764 – Clips & Credits


(A) Absentia 208 (Catalyst)
(B) GBNews, Neil Oliver, June 11 2022 (Are we stupid?)
(C) Mark Stein, June 8 2022, Eva Vlaardingerbroek (Maybe we are stupid)
(D) Pzfizer-Science Will Win, Maajid Nawaz, June 12 2022, Dr Mike Yeadon (Zero is the right number)
(E) Absentia 208 (Creepy flu shot)
(F) Greg Reese, June 15 2022 (Bio Structures found in vaccines)
(G) Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, Dr Tau Braun (World of Marvel characters)
(H) The Laugh Button, May 24 2022, KP Burke (Fashionable)

(insert-A1) Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, May 20 2022, Dr Roger Hodkinson (Red line)
(insert-A2) Children’s Health Defense, June 4 2022, Dr Paul Marik (Negative protection)
(insert-D) Pzfizer ad (Child abuse)

Hosted By: Bob Metz