Oct 052017


“I’m only twenty-five years old, and I don’t know anything about anything,” wisely chides our in-studio guest, Richard Raycraft.

That’s exactly why, as CHRW Radio’s (94.9 FM in London Ontario) News and Spoken Word Director who has a personal passion for the integrity of journalism, Richard likes to ask questions.

Having just completed a CBC radio documentary that has earned him acclaim, its subject matter is one in which Richard shares an additional passion beyond journalism: fighting against ISIS.

What would inspire someone like Richard to want to fight ISIS by joining a foreign militia? What was it that inspired two other young Canadians to do the same – and to lose their lives in the process? The answers to both questions are what merged as the theme of Richard’s documentary. Continue reading »

May 112017

USS Carl Vinson

Despite the establishment media’s continuing hostility to the president, including attempts to paint him as radical and unpredictable, Trump is far more traditional than were his immediate predecessors. That tradition, simply put, is one of acting in his own country’s interests.

“Speak softly and carry a big stick” reflects the Roosevelt foreign policy. It was described by past US president Theodore Roosevelt as “the exercise of intelligent forethought and of decisive action sufficiently far in advance of any likely crisis.”

Amir Farahi of the London Institute and Western University’s Associate Professor of Political Science Salim Mansur join us to share their assessment of what Trump’s early days in office have revealed – both about the president’s foreign policies and about some of the major crisis’ brewing around the globe today.

From America’s actions taken against Assad in Syria, to the bomb dropped in Afghanistan and to movements against North Korea, our conversation connects the dots between what most believe are isolated and unrelated conflicts in distant parts of the globe. Continue reading »

Aug 112016

Iran Nuclear Program

TerroRising Trends: So what’s new in the world of terrorism? What are terrorism’s latest explosive trends? What might be tomorrow’s terrorist strategies that we have yet to witness? What, if anything, can we do about it?

On the very day that we are learning of a thwarted terrorist attack on Canadian soil in Strathroy and possibly in London, those are just a few of the spotlighted questions we target on today’s Just Right. To help us in our quest, John Thompson of the Strategic Capital Intelligence Group joins us for a frank discussion about the realities of terrorist ambitions and efforts.

Today, terrorism is on the rise. That means that tomorrow, today’s terrorism levels will seem like the ‘good old days’. What motivates terrorists? Are they crazy? Are they ideological? Is there a difference?

For an examination of why there is a rise in this trend, as well as a look at how to effectively combat terrorism, join us as we search for the elusive right answers that have become clouded in our environment of political correctness. Continue reading »

Aug 062015

Parliament Buildings


00:07 The wrong to vote: voting about anything and everything, Canadian federal election under way, political parties, “who’s” vs “what’s”, politics and war, excuses for not voting, voting as an obligation or a right, blood and democracy
20:12 Screwing up royally: abolishing the monarchy, kingdom and freedom, constitutional monarchy vs royal family, voting reforms, referenda, first-past-the-post, proportional representation, dangers of a ranked ballot, abolishing the Senate,
35:35 Pan the Olympic Games I Am: 2015 Pan Am Games, Toronto 2024 Olympic bid, real reasons for hosting sporting events, conflict between politicians and public, Pan Am Games media negativity, catalysts for infrastructure, a brief history of sport funding losses and scandals
49:55 Harbouring memories of Pearl Harbor: Article 9 of Japan’s post-war Peace Constitution, Japan’s military, Japanese constitution, Japanese parliament votes to circumvent Article 9, Japanese president Shinzo Abe, no referendum, war and politics, Japan as a new player on the world military stage, a just war 59:20 END

Oct 022014

The Emperor's New Clothes


00:07 State of destruction: Benjamin Netanyahu, Islamic state of Iran, ISIS, United Nations Human Rights Council, nuclear war potential, civilian human shields, civilian targets, civilians in Gaza elected Hamas, Israel’s right to self defence, civilians not innocent, Second World War, Germany and Japan, doing what’s necessary to win, overthrow the civilian population
17:53 Liberally democratic: doing the job, all’s fair in love and war, fools in politics, disintegration of liberal democracy, growth of government jurisdiction, hating democracy, political spectrum, moral spectrum, voting is not democracy, voting is not consent, voter denial and pretense, living memory
30:00 The Empires Wear No Clothes: The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Hans Christian Andersen, ideal society, participating in a lie, socialism and democracy are incompatible, government is not a business, government is not a social charity, what is governed is force, theocracy, liberal democracy
48:50 Strange Brew? Mixing business with politics: using business to campaign for political candidates, potential intimidation, business risks involved in getting involved in politics, business interests vs private interests vs the public interest, public trust 59:34 END

Sep 042014



00:07 Prude police: Frosh week, Western Gazette, Megan Walker, moral guardian, media reactions to Gazette Frosh edition, Robyn Urback, Andrew Lawton, the prude police
17:25 Culturing a rape culture: Frosh week chants, modesty, Megan Walker, crying rape, redefining rape to advance feminist agendas
32:58 Feminist myths and misses: Christina Hoff Sommers, feminism, feminist myths, poverty, slavery, domestic violence, sexual assault
48:55 NOTO NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Ukraine, Canada’s commitment to NATO, NATO as a cause for the next world war, Treaty of Brussels, principles of mutual defence 55:42 END

Sep 262013

Breaking Syria


03:40 All The News Not Fit To Print: Egypt, current events, Morsi democratically elected, army vs Muslim Brotherhood, avoiding facts in the news,
Arab Spring and democracy, election plans, information vacuum, media mistake,
majority wisdom, media cover ups
19:18 Weapons: Stephen Harper On Chemicals – Is He? Syria, chemical
weapons, Obama’s red line, precedent, a brief history of chemical warfare
34:17 Conventional ContradicTories: Ontario PC convention, Tim Hudak,
democracy, leadership, London West by-election, by-election results, robopolls
46:18 The Not Quite Right To Work Laws: right to work, jobs, Sid Ryan,
unions, PC plan, union dues, political spending, job creation 57:49

Sep 122013

Just Right


00:07 Not Right Wing, Just Right: Just Right, left and right, ‘totalitarian capitalism’, political spectrum, power struggle, socialism is a dirty word
16:40 The Uncentred Center: political superstitions in the centre, why there is no centre, left-overs, from left right and centre to just right
34:20 Sinister Or Dexterous? Who’s Right? Caller Matthew: food and poison, etymology of left and right, a brief history of left-wing and right-wing, France 1789, monarchists and revolutionaries, extreme right and left, fluid political ideologies, consistency prevails, blurred ideological distinctions, conservatives legislate most left, dexterous, ruler of conduct, negative left, sinister, right or wrong – not right or left, just right, Star Trek series on philosophy
47:47 Foreign To Reason Policy On Syria: Yaron Brook, why Syria? conventional vs chemical weapons, foreign policy based on emotion and fear, no self-interest at stake, Obama’s stupid red line, the real red line, altruistic intervention, emotion-driven foreign policy, protect individual rights, true left and right, Star Trek’s prime directive, trade embargo 1:00:05 END