438 – Winning a debate by ending it / Moral relativism’s relevance / Infernal revenuers

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Feb 042016

Infernal RevenuersTopics:
00:03 Presumptuous Causes: feedback on cause and effect, ‘snapshots of the continuum’, events and causes in historical accounts, progressive thinking, Alberta’s drift to progressivism
13:15 Winning a debate by ending it: “Ecojustice” vs Friends of Science, global warming, climate change, freedom of speech, Calgary and Edmonton billboard campaign, Competition Bureau, censoring the debate, the ‘denier’ label, the nature of censorship, truth as the victim of censorship, Doomsday Clock, end-of-the-world predictions
31:30 Moral relativism’s relevancy: Roger Scruton on moral relativism, shared values, reality and God, progressive lack of external truths, comparing Objectivists and conservatives, nihilism’s imposing imperatives, nihilism’s contradiction, atheism’s variances
44:35 Proper tax: Roger Scruton’s conservative realization, common values, feedback from Liam on property taxes, preferable forms of taxation, land value tax, asset sales, selling the sales tax
59:42 END

404 – Guest: Dr. Andrew Bernstein – philosopher, novelist, radical for capitalism

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Jun 112015

Andrew Bernstein


00:07 Ego, ergo no go: resistance to Objectivism, progressive vs progress, making the case for capitalism, dominant moral code of altruism, abysmal record of socialism, confused views of altruism, values of pursuing self-interest
14:30 Philosophy’s course: course of philosophy, absorbing philosophy vs learning philosophy, being overwhelmingly positive through truth, open immigration, welfare state is the problem, moral case against welfare state
38:16 Objectivism’s class act: Atlas Shrugged, putting Ayn Rand’s books into schools, Obamacare, socialized health care, disappearance of independent thinking, legacies of Marxism, moral and economic ignorance, regulating the doctors – and profit, competition required, America is a mixed economy, stimulating demand restricting supply creates high prices
40:45 A war on drug prohibition: a case for ending drug prohibition, ethics of using recreational drugs, supporting a war on drugs without prohibition, transforming the political/legal battle into a moral/philosophical battle, virtues of clean living, lowering the homicide rates, juvenile reactions to legalizing drugs, paradoxical truths
55:25 END

393 – The militant atheist? / The choice: Objectivism vs the status quo

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Mar 262015



00:07 The militant atheist? Conrad Black vs the militant atheist, using logic to justify faith, God as creator, God as standard of good, H.L. Mencken vs the militant theist, time and infinity, atheism is not a philosophy
14:15 Capital’s real Isms: capital is not an ism, claiming victims of capitalism, conservatism’s impotent defense of capitalism or freedom, misrepresenting capitalism as slavery
31:55 The choice: Paul McKeever, Ayn Rand or status quo, ad hominim attacks against Ayn Rand, Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, rationality as the highest virtue
40:55 Just plain silly: right or wrong vs good or evil, silly assertion, arbitrary claims, insanity label is a judgement, Progressive Conservative moral and political record, Freedom Party moral standard, immoral Christian influences on the law, philosophy requires effort, faith is effortless, Objectivism unjustly vilified 57:17 END

386 – Affirmative offense / Affirmative conspiracy / Who is Ayn Rand?

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Feb 052015

Ayn Rand with Phil Donahue


00:07 Affirmatively offensive: feminist boycott of Fifty Shades, affirmative consent, Kathleen wynne’s sexual education curriculum for Ontario, media updates on affirmative consent, negative consequences to affirmative consent
14:42 Affirmative conspiracy: Ontario Human Rights tribunal, allegations proved false when conspiracy uncovered, Katherine McKee’s allegation against Bill Cosby, redefining rape, obliterating the concept of consent
29:35 Who is Ayn Rand?: Ayn Rand under attack, personal vs principle, philosophy is an unknown field, ridiculing Rand, hating the good for being good, rejecting the discipline of being objective, many philosophers to ridicule – only one ridiculed
46:45 The Ayn Rand haters: videos featuring Ayn Rand, lack of reputable criticisms against Rand, critics ignorant of philosophy, rational self-interest as the moral standard, the Rand haters, capitalism vs force, a philosophy for living life on this earth 57:30 END

384 – Bill Cosby vs the tabloid press / Do animals have rights?

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Jan 222015

Puss in Boots


00:07 UFOs vs Bill Cosby: continuing allegations against Bill Cosby, critical mass, playing the numbers against Cosby, UFO sighting comparison, unidentified feminist objectives behind the Cosby controversy
10:45 Consider the source – tabloid trash: Cosby allegations are not new, checking the facts, feminism, Megan Walker, London Abused Women’s Centre is a feminist centre, Cosby performance in Denver, Chloe Goins’ toe-sucking allegation, guilty until proven innocent, Goins’ allegation demonstrated false, Beth Ferrier allegation bought by National Enquirer for exclusive story
29:50 Animals – rights, status, or property:  animal welfare, animal rights, torture of animals, giving animals status in law, Ayn Rand’s theory of rights, Craig Biddle of the Objective Standard, God – government – nature, inalienable rights, observation-based morality, process of life
41:55 Don’t ask Alice: Why Alice the chicken doesn’t have rights, volition vs instinct, reason and rights, social context, the nature of the object, animate vs inanimate objects, status for animals, status for humans, sentient, custody of animals, gradation of ownership principles, humane treatment of animals 57:54 END

378 – Bill Cosby – Separating the artist from the art / Objectivism’s Catch-22

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Nov 272014

Ayn Rand


00:07 Bill Cosby – art vs artist: boycotting Bill Cosby, confusing the art with the artist, personal lives of actors, boycott injustice
14:30 Just beCos: allegations against Bill Cosby, Spanish fly, taking allegations seriously, victim responsibility, court of public opinion, the court of due process
34:30 CULT-ivating a rational philosophy: cult vs philosophy, Objectivism as a cult, Ayn Rand, followers
40:03 Objection to Objectivism?: Simon O’Riordan commentary, Federal Aviation Authority, Ayn Rand Institute, philosophy of Objectivism, Leonard Peikoff, cultish view, Catch-22s, truth and bromide, Randroids, cults that aren’t, Who is John Galt? 58:16 END

Nov 132014

Ted Harlson - Conrad Lagowski


00:07 ‘A is A’ is Affected:
GUESTS: Ted Harlson, Conrad Lagowski, affected by Ayn Rand, personal paths to Objectivism, theory and practice, purpose of life, self-interest vs altruism, material and spiritual, promoting values, search for truth
15:55 ‘A is A’ is Aristotle: Ayn Rand’s critics, objections to Objectivism, confronting the critics, consistency of reason, dogma vs proof of truth, activating the mind
30:55 ‘A is A’ is Ayn Rand: taking the right action, from religion to reason, the unknown ideal, rational selfishness more strict than religious rules, lifeboat ethics, altruism as a philosophy, selflessness
47:15 ‘A is A’ is Activism: political and social activities, provincial Freedom Party candidate, municipal campaigning, Caledonia protestor, Undercurrent, The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, promoting full potential for life, maximizing the life in our years 53:42 END