Dec 172019

In the first of a 3-part series Salim Mansur, Professor Emeritus at Western University, speaks with Robert Vaughan of Just Right Media, and Salim’s Campaign Manager in the 2019 election, about the failings of Canada’s system of government.

The Western provinces and rural Canadians are once again ignored in Parliament as the Liberals under Justin Trudeau have been reelected primarily with the support of the urban voters of Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa.

Regardless of the part in power the dominance of the Laurentian elite in Canadian politics is something which dates back to the founding of our nation and has been a constant irritant to many Canadians outside of Ontario and Quebec who wish to be treated as equal partners in what is supposed to be a Federation of equal provinces.

In Part 1 Salim suggests that the debate on a triple-E Senate needs to be revisited to once and for all address the inequities built into our Westminster-style system of government.

Part 1 – The Alienation of The West
Part 2 – Conservative Party Mediocrity
Part 3 – The People’s Party Option

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