Jan 142018

2017 Solar Eclipse

It’s one of those editorial items that Ayn Rand might have cited in what she called her “horror file,” those news stories and commentaries of her day that best illustrated America’s deteriorating intellectual and moral climate.

The trend continues. From the pages of Atlantic Magazine, in an August 18, 2017 commentary by Alice Ristroph (American Blackout), came the argument that the pending solar eclipse was, in effect, a racist eclipse.

“It’s pure lunacy,” says Robert Vaughan in his conversation with Danielle. “This is insanity. This is not sane. The author would, in past, have been placed in an asylum.”

Worse, the loony commentary appeared in a supposedly credible media source.

With the media “lens of the Left” so intensely focused on real and imagined incidents of racism, the then-pending eclipse was overshadowing their stream of anti-Trump stories. So why not turn the lunar event into a racist metaphor to protest Trump’s America? That, according to Danielle, is how the Atlantic Magazine’s editorial comes across, particularly given its political content.

It’s a fascinating look into the dismal minds of those who are constantly focused on race and group identity. What is continually being “eclipsed” is logic and reason. That’s why the superficial and associative thinking of the Left will always be incompatible with what is Just Right.

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