668 – From the rule of law to the law of rule

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Aug 202020

For those cognizant of the facts, it can no longer be denied that the whole COVID-19 pandemic has been an orchestrated fraud from the very beginning. Worse, it is a political/criminal conspiracy, comprised of politicians, government health officials, the mainstream media, and various corporate interests.

Sadly, there will always be those who find this difficult to believe or accept. Those who swallow the daily overdose of propaganda about COVID-19 being spewed by the mainstream media and by our politicians still do not understand the nature of the fear that they have been forced to endure. Its cause is fascism, not the SARS CoV-2 virus.

For hard evidence, just look at what is already happening right now in Victoria Australia, a horrifying scenario mirroring precisely the plans already being implemented by all globalist politicians in Canada, the United States and Europe – at every level of government.

It’s remarkable how many people remain unaware that, thanks to the COVID-19 conspiracy, parts of Australia have been turned into a literal police state, no different from communist China. The mainstream media does not want the world to realize that the Australian experience is a clear example of the ‘new normal’ they so eagerly anticipate.
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The Path to Freedom – The Danielle Metz Show 066

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Jun 262019

Audio as broadcast on WBCQ

In any election, by the time you vote, most of the decisions regarding who will form the government have already been made – and not by you. So what can we do to more fully participate in our cherished democracies?

With over 60 years of political involvement between them, Danielle and Robert entreat fellow freedom-loving people to be as involved in politics to the same degree and intensity as those who would take our freedoms away. While voting is the last action we take to determine the way we are governed it is by no means the only action afforded to us.

Join Danielle and Robert as they go through a list of the many ways we can influence the decision-making process and pave the path to freedom.

Andrew Lawton – Ideological conformity in politics and the media

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Aug 182018

In her second “free speech pub night” Lindsay Shepherd of The Laurier Society For Open Inquiry introduced Andrew Lawton to speak on Ideological Conformity in Politics and the Media.

Andrew Lawton is a writer, columnist, broadcaster, and former radio talk show host. With a quick wit, entertaining speaking skills, and personal anecdotes he reveals the lunacy of post-modernism and the problem with politics in both Canada and the United States.

546 – At war with trade / The bad Samaritan

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Mar 082018

Pouring Steel

No good deed goes unpunished, especially if that good deed results in a win-win situation. That’s the lesson being enforced by the City of London’s crackdown on one driver who offered inexpensive rides to cancer patients.

It all began when a story broke that the city had carried out a ‘sting’ operation and fined a volunteer driver for offering a personalized two-way transportation service to these patients – because she charged a nominal fee ($12) to cover her own expenses.

Though strongly supportive of the driver, the community’s collective outrage unfortunately became misdirected against bylaw enforcement officers who were merely acting in accordance with bylaws established by an elected municipal council. That rage should have been directed at the city’s controlled and regulated taxi industry, which is the source of the trade prohibition being forced upon each side – both the driver and the driver’s passengers.

Called a ‘good Samaritan’ by many, the anonymous driver (referred to as ‘Nancy’ in some media coverage) was praised for her selfless service to others. It was widely expressed that without people like ‘Nancy’ available for those in need, the needy would have no other affordable transportation options. The outpouring of support from Londoners was expressed through open-line calls, letters to the editor, complaints to city hall, and thousands of dollars raised through public funding drives. Continue reading »

545 – Conservatism: Conserving the statist quo

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Mar 012018

War is Peace

The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party leaders debate once again demonstrates how so many who call themselves ‘conservative’ will support a party that is ‘conservative’ in name only and which has no history or evidence of ever having been in favor of freedom or capitalism. This phenomenon is not unique to Ontario, but has become equally applicable to conservatism everywhere in North America.

This attests to the power of words and language, and to the Left’s successful manipulation of concepts – usually to mean their opposite.

Therefore, far from being offered a true electoral choice – an alternative to the current political movement Leftward – voters are faced with what George Orwell might have called a “double plus good one party system.”

Conservatism’s ‘obituary’ was already written – by Ayn Rand – over a half century ago, based on the general assumption that conservatives were representatives of the Right (freedom and capitalism). But if this has ever been the case, there is no evidence for it, as our listeners will discover upon hearing her scathing analysis of conservatism as it existed in her time. Continue reading »

540 – Guest: Amir Farahi: Up the poll

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Jan 252018

Disneyland City Hall

Upon the release of last week’s London Institute poll on the city’s upcoming municipal election this fall, our guest Amir Farahi’s commentaries on what the poll tells us created quite a storm of controversy.

As executive director of the Institute, his harsh criticisms of London mayor Matt Brown and London city council has made him the person to turn to for expertise on the state of the city – and for a perspective on the city that provides a sober alternative to the official views.

Like many municipalities across North America, London has a very Left-leaning council, which means that much of municipal planning is really social engineering, determined by ideologies of the Left. From Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to fighting climate change, the city’s priorities are in direct conflict with those of the majority of Londoners.

Alarmingly, London falls dead last among all Canadian cities in employment rates and labor participation rates. The city now boasts the third highest poverty rate in Canada. It has a drug epidemic problem larger than that of Toronto or Vancouver, cities many times larger than London.

Not surprisingly, Mayor Matt Brown fared quite poorly on the London Institute’s poll. Brown’s past sex scandal, his skewed priorities and his state of the city address (which left much to be desired) have led to Londoners’ re-assessment of the mayor’s boasted “culture change” at city hall.

Also not too surprisingly, mayoralty maverick Paul Cheng scored highest in the poll, thanks to his declared opposition to BRT.

Of course, no candidate for the city’s mayor will be perfect, nor is any such expectation realistic.

We can only hope that with the information and knowledge provided by the likes of the London Institute and Amir Farahi, the next election’s results might point in a direction that could be Just Right for the city and for the times.

523 – Guests: Jenny Hill, Mark Vandermaas – PEGIDA rallies to defend free speech

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Sep 212017

Freedom of Speech

As predicted, the fallout from August 26th’s disgraceful “anti-hate” rally in downtown London Ontario is just beginning.

The big question now is this: Will this coming Saturday’s (September 23) next PEGIDA rally spark the same kind of response or will the city just simply attempt to ignore it?

OR: will Jenny Hill and PEGIDA get their much-deserved apology from the city?

Having been falsely accused by London’s mayor and most of the media of being “white supremacists” and “racists,” now that the truth is out, will those guilty of casting false accusations do the RIGHT thing or will they simply ignore reality and continue on their journey in the LEFT direction – and do the wrong thing?

As if that’s not enough to keep us all on the edge of our seats, what you’ll hear from our guests today, Mark Vandermaas of Israel Truth Week and Jenny Hill of PEGIDA, will no doubt be alarming to many – as well it should. Continue reading »