Feb 042018

The Last Jedi

Just Right Media is pleased to introduce THE AGE OF OUTRAGE, “a conversational look at selected topics in the news that most anger people,” featuring hosts John Otis and Scott (the Brick Wall) Williams-Oakes.

From the theater release of Star Wars the Last Jedi to the protests in Iran, John and Scott demonstrate that there’s plenty for people to get outraged about.

Calling the latest Star Wars saga “the most polarizing and divisive film” of the Star Wars franchise, Scott cites those who hated the film because the plot does not move in expected directions, which apparently upset a sector of the established fan base. The controversy rages.

Another outrageous circumstance has been the “deafening” Liberal media silence about the implications of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Christmas vacation trip, which now has led to his being found guilty of conflict of interest ethics violations. Continue reading »

Jan 182018

Saul Alinsky

As the author of 1971’s Rules For Radicals, were he alive today, Saul Alinsky would no doubt be pleased to see his own radical views and tactics resulting in progress for those on the Left – particularly his beloved Democratic Party.

Some of the Alinsky symptoms:

  • increased violence during political rallies
  • the growing intolerance of differing views on campuses
  • the polarization of political forces along lines of racism and the haves and have nots
  • the manufacture of fake news, and much more
  • All of these symptoms reflect the “rules” outlined in Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Many attribute today’s decline in civilized political discourse directly to Saul Alinsky. His book has been often cited as a reason for the successes of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

    As we share the opinions of Dinesh D’Souza, David Alinsky, and Ralph Benko as heard during a July 20/17 C-SPAN debate about Saul Alinsky’s radical rules, the controversy begins with the book’s opening epigram dedicated to the “first radical” – Lucifer. (After all, it is to Lucifer’s kingdom that the Leftward road of good intentions leads.) Continue reading »

    Dec 212017

    Smashing guitar

    Something to Fall Back On – How I Became A Failed Musician – And You Will Too

    That’s the message – and warning – brought to us by our guest Scott Williams-Oakes, who speaks from both personal experience and from the experience of others who have ventured into the music industry.

    It’s also the title of his new audio book, available on line for $5 at: www.swoaudio.bandcamp.com.

    Any romantic notions anyone may have about becoming a “famous rock musician” or working in the music industry will certainly be dashed. The reality of being in a band or becoming a success in the music industry is extraordinarily low, perhaps only around 2% – an unofficial statistic that seems to bear out the experience of most in the business.
    Continue reading »

    Nov 022017

    Hugh Hefner

    With the passing of Playboy founder and icon Hugh Hefner on September 27 at age 91, subsequent discussions about his legacy and the influence that Playboy continues to have today have been disappointingly reduced to a feminist debate about whether Hefner was a “liberator” or an “oppressor”.

    In stark contrast to the myopic discussions of sex usually heard in such a restricted context, our in-studio guest Salim Mansur brings a breath of fresh air to yet another discussion considered politically incorrect: the celebration of sex between men and women.

    Says Salim:

    Just as Freud pointed out, ultimately everything boils down to sex. The whole of life throughout history is ultimately about the primordial basic relationship between a male and a female. Out of that relationship comes great art, great music, great painting – and out of it also comes the dirtiest violence, misogyny, abuse, excesses. That’s life.”

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    Oct 192017


    Believing that those on the Left are merely people of good will with opposing or differing opinions on the role of government, many are falsely led to believe that the Left is interested in an honest political debate and democratic consensus.

    But this is simply not so.

    The Left hates freedom, hates capitalism, hates Western values, and of course, hates everything that’s Just Right.

    For the political Left, hate is, and always has been, the prime motivator. For the Left, violence is an acceptable means of “expressing free speech.” For the Left, principles don’t matter. For the Left, “When persuasion fails, just use force.” Continue reading »

    Oct 122017

    Star Trek Discovery

    The debut of the latest Star Trek series, Discovery, has certainly produced some highly polarized views. It has even generated some controversies that may have more to do with Donald Trump’s “America First” policies than with Discovery’s story itself.

    It’s difficult to deny that the strongest reactions to Discovery have been the negative ones – those from fans disappointed with what they saw in the series’ first three episodes – we included. It’s also difficult to deny that whether or not Star Trek Discovery is great entertainment depends upon the eye of the beholder.

    But a greater question has arisen, one concerning the Law of Identity: Does Discovery “pass the Star Trek smell test”? Is it “Star Trek”? Are there any objective ways to decide? Does it even matter? Or is this simply another matter to be settled by the “eye of the beholder”?

    As a barometer of the times in which its stories were broadcast, the world of Star Trek itself has become increasingly transformed from one of individual rights and individual identity (the hallmarks of a free society) to one of group rights and group identities, with all of the implications that each suggests. Continue reading »

    Aug 242017

    Antifa flag in history

    You have to wonder if it’s fake news. The report that an ESPN broadcaster has been removed from the season opener football game in Charlottesville at the University of Virginia because his name is Robert Lee is yet another example of just how fascist those “opposed to fascism” are. ESPN claimed that its decision was “made collectively” which, while ironic, does not speak to the issue at hand.

    Assuming the report about ESPN’s Robert Lee is factual, the story is still fake. Why so?

    Because the actions taken against Robert Lee (the broadcaster) were not only ridiculous and unjust, but also based on a false (i.e., ‘fake’) narrative about Robert E. Lee’s role in the history of America. Apparently unaware that Robert E. Lee was profoundly opposed to slavery, the true racists and fascists “opposed to racism/slavery” base their intolerance and actions against a historical monument on the juvenile notion that Lee fought “on the wrong side of history.”

    Apparently they are also unaware that History has no sides.

    Even had Lee supported slavery, the removal of his statue still represents a moral affront to history, and to the freedom that emanated from that history in America. Continue reading »

    May 182017


    Does art imitate life or does life imitate art?

    It’s called “Noam Chomsky vs Rush Limbaugh” and is one of London Ontario’s “Fringe Festival” entries to be featured at the Palace Theatre in June.

    As the only play in the fringe line-up to feature a “political” theme, it asks a question that is often entertained on Just Right: “Is there more to this political bird than just the left and the right wings?”

    To help us entertain that question, we are joined by Western University economics professor John Palmer, who plays the role of Noam Chomsky, and by playwright Paul Merrifield, whose humourous script provided the inspiration for the very unlikely meeting of two highly polarized political figures.

    Says AM980 radio’s Andrew Lawton: “An amusing romp that squarely takes aim at political correctness in a way that I wish more art would.” Adds London City Councillor Michael Van Holst “These are dialogues you wish would happen!” Continue reading »