May 182017


Does art imitate life or does life imitate art?

It’s called “Noam Chomsky vs Rush Limbaugh” and is one of London Ontario’s “Fringe Festival” entries to be featured at the Palace Theatre in June.

As the only play in the fringe line-up to feature a “political” theme, it asks a question that is often entertained on Just Right: “Is there more to this political bird than just the left and the right wings?”

To help us entertain that question, we are joined by Western University economics professor John Palmer, who plays the role of Noam Chomsky, and by playwright Paul Merrifield, whose humourous script provided the inspiration for the very unlikely meeting of two highly polarized political figures.

Says AM980 radio’s Andrew Lawton: “An amusing romp that squarely takes aim at political correctness in a way that I wish more art would.” Adds London City Councillor Michael Van Holst “These are dialogues you wish would happen!” Continue reading »