Aug 222019


In the wake of another round of gun incidents and mass shootings both in Canada and the United States, the issue of gun control and prohibition has inevitably raised its irrational refrain.

For decades, statistics from numerous jurisdictions have repeatedly revealed that gun crimes are highest in ‘gun controlled’ jurisdictions. When the controls are ended or reduced, gun crime rates are reduced. Yet these facts are not considered by those who see some form of ‘gun control’ or prohibition as a preventative solution to mass shootings or gang violence.

Instead, those gunning for guns have chosen to attack our fundamental freedoms as the means of solving the problem of gun violence. From attacks on free speech to blaming video games, mental illness, and the guns themselves, the futility of pursuing such measures should be self-evident in light of the evidence.

Sadly, the realities of gun ownership in a free society are rarely discussed or raised in the gun debate. Myths abound, such as the false belief that the United States ranks highest in gun crimes and violence. Few are aware that guns in the United States have been used to prevent far more crimes than are committed. And gun control advocates routinely ignore the reality that banning guns only punishes and controls law-abiding citizens, while empowering the criminals who themselves ignore all gun prohibitions and restrictions.

In the process of banning guns, it is forgotten that guns are required to accomplish this very goal. It is also forgotten that government itself is a ‘gun’ and must resort to using the same weapons that are being objected to. So in the final analysis, the question is not about banning guns per se, but about ‘who’ gets to control the guns.

The belief that legally prohibiting the use and possession of guns will reduce gun violence is illusory. On the contrary, it has been consistently demonstrated that state gun controls unleash more violence, not less. It’s time for politicians to stop catering to ignorance and fear, and make gun law decisions that are Just Right for the safety, security, and freedom of all.

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