Sep 172015

Javad Zarif


00:07 Many voices, not one: signing of Iran deal today, 14th anniversary of 9/11, Muslims Facing Tomorrow – National Post ad, differing voices within the Muslim community
07:04 Iran deal – releasing the nuclear demon: pushing Iran towards nuclear power, Obama’s legacy deal and disengagement strategy, the nuclear question, history of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (1968) (NPT), Obama’s end-run on Congress, releasing the demon of nuclear proliferation in Middle East, Iran’s history of exporting terrorism, nuclear weapons for sale, prospects for nuclear war, deal not binding
30:45 Trump deal – why Donald Trump is a true phenomenon: lack of trust for elected politicians, Iran deal causing more voter distrust, reversing the Constitutional process through the Corker Bill, the anti-politics politician, policy vs leadership and attitude
44:10 Cause and defect: Trump as the symbol of political incorrectness, illegal immigration, the welfare state vs immigration, Trump challenging the establishment, Trump’s call for national sovereignty, borders vs barriers, anti-free trade attitudes
55:47 END

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