The corruption disruption – The Danielle Metz Show 052

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Mar 122019

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The clouds are circling around Prime Minister Justin “Sunny Ways” Trudeau in the form of a scandal regarding Canada’s largest construction company: SNC-Lavalin, based in Trudeau’s home province of Quebec.

The Prime Minister’s Office, officials and even the Prime Minister himself have been accused of pressuring the then Attorney General and Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould to override the Director of Public Prosecution and give SNC-Lavalin a walk on bribery and fraud charges during an election year. When she didn’t, she was fired.

She did not go quietly.

What does this scandal mean for the fate of the federal Liberals in Canada? Just what does it say about the state of Canadian politics in general? Join Danielle and Robert to find out.

Jan 272019

Being required to ‘prove a negative’ perhaps defines one of the fundamental roots of injustice (to say nothing of irrationality), and yet, that is what Canada’s latest round of ‘drunk driving’ laws (under Canada’s Bill C-46) actually does.

Under the new ‘drunk driving’ laws, those caught over the ‘legal limit’ any time within two hours after having last driven a motor vehicle, can now be required to ‘prove’ their sobriety when they last drove. Being over the legal alcohol limit any time within two hours after having last driven is now considered an impaired driving offense, even though not driving at the time.

And when a sober Mississauga driver returned what was deemed to be an ‘excessive’ number of bottles for recycling at his Beer Store, he found himself forced to take a breathalyzer to prove his sobriety.

Given an absence of ‘probable cause’ and the requirement of reverse onus, in their assessment of this situation Danielle and Robert entertain the possibility of an encroaching ‘police state.’ Continue reading »

Dec 202018

mass migration

With the signing of the United Nations Global Compact for Migration, it has been made clear that all of its signatories are globalist, socialist, and intent on destroying the cultures within the host countries slated for mass migration.

Touted as a ‘non-binding’ agreement by Canada’s Justin Trudeau, Germany’s Angel Merkel contrarily declared that when two-thirds of the United Nations member states agree to the Compact (as they did on December 10 in Morocco), then it becomes “legally binding for all (even for states that rejected it). That’s how majority decision-making works.”

While it is a universal truth that “that’s how majority decision-making works,” this is only valid if those making the decision have a clear mandate to do so from the people they are governing, and if consent from those governed was obtained in advance of any such decisions.

As Dr. Salim Mansur observes, the so-called ‘majority decisions’ are all being made only on behalf of migrants, with only migrant issues/concerns being addressed. Those already living in the host countries are rarely considered in the decision making process. Indeed, they are often treated as less than welcome in their own countries, and labeled as ‘racist’ or ‘anti-immigrant’ or advocates of ‘white privilege,’ etc., for voicing objections to any problems created by the flood of artificially inflated ‘migration.’ Continue reading »

The threat from globalism and the UN Compact for Migration – Salim Mansur

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Dec 062018

Salim Mansur, Associate Professor of Political Science at Western University, answers our questions about the purpose and possible effects of Canada signing The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.

He suggests that the Compact for Migration is but one facet of a broader agenda by globalists to demolish nation states and national sovereignty. He faults Justin Trudeau for entering into such an agreement calling him the “poster child” for the globalist agenda.

Salim issues a dire warning to Canada that its signing the Compact on Migration may trigger the United States to tighten up its northern border and perhaps even build a wall separating Canada from the United States as they work to do the same on their southern border with Mexico.

Video – The UN Global Compact on Migration – A plea from Salim Mansur

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Dec 032018

The Canadian Liberal government of Justin Trudeau is set to sign the United Nations Global Compact for Safe Orderly and Regular Migration in Morocco on December 10, 2018.

Salim Mansur, Associate Professor of Political Science at Western University urges his fellow Canadians to contact their Members of Parliament and register their outrage and opposition to this attack on Canadian values, identity, and sovereignty.

Mansur labels Trudeau the “poster child of the UN borderless world” and predicts that this Compact will usher in a new global world order which will destroy Canada and the countries of the global north.

We here at Just Right share Professor Mansur’s concerns and consider this action by the Liberal government of Canada to be a watershed moment in the long history of our nation and an existential threat to our existence as a country.

Here is Salim’s latest article in American Thinker regarding the Compact:

Nov 292018

Tommy Robinson with Andrew Lawton

With a first-hand account of several arresting developments in the ‘re-trial’ of Britain’s Tommy Robinson, guest Andrew Lawton shares some of his personal observations about the real story behind the on-going trials of Tommy Robinson. As a fellow of the True North Initiative, Andrew recently found himself face-to-face with members of the British media while attending court proceedings there.

It turned out that there was less to report about Tommy, than about how the British media has (not) been reporting the arresting developments related to his ‘contempt of court’ charges. To complicate matters, discussion about the issue at the core of the entire controversy – immigration and the problems related to political Islam – is not tolerated.

Having declared the media an “enemy of the people,” Tommy Robinson does not risk alienating a media that might otherwise objectively report the facts surrounding the sheer injustice to which he has been subject. Britain’s mainstream media, like the North American mainstream media, is primarily Leftist in nature, cocooned in an environment where ‘facts-don’t-matter.’

In an age where people can see the ‘facts’ for themselves thanks to modern technology and communications, the contrast between what the mainstream reports and what people can see is difficult to avoid. Yet the Left does indeed avoid it, without apology. Continue reading »

573 – Guest: Salim Mansur – Political theatre from NAFTA to The New York Times

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Sep 132018


How Canada will fare in closing trade negotiations with the United States is among the big questions of the day. Actions like Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s impotent trade retaliations only serve to demonstrate Canada’s failure to understand the election of Donald Trump, a president who has vowed from the beginning that he would re-negotiate NAFTA.

So says Salim Mansur, who joins us for a discussion that illustrates ‘political theatre’ from NAFTA to the New York Times, where an admission of apparent criminal and unethical behavior on the part of an anonymous op-ed writer is being reported as reflecting poorly on Donald Trump! Thanks to the Trump Derangement Syndrome, when it comes to anything political, we don’t get news anymore. Instead we get political theatre masquerading as news.

Watching Leftist politicians/media on both sides of the Canada/US border signal the virtues of ‘free trade’ while standing firm on their protectionist policies is pure political theatre. It is political theatre watching them accuse Trump of being the villain opposed to free trade – when the only national leader on the world stage who has explicitly sought ‘zero’ tariffs and barriers in those very terms has been Donald Trump!

Fact is, certain economic interests often join forces with political interests willing to use the force of law to give them a trade advantage by placing barriers and tariffs on their competition. Or, an advantage can be secured by government subsidies or tax breaks unavailable to others. Given his ‘no tariffs no barriers’ trade philosophy, that’s why Donald Trump is their enemy and must be made to look the fool.

Free trade is not merely about economics, as most would like to believe. In arriving at a trade deal that is Just Right for everyone affected, it might be useful to remember that the ‘free’ in ‘free trade’ ultimately refers to the individuals engaged in it.