Dec 292016


As 2016 draws to a close, we would like to thank you, our listeners, for making 2016 Just Right’s greatest single year in audience growth. 2016 was Just Right’s first year as an independent weekly radio broadcast and podcast, free from the constraints of the politically-correct university environment in which the show originated.

Our on-line listener statistics for the 2016 tell a remarkable story: Over the past year alone, visits to our web site have increased from a few hundred per day in 2015 to an average approaching 2000 per day. “Unique visitors” to our site have increased from an average of 2000 per month to 15,000 per month. And with each passing month, thousands more are added to these numbers.

Considering that Just Right is produced only once a week, the growth in the number shows downloaded over the past year is significant. In 2015 Just Right’s bandwidth traffic of 848 gigabytes represents approximately 12,110 show downloads, while in 2016, bandwidth traffic (to Dec 21) of 4.6 Terabytes represents a minimum of 65,242 show downloads. That’s a growth rate exceeding 500% over the past year alone, and the numbers show no signs of slowing down.

However, as we discovered on last week’s show on “artificial” intelligence, “number crunching” never tells the whole story. To that end, we offer some further intelligence reporting not only on our show Just Right, but on intelligence itself.

In a postscript to our discussion on artificial intelligence last week, we find ourselves inevitably led to a single conclusion: that intelligent humans and intelligent machines are much unalike. Indeed, humans themselves are much unalike, and intelligence is no measure of morality, nor is it a prerequisite for knowing the difference between right and wrong.

Whether ‘real’ or ‘artificial’, intelligence can become corrupt and fail to reflect reality or turn to sinister objectives. Intelligence and morality are two distinct qualities. Learning the difference is a key to discovering what’s Just Right.

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