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War in Ukraine—Thucydides, Solzhenitsyn, and Lincoln

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Mar 052022

Both Russia and Ukraine have refused to learn the lessons from history and, as a consequence, they are repeating the mistakes of the past.

Our guest, Salim Mansur likens Ukraine to the tiny island of Milos during the Peloponnesian Wars. The rulers of Milos were given the chance, under insurmountable odds, to pay deference to the superior force of mighty Athens and choose life for its people. They chose death.

As for Russia, the historical lesson is how great leaders facing division among their people in the aftermath of war choose to heal those divisions, reconcile differences, and do those things necessary to avoid further conflict. Abraham Lincoln was one such leader. After a bloody civil war and a nation divided. He healed the wounds of war, united North and South spiritually and laid the groundwork for the United States to become a beacon of hope for the world.

As Salim points out, Putin is no Lincoln but after the breakup of the Soviet Union, the opportunity for reconciliation with the former Warsaw Pact nations and the rest of the world including Ukraine still exists.

On the side of the West, Biden is a walking demonstration of the rottenness that is inside America and the rest of the Western world. It remains to Putin to rise to the occasion and learn from the lessons of history.

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War in Ukraine | Putin’s defense against globalism and the Great Reset

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Feb 272022

Any student of history knows that when tanks start crossing borders we are witnessing not the opening move on the chessboard but only one in a long sequence of moves that have reached the point we normally call war. The current conflict in Ukraine is no exception to this.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 most former Warsaw Pact countries rejected communism and the ruling elites of Moscow. They embraced their status as independent nation-states. Ironically, since that time, most Western countries have moved towards a borderless world of international socialism led by a cabal of elites in Washington, Brussels, and Davos.

The past two decades have seen Ukraine used by oligarchs and the corrupt American administrations of Clinton and Obama as their own little playground for money laundering and personal financial gain at the expense of the innocent civilians of that country. It is against this backdrop of foreign interference into the internal politics of Ukraine, coupled with the dangerous push to expand NATO alliances into the backyard of Moscow we enter this phase of what is, when taken in the broader context of history, a worldwide ideological conflict of globalism versus nationalism.

We can add to this volatile mix globalist toadies like Justin Trudeau and Canada’s Deputy Prime Minster Christia Freeland honking the horn of the Great Reset juggernaut calling the world to arms against Russia, which, as Professor Mansur explains, is one of the few remaining European nations protecting itself from the advancing New World Order.

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Trucker’s Freedom Convoy 2022 unmasks Canada’s freedom delusion | Salim Mansur

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Feb 112022

The Truckers Freedom Convoy of the past two weeks has lifted the veil, or the mask, on just how fundamentally flawed Canada is and always was. Amid the blaring of truck horns cries of “mandate freedom” are echoing down Wellington Street in Ottawa. Unfortunately, Parliamentarians are deaf to these pleas and if one knows anything of Canadian history, as does our guest Professor Salim Mansur, Parliamentarians have never had freedom on their agenda.

If one understands Canada’s Constitution and is familiar with its laws and practices then one realizes that Canada is not, nor was it ever, a nation of individual rights and “We The People”, rather, Canada was always a nation of We The Parliament, or We The State.

In the British tradition, Canada’s Parliament is supreme. It can, and often does, pass laws that violate the individual rights of its citizens. “Peace, order, and good government” is the mantra of Parliament used by Conservatives and Liberals alike. It is the motive for governance enshrined in Canada’s Constitution (Sect. 91). Contrast this to the founding motivation for the American revolution and the structure of its government—individual rights. We The People, the first words of the U.S. Constitution, set the USA apart from every other nation on Earth and which still, to this day, is the only country founded on the principle that individual rights lie outside of government and that the primary role of government is to protect those rights.

Canadians often turn to the Canadian Bill of Rights (1960) or to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) as assurance that their individual rights are protected in law. In Canada, however, our individual rights lie not outside of our laws to be protected by the government, they lie inside of government, are limited by the government, and are often violated by the government.

The Bill of Rights is simply a federal statute applying to the federal government which has historically been ignored by the courts. The Charter is a document where peoples’ rights are bracketed by two sections (1 and 33) which, in effect, give power to the Parliament to override any individual right at its discretion.

As Professor Mansur expounds in this discussion, there are no federal parties in Parliament whose raison d’être is to defend the rights of Canadians. The Conservative Party often thought to be the party on the side of individual rights is in fact, as Professor Mansur makes clear, in Parliament to conserve the institutions of Parliament and its credo of “peace, order, and good government.”

“The Conservative Party has been conserving the formulation of the 1867 Act that is peace, order, and good government. (It) is not a party of freedom-loving people. They are not a party that has put the freedom issue at the top of the political agenda.”

A more robust understanding of Canada’s Constitution and how Canada’s Parliament works should reveal to Canadians that they live at the privilege of Cabinet. Their individual rights are an after-thought to the structure of Canadian governance and not a fundamental focus of legislation.

It remains to be seen in this chaotic and tumultuous time whether Canada will ever evolve from a nation of We The State and peace, order, and good governance to a nation of We The People and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Truckers’ Freedom Convoy may just be the spark that ignites the freedom revolution that Canada so desperately needs.

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Truckers For Freedom Convoy 2022 | Salim Mansur

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Feb 042022

Canada is without a doubt a socialist country where the people have over many decades elected far-Left governments. These governments, whether labelled Liberal or Conservative, have driven the nation to the brink of full-fledged communism where individual rights have taken a back seat to the machinations of tyrannical and corrupt “leaders.”

The actions of the Canadian government during the past two years have given Canadians second thoughts about the direction their country has been headed and the freedom convoy of truckers stands as a symbol of that hesitancy.

The Freedom Convoy has shown that Canadians have a breaking point, a limit beyond which even they do not want to pass. Much like the strike in Gdansk, Poland of August 1980 with its slogan of Solidarność (Solidarity) eventually led to the collapse of the Soviet Union millions of Canadians are hopeful that the truckers’ rally in Ottawa will lead to major reforms in Canada and the ousting of their embarrassment of a “leader” Justin Trudeau.

To discuss the ramifications of the rally we are joined by Salim Mansur, Professor Emeritus of political science at Western University.

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The Ukraine Diversion | Salim Mansur

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Feb 012022

While many in the West are fearing that Ukraine is about to be invaded by Russia Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyhas said that there is no cause for concern. Our guest, Salim Mansur of Western University agrees, saying that the threat of a shooting war is yet another diversionary gimmick by the United States and the mainstream media to take the focus off of Biden’s dismal performance in this mid-term election year.

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Jordan Peterson resigns over D.I.E. | Salim Mansur

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Jan 262022

The latest variant of the Woke ideology has prompted world-renowned Professor Jordan Peterson to take early retirement from the University of Toronto and sit as Professor Emeritus at that once prestigious institution.

Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity (D.I.E.) is the new Far-Left racist policy of most universities in the English-speaking world all but ensuring that people who are not BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour) will neither graduate nor advance in academia unless they demonstrate their allegiance to this new form of irrational discrimination.

Professor Salim Mansur, who has himself been on the receiving end of attacks from the extreme Left, discusses the destruction of Western values and culture in the wake of D.I.E. with Robert Vaughan who also has a story to tell, as a former school trustee, of the insidious nature of the Far-Left ideology in the education system.

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Paul McKeever | Leader of the Freedom Party of Ontario

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Dec 272021

With an Ontario election scheduled for June 2nd, 2022 there are a lot of parties vying for the vote. All but one of these parties are collectivist, catering to the whims and wishes of special interests and groups. Only one political party has ever been for individual freedom — The Freedom Party of Ontario.

Many Ontarians today may not have heard of the Freedom Party of Ontario and anyone familiar with their policies and platforms will know why. They are a unique party that believes that the purpose of government is to protect an individual’s right to their life, liberty, and property. Having such views it is no wonder that the Party and its Leader, Paul McKeever are ignored by the media despite decades of successfully battling socialism.

Robert Vaughan of Just Right Media (a member of Freedom Party since 1985) interviews Paul McKeever in a discussion about the policies of the Party, the socialist history of the governing Progressive Conservative Party under Premier Doug Ford, the rise of splitter vanity and social conservative parties such as the Ontario First Party of Randy Hillier and the New Blue Party led by Jim Karahalios, and the sorry state of Ontario society under decades of collectivist rule.

Just Right Media is endorsing the Freedom Party in the upcoming 2022 Ontario election. You can find out more about the Party here: http://www.freedomparty.on.ca.

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