Sep 142017

greenhouse defect

Inconvenient truths about the ‘climate change’ debate

We call it the “Greenhouse Defect.” Take it literally. Take it figuratively. Works both ways.

In the politically driven debate about “fighting climate change,” the actual “science” surrounding climate and the earth’s environment is simply not relevant.

Just ask Chris Ballard, Ontario’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change. In his Sept 9 letter to the editor disputing a column by Lorrie Goldstein, Ballard wrote the following:

“As Ontario’s independent environmental Commissioner said in her annual report, ‘putting a price on carbon by itself would not be enough to achieve Ontario’s reduction targets… Ontario needs complementary emission reduction measures.’

“It’s these additional investments that separate our plan from the rest. We’ve consulted with Ontarians and we know that FIGHTING CLIMATE CHANGE responsibly is something they want.

“I would encourage you to read our Climate Change Action Plan and make up your own mind about our plan to cap POLLUTION and invest in low-carbon choices for residents and businesses.”

It is remarkable how Ontario’s “Minister of the Environment and Climate Change” has now defined a perfectly natural part of earth’s atmosphere as “pollution.” This is simply not so. It is the gas of life, and increased quantities of CO2 in earth’s atmosphere – far in excess of that feared by “climate change fighters” – would generally be more beneficial to humanity and life on this earth, than harmful.

Ontario’s continuing “climate change” propaganda reveals that the government’s intentions have little to do with “climate change” but are about – as always – wealth redistribution.

“Every dollar collected from our cap on pollution and carbon market must be reinvested into projects that fight climate change,” Ballard wrote. Projects “like social housing upgrades, increased cycling paths, and smart thermostats.”

In response to all the subjective rationalizations, fasten your seat belts and get ready to take what we could only describe as a “dizzying” tour of the real factors determining climate change.

Hang on as our guest Dave Plumb joins us once again to take us on a voyage through time from Pangaea to Amasia – the super continents of earth’s past and future.

Not relevant to the debate today, you might ask? Think again. Going well beyond the basic facts and events, on today’s show Dave tells the REAL STORY that may well change your entire view of how climate, weather, and ‘climate change’ actually work.

“CO2? What could that possibly have to do with climate and climate change?” Don’t be surprised if you find yourself asking exactly that, after discovering some inconvenient truths about Climate Change’s persistent myths.

Better still, discover the perspective on climate change that’s Just Right.

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