Dec 062018

Salim Mansur, Associate Professor of Political Science at Western University, answers our questions about the purpose and possible effects of Canada signing The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.

He suggests that the Compact for Migration is but one facet of a broader agenda by globalists to demolish nation states and national sovereignty. He faults Justin Trudeau for entering into such an agreement calling him the “poster child” for the globalist agenda.

Salim issues a dire warning to Canada that its signing the Compact on Migration may trigger the United States to tighten up its northern border and perhaps even build a wall separating Canada from the United States as they work to do the same on their southern border with Mexico.

Dec 032018

The Canadian Liberal government of Justin Trudeau is set to sign the United Nations Global Compact for Safe Orderly and Regular Migration in Morocco on December 10, 2018.

Salim Mansur, Associate Professor of Political Science at Western University urges his fellow Canadians to contact their Members of Parliament and register their outrage and opposition to this attack on Canadian values, identity, and sovereignty.

Mansur labels Trudeau the “poster child of the UN borderless world” and predicts that this Compact will usher in a new global world order which will destroy Canada and the countries of the global north.

We here at Just Right share Professor Mansur’s concerns and consider this action by the Liberal government of Canada to be a watershed moment in the long history of our nation and an existential threat to our existence as a country.

Here is Salim’s latest article in American Thinker regarding the Compact:

Nov 222018


Remembrance Day ceremonies in France this past November 11 turned out to be a sad reminder of much more than the 100-year-old tragedy that was WWI.

With French president Emmanuel Macron charging that “The old demons are rising again,” one is forced to conclude that he was looking in a mirror. Citing the dangers of ‘nationalism’ and the ‘collective good’ of ‘globalism,’ Macron demonstrated loud and clear that he is among the demons.

When he acknowledged that the “traces of this war never went away,” Macron was indeed ironic; socialism is still with us to this very day – and is on the rise, just as it was prior to the last two world wars. Thus, the key lesson that should have been learned from that history still remains undefined and continues to go unheeded.

In an inappropriate attempt to address U.S. president Donald Trump’s proud declaration that he is a ‘nationalist,’ Macron again ironically chose to use the Remembrance Day ceremonies as his opportunity to promote the very collectivism that the West was forced to fight during the last two world wars. Continue reading »

Nov 152018

Iwo Jima

“If any question why we died, Tell them, because our fathers lied.” ~ Rudyard Kipling

In sharing Kipling’s sentiment that reflected upon the reasons behind the great loss of life in the Great War, it is alarming to consider that even today, the same Great Lie continues to be perpetuated: socialism is good; nationalism is bad.

In the second of a two-part Remembrance Day reflection, our conversation with Salim Mansur connects the dots between the First World War, the Second World War, and beyond. With Remembrance Day now behind us, we can turn our attention toward the present and future to consider how the lessons of WWI and WWII should be applied.

The period between the two world wars saw the collapse of European empires, the creation of nation states, the rise of communism and national socialism in Germany, and the adoption of socialism as a ‘remedy’ for economic hardships in all European states. The ‘witch’s brew’ in which they all simmered resulted in both WWI and WWII – a “collective suicide” that is an inevitable consequence of collectivism itself.

Alarmingly, today we increasingly find ourselves in that same collectivist brew, suffering under the same ideologies that precipitated both wars – ideas that originated and germinated in Europe. (Consider that ANTIFA today flies the German communist flag.) Continue reading »

Aug 092018


The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as we know it no longer exists. In an era of shifting trade winds precipitated by the free trade policies of Donald Trump (no tariffs, no barriers, no subsidies, etc), the threat of a global ‘trade war’ has now crossed the horizon.

That ‘war’ is being precipitated by the nations who most insist on maintaining their controls on free trade, while hypocritically pretending to be on the side of ‘free trade.’ To them, Donald Trump is the ‘bully.’ Bully for them. But crying ‘bully’ doesn’t make it so.

As Western University’s assistant professor of political science Salim Mansur illustrates, we are witnessing a shift in world trade – away from the destructive policies of ‘globalism’ and back to a world of sovereign nations, each determining its own destiny and interests against those imposed upon it by other nations.

The lesson to be learned is that every nation – whether under ‘globalism’ or ‘nationalism’ – will always act in its own interest. As soon as that interest in no longer served, old ‘alliances’ quickly fade while new ones are formed.

Continue reading »

Aug 022018


Anyone attending his London Ontario appearance at Centennial Hall on July 21 would have noticed that Jordan Peterson’s message is no longer focused on gender issues or on his conflict with university policies. His mission has now turned towards philosophical fundamentals and the determination of Truth.

In this venture, Dr Peterson has relied heavily upon religious and mythological symbolism and metaphor, while finding himself opposed to most ‘atheistic’ philosophical interpretations of Truth. Secular philosophies, he suggests, are incapable of describing humanity’s Truth, lacking “an animated, spiritual world, saturated with meaning, imbued with moral purpose.”

This view of Truth has now itself become subject to a growing controversy, one ironically being debated amongst those who are already generally agreed that Truth and Reality are objectively determined – which includes today’s show panelists as they review some of the ideas of Jordan Peterson.

Do abstractions and religious stories used to describe Truth help clarify or confuse the issue? The correct answer may simply depend on perspective and context. Continue reading »

Jul 082018

It’s clear that the world will never learn the truth about what’s really happening at the Mexican-American border, if the fake news media continues to report ‘facts’ that just ain’t so.

That’s the reality that comes to light as Danielle and Robert look at some of those facts, best illustrated by Time magazine’s fake news story featured on a recent cover with the heading: “Welcome to America.”

It’s not the fake cover photo with Trump looking down at a young child purported ‘ripped’ from her mother’s custody at the Mexican-American border that’s at issue. That could be fair editorial comment. What’s at issue is the fake news story that the cover represents.

The devil is in the details, as with many stories of this nature. Not only was the young child never ‘ripped’ – or even separated – from the custody of her mother, but the mother herself was in custody of the child illegally. And that’s the tip of this particular iceberg. Continue reading »

Jun 212018


It’s too bad that the substance of U.S. President Donald Trump’s statement at the G7 Summit in Charlevoix, Quebec on June 9 was utterly lost on the general public. His message needed to be heard.

The media tirades against Trump’s policy on trade serve a purpose and it is not to enlighten. Their purpose is to create confusion about where Trump stands on free trade, to hide corrupt trade practices like ‘Supply Management’ in Canada, and to express their hatred about the reality that U.S. President Donald Trump holds all the cards – and Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau holds none.

Both the mainstream media and Leftist political interests portray Trump’s threats of tariffs and trade barriers as a threat to the status quo trade that exists now. None want to acknowledge Trump’s strategy as a means to push other nations to drop their own tariffs, barriers, and subsidies – which is exactly what Donald Trump has been telling them he’s doing all along.

“No tariffs. No barriers. No subsidies. That’s the way it should be,” Trump stressed at the G7 Summit, but few have even heard these words, and continue to believe that Trump is against ‘free trade.’ Continue reading »