Oct 312013

Ted Wernham


00:07 Last Survivors Of The Middle Class: Guest: Ted Wernham, CHRW radio, wealth vs money, wealth management a process, drowning in information and starving for knowledge, streams of income, don’t save money in RSPs, unlocking retirement accounts, explaining the Canada Pension Plan, underfunded government pensions, last survivors of the middle class, redistributing the private wealth, retirement myths, universal old age security
18:00 Municipal Poll-itics: municipal politics, get back to what’s real, municipal government – business or government, provision of service, clean water – removal of waste – protection, customer not provider, municipal scandals, responsibility in government, back to fundamentals, ombudsman on ‘Billygate’, politics by poll, respecting the position held, public transit inconvenience, public transit monopoly, easy to change legislation if you choose to, garbage collection rotating calendar
33:34 State Of Finance: cost of government services, debts and deficits, quantitative easing is printing currency, future financing and interest, can’t run your household the way government does, income tax, US dollar as world’s reserve currency, short term politicians, the US treasury’s ‘gold coin’, who cares for the elderly?, pension plan claw-backs
46:09 Trading Perspectives: New York commodities exchange, stock exchanges then and now, positive future, retirement planning, living older than expected, is retirement real?, lifestyle by poll, freedom 55 a myth, pension gap, working because you want to, positive power of negative thinking 58:59 END

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