Mar 222018

Doug Ford

Driven a Ford lately? Most Fords are capable of being driven in any direction, but the Ford being driven by the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party (PC) is only capable of steering Left.

Doug Ford is a likable character to many on the right, but the party driving him has a clear and consistent history of making Left turns only. The very crisis that conservatives blame on Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne’s ruling Liberal Party was in fact created and continues to be fueled by Ontario’s PC party. Under the PC banner, Doug Ford can now be counted upon to continue this Progressive tradition.

For example, within the span of but a single day following his election as PC leader, on the issue of the upcoming legalization of cannabis in Ontario, Ford switched from saying ‘Let markets dictate’ to ‘Let’s dictate the market.’

Making it clear that he himself does not support the legalization of cannabis, Ford later attempted to reconcile all of his contradictory statements with his pledge to “Start off in our controlled market, eventually I believe in the free market.” Continue reading »

Feb 222018

Ontario residents have increasingly been suffering under the burdens imposed by the province’s current Leftist Liberal government led by Kathleen Wynne.

Whether consciously aware of it or not, those seeking an alternative in the upcoming June election are faced with the reality that the other two parties sitting in the legislature are also on the Left. This means that their continued electoral success will only ensure that Ontario continues on its current destructive path, while the burdens experienced by Ontario’s residents will increase unabated.

Unfortunately, one of the parties in the legislature – the Progressive Conservative Party (PC)– has for years been falsely identified as a party on the Right, even though the PCs fully share the philosophy, ideology, planks and platforms that are advocated and implemented by their Leftist opponents. In an age of so-called ‘identity politics’ it is a tragedy that so few understand the true identity of the political parties for which they vote. Continue reading »

Feb 082018


In the wake of Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Leader Patrick Brown’s resignation due to anonymous allegations of sexual misconduct, the term “identity politics” has taken on a new – and valid – meaning. In this case, the “identity” in question concerns that of the Progressive Conservative (PC) Party itself.

Falsely viewed by many as a party on the Right, it is no such thing. The confusion is somewhat understandable, given that the PC Party sits in ‘opposition’ to the ruling Liberal Party, a party most definitely on the Left, as is the New Democratic Party (NDP).

Unfortunately, opposition in the legislature does not mean opposition to the ideas, principles, philosophies, or political direction of the other parties. In every essential way, the philosophy and leadership of the Progressive Conservatives point to the Left.

There is, however, one significant difference between Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives and the other parties of the Left. Continue reading »

Aug 312017

The spitting image of the Left

Spitting In The Face of Freedom and Democracy

Though an isolated incident during the downtown London Ontario protests this past weekend, the image of Bailey Lamon literally spitting on the face of a PEGIDA supporter is perfectly symbolic of what the rest of the 500 “counter-protesters” at the event were doing: spitting in the face of freedom and democracy.

Not surprisingly, the counter protesters consisted of a coalition of Leftists. Clearly identified individuals and groups included Marxists, Antifa “anti-fascist” fascists, the Communist Party of Canada, the fake news media and commentators (i.e., the London Free Press), and others. Hate-and-obscenity spewing professional agitators openly displayed their hate and obscenity on signs, flags bearing the hammer and sickle were flying, and many individuals in the crowd wore Marxist Che Guevara T-shirts.

Leading and encouraging the pack was none other than London’s mayor, Matt Brown, who proudly joined them in a display of public INTOLERANCE never before witnessed in London.

“Londoners came together, they stood in solidarity and they clearly communicated that there is no place for hate, racism, Islamophobia in our community,” he proudly boasted in the Aug 28 London Free Press. Continue reading »

Jul 272017

Kathleen Wynne Patrick Brown Fascism

Kevin Flynn, Ontario’s Minister of Labour (Liberal) has made it explicitly clear that his government’s planned minimum wage increase is not about minimum wages at all. The legislation has been designed primarily for the purpose of exercising the Liberal Party’s Marxist philosophy, most popularly (and incorrectly) understood as: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need…”

“We told our advisors ‘Don’t deal with minimum wage’ because we already have a good handle on that,” Flynn said to interviewer Andrew Lawton on July 10. “The underlying principle is that there are a number of people in our province that are doing very well these days.” (From each according to his ability…)

“The underlying concern is that people in this province are making less than $15 per hour, which we know is below the poverty level.” (…to each according to his need).

So the whole minimum wage debacle is not about minimum wages at all! It’s about socialist wealth redistribution, plain and simple. Straight from the Labour Minister’s mouth.

Continue reading »

Jul 202017

Calvin and Hobbes

In the world of politics, an operative principle is “Define, or be defined.” Unfortunately, whether that definition is objectively true or not is quite secondary to other political considerations.

As a result, the labels used to define differing ideologies and political policies do anything BUT define those so labeled. Left, right, centrist, liberal, conservative, democrat, and a whole host of other terms, have come to mean entirely different things to different people at different times.

Which side benefits by this confusion? The Left? Or the Right?

Who gets hurt? And how does the damage manifest itself?
Continue reading »

Apr 062017

Obama and Putin

Those falsely attempting to connect Donald Trump‘s electoral victory to Russian influences in the 2016 American election may well find themselves hoisted on their own petard.

Predicting that it will become bigger than the Watergate scandal, today’s in-studio guest Salim Mansur calls the upcoming major American political scandal “Obamagate“. Whatever the public may eventually come to know it as, there is certainly a clear “Obamagateway” straight to Russia – one whose path Salim traces in the wake of now-known facts and events that have come to light.

To deflect from their own Russian connections, the Democrats have launched a Russian affront against president Donald Trump, who has had no such history. The affront consists of the hypocrisy inherent in creating fake news to hide a truth, while simultaneously insulting American voters in the process. Continue reading »

Mar 232017

The Scream

Make no mistake: Our Islamophobic politicians are those most responsible for fostering the make-believe phobia against which they are passing “Motions.” The “motions” themselves are cause enough to be rightly concerned. This concern is entirely rational and appropriate. It is in no way “phobic.”

The constant “anti-Islamophobia” rhetoric generated by those in the legislature and in parliament has itself become a great threat. Since our MPPs and MPs appear unwilling to speak out against the very real threat of Islam’s political agenda, they have instead directed their efforts towards motions and agendas calculated to keep informed voices to a minimum, if not entirely silenced.

Fortunately, not every political party or its leader is “Islamophobic.” There is one political party and leader with the courage to publicly say what desperately needs to be said: Freedom Party and its leader Paul McKeever who is our guest today on Just Right. Continue reading »