Jan 162020

“I call it Climate Change BS and by BS – if I have to spell it out – I mean Bad Science!” concludes our guest Dave Plumb, whose book ‘Inconveniently Screwed’ describes and explains the ‘good’ science behind what we actually do know about climate change and its causes.

In the face of continuing outrageous claims about a pending ‘climate crisis,’ the real science of climate has been replaced by the fake ‘political science’ of Leftist politicians.

Since ‘facts don’t matter’ to those on the Left, the whole climate change debate can become quite frustrating for those who think that facts do matter. The relentless efforts of the Left to continue promoting their climate fiction can only be resisted and defeated by a similar relentless effort on the part of those who have the Right ideas about climate and climate change.

As always, the real climate the Left is talking about – and wants to change – is our political climate. The only consistency to be found in their arguments about climate change is a hatred of individual freedom, capitalism, and of humanity itself. Forced discussions about carbon dioxide and weather concerns are mere distractions from their evil intentions.

With one form of BS (Bad Science) being promoted via another form of BS (Bad Schools), facts are the last thing the Left wants to hear about.

Given the Bad Science being taught in Bad Schools, it would be Just Right to conclude that the politics being used to support and promote those two forms of BS is the BS of the traditional type.

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Jan 132020

In the wake of the deliberate downing of Ukrainian Flight 752 and the killing of 57 Canadians Professor Salim Mansur suggests that there are fifth columnists in the Canadian Parliament aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamists in Tehran who are acting against Canadian interests in our dealing with the terrorist theocracy of Iran.

We are well past the time that the Canadian people wake up and demand that Canada clean its house of Islamist sympathizers. We should demand stiffer action and stiffer response against such rogue states as Iran under the mullahs.

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Jan 092020

Hightened tensions in Iraq and Iran have overshadowed the conflicts that the Americans are having at home with their President once again becoming the target of Democratic terrorist sympathizers.

Congress, the Press, and many Americans have forgotten their history by condemning President Trump’s actions in Iraq and the taking out of terrorist Qassem Soleimani. Where once they lauded President Reagan for the assassination attempt on Muammar Gaddafi in 1986 and hailed President Obama as a hero for conducting the killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, Trump is vilified for acting in the nation’s defense and interests in Iraq.

Professor Emeritus Salim Mansur of Western University once again reminds us of the hypocrisy of the Trump-deranged Democrats and the two-faced media by putting the latest actions in the Middle East in historical perspective.

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Jan 092020

In the absence of any objective evidence whatever, on December 18 2019, the Democratic Party voted to impeach U.S. President Donald Trump. In so doing, Democrats followed through on their announced intention to impeach from the very first moment of Trump’s election in 2016. Worse, House speaker Nancy Pelosi withheld the articles of impeachment from the Senate as if to emphasize that due process has no place in the world of Democrats.

Having first unsuccessfully blamed Trump’s electoral victory on Russian interference, then on false accusations of racism and other improprieties, Democrats eventually settled upon a phone call made by Trump to the president of Ukraine as the grounds for their long-intended impeachment vote.

What makes their whole impeachment process particularly laughable is that it has been a total exercise in projection: every accusation made against Trump relates to verifiable actions taken by Hillary Clinton and a host of Democrats in the past.

To add insult to injury, the mainstream media has utterly abandoned its role as the fourth estate by repeating the lies and falsehoods promoted by the Democrats and by expressing outright personal hatreds directed towards the president.

As Salim Mansur concludes on today’s broadcast, at the heart of the futile effort to implicate Trump in various conspiracies and illegal activities lies the Left’s Progressive agenda, which takes the form of socialism and communism. Thus, it is Just Right to conclude that in reality, they’re not after Trump; they’re after the American people, and Trump is just in the way.

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Jan 062020

Politics has become a war of shifting definitions with both the Conservatives and the Liberals becoming ‘progressives’ and ‘collectivists’ yet continuing to call themselves something they clearly are not.

Professor Bruce Pardy of Queen’s University, Professor Emeritus Salim Mansur of Western University and Robert Vaughan of Just Right Media try to make some sense of the confusing labels.

Rounding out the discussion is why the People’s Party of Canada failed to capture the support of Canadians in the last federal election even though they lie squarely in that “sweet spot of liberty” reserved for the individualistic, classical liberals.

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Jan 042020

The killing of Qassem Soleimani is but one of a series of events in the Iran/USA saga spanning 40 years and should be taken as a sign of a decisive President who will not back down to evil.

Salim Mansur and Robert Vaughan discuss the complex backstory to this perpetual testing of diplomatic nerves and political intrigue.

At the heart of it is a President attempting to clean up the sordid mess left by preceding Administrations who have appeased and kowtowed to bullies, cowards, and a theocratic dictatorship ready to spread their vile ideology throughout the world.

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Dec 312019

In Part 3 of our “Rethinking Canada” series Professor Salim Mansur and Robert Vaughan discuss the People’s Party of Canada option for voters looking to unite the country.

Part 1 – The Alienation of The West
Part 2 – Conservative Party Mediocrity
Part 3 – The People’s Party Option

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