Sep 242015

Arnold the Pig


00:07 Conservatively speaking: Conservatives, war on drugs, Liberals indistinguishable from Conservatives, immigration is the distinguishing issue for Conservatives, cultural clashes with Western values, Pew Research Center, closing borders to Muslims as a security measure, reported numbers adhering to Islamist roots and Sharia law
16:05 I’m migrant: immigrants not refugees, staged photo op on Syrian crisis, mainstream media knee-jerk reactions, welfare shopping in Europe, the good and bad of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives
30:15 Will the real capitalist pigs please stand up? capitalist pigs vs capitalists, political pigs at the trough, crony capitalism, the Uber controversy in France
46:00 Pigging out on capitalism: the Uber controversy in London Ontario, denying the monopoly while defending it, the fixed pie theory, the fixed trough theory, a list of pigopolies, the private interests behind every government monopoly, 58:13 END

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