Mar 292018

social media

The term ‘social metaphysics’ was coined by philosopher-novelist Ayn Rand to describe the philosophy of those who regard the consciousness of others as superior to their own – and to the facts of reality. Fascinatingly, the term ‘social media’ appears to describe much the same phenomenon.

Having passed away long before the evolution of on-line social media, Rand could never have guessed just how literal and visibly explicit her description of a social metaphysician would become. “It is only a social metaphysician who could conceive of such absurdity as hoping to win an intellectual argument by hinting: ‘But people won’t LIKE you!’”

Our experience with posters to Just Right’s Facebook page regarding our past two shows offered us a glaring illustration of just how impossible it is to have any meaningful dialogue with social metaphysicians – in this case, with Progressive Conservative and Doug Ford (‘Ford nation’) supporters. Their blatant (and proud!) dismissal of unequivocally accurate facts, of history, and of ideas goes a long way in explaining many other negative observations increasingly being made about social media.

The recent controversy involving Cambridge Analytica’s use of Facebook’s database to spread false news to millions of people during election periods is merely one of many scams made possible thanks to social metaphysicians. Continue reading »

Mar 232017

The Scream

Make no mistake: Our Islamophobic politicians are those most responsible for fostering the make-believe phobia against which they are passing “Motions.” The “motions” themselves are cause enough to be rightly concerned. This concern is entirely rational and appropriate. It is in no way “phobic.”

The constant “anti-Islamophobia” rhetoric generated by those in the legislature and in parliament has itself become a great threat. Since our MPPs and MPs appear unwilling to speak out against the very real threat of Islam’s political agenda, they have instead directed their efforts towards motions and agendas calculated to keep informed voices to a minimum, if not entirely silenced.

Fortunately, not every political party or its leader is “Islamophobic.” There is one political party and leader with the courage to publicly say what desperately needs to be said: Freedom Party and its leader Paul McKeever who is our guest today on Just Right. Continue reading »

Feb 162017



Following his ascent to notoriety when confronted by “gender warriors” at the University of Toronto late last year, Dr Jordan Peterson found himself entangled in a debate with Sam Harris (Waking Up with Sam Harris, January 21/17) that offered a truly rare insight into a fundamental philosophical dilemma. What is the nature of truth?

Having begun their discussion in general agreement on the broader issues, their talk ground to a halt when it became clear that there was an incredible chasm between how each viewed “truth.” For over an hour, their attempt to reconcile the two very different views of truth merely widened the chasm between them. The discussion was halted and a call was put out to their listeners for insight to their dilemma.

Today’s Just Right guest Paul McKeever offered exactly that, and his assessment of “what went wrong” in the Peterson-Harris exchange drew the attention of Peterson himself. At the root of their dilemma, and indeed at the root of Professor Peterson’s problems with “gender warriors,” suggests Paul, was a deep and long held misunderstanding about the nature of pragmatism.
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Dec 082016

Dr. Jordan Peterson

Dr Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto has earned the world’s attention – and our respect and admiration – for standing up and speaking out against the irrationality and destructive ideologies of the so-called “gender warriors” who are attacking him. Far from being “warriors,” they are really leftist thugs pretending to have a cause – one that they are unable to articulate or verbalize.

Being as confused and ignorant about language as they are about their own sexuality, “gender warriors” must make up words in an attempt to reflect the unreality in which they exist. As a consequence their words are unreal and no one can even remember or recite them all, let alone relate to them. The “gender warriors” are victims of their own making. Now they want to victimize everyone else.

Unfortunately, their self-imposed personal tragedies are now being imposed on everyone else by our leftist establishment and politicians. This should not be surprising since ideologies of the left are as unreal as the words they must force us all to use. Canadian and provincial laws have been enacted that make it a criminal offence to not recognize many of the more than 39 various make-believe words that have been created to define the indefinable.

This is not a “war” about “gender.” Nor is it a war over “free speech,” though that is certainly a critical front in the war. But the real greater conflict is about speech and language itself, and the planned conscious destruction of one’s ability to think and reason. Continue reading »

Dec 012016

Justin Trudeau in the arms of Fidel Castro

With his father Pierre, it was Trudeaumania. With Justin, it’s more like Trudeaumaniac. On the heels of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro‘s death, Canada’s Prime Minister made that extra effort to show the world that he is in serious need of a reality check. Like father, like son?

From the implications of Justin Trudeau’s admiration for dictatorships and dictators, to his penchant for “proportional representation,” these are signals that should alarm any freedom-minded nations and individuals.

Here is the statement by the Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, on the death of former Cuban President Fidel Castro issued from Antananarivo, Madagascar, November 26, 2016:

It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President.

“Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century. A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation. Continue reading »

Jan 282016

John MacMurray

00:03 Just Wrote: feedback from Paul T – Murray – Rob – Trevor, our WBCQ sponsor Paul Lambert, skepticism, cause of feedback, cause of ship, introducing the four causal modalities – Formal – Material – Efficient – Final
17:15 No time for cause: integrated knowledge vs retention of facts, motivation of the left, John Macmurray on cause, natural law, the continuant, law of nature as pattern of continuance, time and the present, Leonard Peikoff on cause, entities vs actions, time travel fantasies
33:20 Necessity of choice: the inefficiency of efficient cause, cause vs motivation, from facts and stats to knowledge, significant knowledge, knowledge as source of morality and ethics, choice and knowledge
44:25 The sum of your experiences: life as an end in itself, predictions vs intentions, be cause, knowledge and eternity, first cause, God, existence
59:42 END

Mar 272014



00:07 : Parallel Contradictions – Science’s quantum dilemma: gravitational waves, big bang theory, multiverses, sloppy language of science, fundamental truths of science, quantum physics, theoretical models vs reality, computer models, mathematical models, no validation of evidence, membrane theory, theories that defy reason, universe concepts at odds with reality, time and dimensions
15:44 : Universal strings of theories that lead to the dumb hypothesis: great sci-fi theories and TV shows, uncertainty principle, probability, Dr. Leonard Peikoff, The DIM Hypothesis on the Uncertainty Principle, Disintegration-Integration-Misintegration, perversion of language in science, intentions and science, looking back into time, imagination and creativity in science serves a purpose but…
31:22 : From Prohibition to Monopoly – Pot Laws going to pot: Canada’s drug law strategy, drug prohibition, drug monopoly, medicinal pot, Medical Marijuana Access Program (MMAP), Health Canada, Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR), unintended consequences, black market, looser pot laws on horizon, medical marijuana court injunction, commercial pot grow-ops, Cheech and Chong
48:26 :Breaking the ‘recreational’ pot myth: quantum politics?, recreational vs medicinal cannabis, caffeine-nicotine-alcohol as recreational drugs, government monopolies on vice, real intentions, regulated drugs, organized crime 59:27 END

Mar 062014

Putin's Ukraine


00:07: Ukraine: Starving to discover capitalism and freedom: Israel Truth Week, Ukraine crisis, personal connection to Ukraine: Maximilian Hillinger, Krivoy Rog (Krivojrog), Russian legacy, Ayn Rand, the continuing politics of mass starvation, beware of Putin, democracy
16:16: Putin Elects to use force: the myth of Democracy in Ukraine: Russian troops in Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich, events leading to the crisis, Ukraine’s ethnic quagmire, narrow concepts of liberal democracy, ethnic division, language laws, no democracy but mob rule, Brussels or Moscow
33:18: Democratic Deficit: the myth of democracy in London Ontario: Municipolitics, civic engagement, London X, citizen participation, Rob Ford, politics, government, political parties, voting
46:12: Creative debating on creation: creationism vs evolution, religion, God, atheism, the supreme being, existence and non-existence, knowledge, reality, morality, choice, Calvin Smith, belief in non existence, no debate possible on creation 58:30 END