Aug 292019

Free to Speak

Canadians now have a new option at the polls in the upcoming October 21 federal election: the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), whose founder and leader is Maxime Bernier.

The PPC is a political party whose candidates can freely express many differing concerns on a variety of issues – candidates who actually have a voice within their party, unlike most candidates in other parties.

This very freedom within the PPC is just one of the ways that the PPC is ‘doing politics differently,’ and it has already sparked numerous controversies within establishment political circles and media. Remarkably, PPC leader Maxime Bernier has not attempted to silence his candidates, but has instead come to their defense.

This is just one of the characteristics that makes the PPC unique, and its freedom of speech philosophy has been a major attraction for PPC candidates and supporters alike.

While the PPC offers a platform limited to a specific set of policies, once PPC candidates have committed to supporting the PPC platform, they are otherwise free to address any issues that concern them. Each has his/her own story to tell, and each has different reasons for being attracted to the People’s Party of Canada. Their stories – and the issues they raise – are as diverse as the candidates themselves.

On July 19th, Just Right attended the Party’s announcement of its candidates for the southern Ontario region. Just Right was also in attendance at the PPC’s first national conference held in Gatineau, Quebec from August 16-18. During these events, we were able to interview several PPC candidates one-on-one, and today’s broadcast is our first offering listeners a means to hear these candidates in their own words, and not through the filter of the mainstream media.

Featured PPC candidates on today’s broadcast are (in order of appearance):

David Haskell – Cambridge
Laura Lynn Thompson – Red Deer-Lacombe
Bill Capes – Essex
Ivan Pak – Richmond Centre
Cody Payant – Carlton
Dan Burr – Windsor-Tecumseh
Bria Atkins – Lambton-Kent-Middlesex

It’s refreshing to discover a political party founded on democratic principles that are Just Right, and even more refreshing to see candidates from diverse backgrounds and with different concerns unite around the common values that make Canada strong and free.

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