Oct 152015

Cultural Appropriation


00:07 Dreadlocked out: voting, casting a losing vote, Elections Canada’s prohibition of ‘ballot selfies’ made public, last chance for democracy, irrational political manifestations, political Islam, sinister left, group identity, Western University’s O-week ban on cultural appropriation, dreaded dreadlocks, keeping cultures segregated
21:50 Inappropriate appropriation: cultural appropriation ban, mental health challenges of foreign students, Western University soph guide dress code
30:00 All that’s Left of Western Civilization: Naomi Klein’s Leap Manifesto, anti-capitalism, conservative failure to defend capitalism, government intervention in the marketplace, the left is winning the war on ideas, the right has turned left
44:10 Who’s left for the right? Nazis are on the left, being for vs being against, why the left prefers force, the challenge of persuasion, cooperation – forced or real, repressing the totalitarian urge, Quebec’s Bill 59, Islam and Muslims, what the left is winning, ISIL, evil uncomprehended, understanding irrationality, pronouncing moral judgement, freedom and capitalism as the standard of good 1:02:20 END

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