Nov 222018


Remembrance Day ceremonies in France this past November 11 turned out to be a sad reminder of much more than the 100-year-old tragedy that was WWI.

With French president Emmanuel Macron charging that “The old demons are rising again,” one is forced to conclude that he was looking in a mirror. Citing the dangers of ‘nationalism’ and the ‘collective good’ of ‘globalism,’ Macron demonstrated loud and clear that he is among the demons.

When he acknowledged that the “traces of this war never went away,” Macron was indeed ironic; socialism is still with us to this very day – and is on the rise, just as it was prior to the last two world wars. Thus, the key lesson that should have been learned from that history still remains undefined and continues to go unheeded.

In an inappropriate attempt to address U.S. president Donald Trump’s proud declaration that he is a ‘nationalist,’ Macron again ironically chose to use the Remembrance Day ceremonies as his opportunity to promote the very collectivism that the West was forced to fight during the last two world wars.

Though Trump puts ‘America first,’ he has consistently encouraged other nations to put their own interests first as well. One must wonder why governing from a primary position of self interest is rejected by the nations of the European Union. Perhaps France’s Macron and Germany’s Angela Merkel’s mutual endorsement of a European Union army might offer a clue to how the members of the EU are thinking: “Europa über alles?

It’s hard to avoid noticing that a militarized European Union projecting itself as an ‘empire’ represents everything that its constituent members have been saying they are against!

Meanwhile, in a remarkable show of principle, Canada’s former Prime Minister Stephen Harper has publicly spoken out in favor of ‘nationalism’ and Western culture. He called on all to express pride in the ‘nationalistic’ values of Western culture, not to denigrate them.

In addressing a growing world crisis, Harper explained to interviewer Ben Shapiro that “The material lives of large percentages of the middle and working class have been getting poorer. And when people’s lives get poorer, and in particular when their hopes begin to fade, what happens is that politics gets angrier. Politics gets more difficult.”

The despairing condition described by Harper is a common symptom of all highly socialistic nations. After all, socialism distributes poverty; it does not ‘redistribute’ wealth. Until our politicians come to understand and accept this fundamental truth, their continued return to differing variants of socialism will never offer a solution and only make matters worse.

They’ll get it Just Right when socialism is finally discovered to be a root cause of everyone’s growing anger, and that capitalism is the cure.

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