766 – Topics


00:03 Neo con game: June 26 tweet from Russian embassy in UK, mono-polar globalist agenda, BRICS, fake narrative by major media, Putin preempted the escalation of the Kiev’s regime’s military operation, ethnic genocide, Trump’s 2019 impeachment based on phone call to Ukraine, Adam Schiff’s admission, new liberal rule-based order strictly American neocon agenda

11:45 Return of the neocons: distribution of veto power, NATO operating as a parallel organization with the UN, Putin says No to rule-based order in favor of international law, American world view is perpetual war, neocons control those in power, Trump an avowed enemy of the neocons, Biden’s return to the white house was the return of the neocons

24:45 Manifest destinies: Neocon policy paper – Rebuilding America’s Defenses, Mutual Assured Destruction, enemy required, make Russia the enemy, Russia’s historical alliance with America, fake news is tragedy of our times, Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy In America

37:15 Tovarich: Britain and France alliance with Ottoman/Turkish empire to fend off the Russians, American civil war, French and British supporting Confederacy against the Union, Russia sends fleets to New York and California, sale of Alaska to US, there are no permanent enemies in world affairs, the madness of Europeans, restoring a multi-polar world

59:42 END