, and sheer immorality.

Outrageously, and against all the evidence, they are blaming the unvaccinated for causing the harms done by their mandated ‘vaccines.’ For the ‘vaccinated,’ the catch-22 is that even they will be categorized as being unvaccinated after an established number of months; perpetual ‘booster shots’ are on the horizon, and promised freedoms will never materialize. Papers, please.

The so-called vaccine passports serve as passports to the politics of hate and are a means to divide and conquer both sides of the vaccine issue. Of course, the issue of ‘hate’ is less about hate itself, but about ‘what’ or ‘who’ that hate is being directed against. The irony and paradox about hate is that the Left considers it Just Right to hate a Right that represents freedom, tolerance, and respect.

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