Oct 272016

Coronal Mass Ejection - NASA

Are you skeptical about climate change and CO2? If so, consider yourself in denial. At least that’s how proponents of “carbon pricing”, “carbon taxes,” “carbon trading” and of all the other variants of carbonated climate politics have framed the debate.

Having thus dismissed “climate change deniers” as both irrelevant and morally deficient, no further discussion is warranted. The debate (which never occurred) is closed. The “science is settled.”

What those who say “the science is settled” really mean is that “the Politics is settled, and we’re going ahead with our political agenda no matter what science has to say about it.”

What those who say “the science is settled” also really mean is that “science” is irrelevant to them. Since science and knowledge are never “settled,” to suggest otherwise is clear evidence of just how wrong those who utter such nonsense really can be.

Ironically, in labeling the skeptics “deniers”, it is the accusers who are the active deniers.

Consider: Given the two sides as framed in the current debate, who are the real ‘deniers’ about climate change? Is it those who are skeptical about climate change and CO2? Or is it those who refuse to consider (i.e., “deny”) a myriad of factors that affect climate far more dramatically than CO2 could ever do?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the real deniers of climate change to step forward. So far, they’ve been hiding behind their CO2 diversion and refusal to reveal their real agendas.

To “fight climate change” we must “fight carbon dioxide” goes the familiar refrain. To “fight carbon dioxide” we must politically impose restrictions and taxes on man-made carbon dioxide, goes the familiar “solution.”

Next thing you know, you can’t afford your electricity any more, and there’s a 4 cent per litre tax being added to the gas you fuel your car with. Is that science? Of course not.

The Science of climate change is something radically different from the Politics of climate change.

The Politics of climate change has become entirely carbonated, that is, all about CO2 production and reductions – by human beings.

The Science of climate change is a disciplined study about the actual significant factors that affect and change climates, factors that when known and understood, dwarf any considerations about CO2.

Join us for an hour of facts, fun and fiction that affects our views of climate and climate change. From the reality of what’s under the volcano to the fictional Planet ‘X’, today’s broadcast of Just Right spans the politically incorrect conversation beyond reality and the greenhouse effect.

We are once again pleased to have our guest Dave Plumb share his potpourri of myths, merriment and facts about climate that few ever even consider considering. If nothing else, you’ll walk away from today’s broadcast with a truly expanded understanding of what we should really be thinking about when it comes to global climate change.

What we don’t know about our climate far outweighs what we do know. What we do know about our climate far outweighs the CO2 diversion.

After all, creating a true and real narrative about climate change is not about being “green.” It’s about being Just Right.

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